Turning her wrist over to check the time, Santana frowned.

Why wasn't Rachel there yet? There was only fifteen minutes until the bell rang, and her car hadn't been in the lot when Santana parked hers. She was sure of it. And it wasn't like that Prius was fucking hard to miss. No one else drove a car like that. It didn't really seem like her girlfriend to not be there yet. Usually she'd be in the library, finishing up homework, or – more likely – in the choir room, doing vocal exercises. She was all wound up about Nationals in two weeks, which was, of course, understandable. All of them were, really, they were! But most of them were focusing on another very important aspect that was coming up tomorrow. Which was Junior Prom, of course.

Quinn and Sam had been campaigning all over the school, and they were a shoe-in to win. Santana didn't know anyone who wasn't going to vote for them. It was Quinn's dream come true, and thankfully she had the perfect guy right by her side to make it happen.

Anyway, where the fuck was she before Prom overtook her mind? Oh hell yeah! Rachel... where was she again? It was becoming very fucking strange that she hadn't arrived, to be honest. Come to think of it... why hadn't she texted her already? She usually sent a cheery good morning text at five-fucking-thirty in the morning when she got out of bed. Not that Santana wasn't out of bed either, but she sure as fuck wasn't cheery about it. What could she be doing since she hadn't showed up yet... or fuck... who could she be with?

Santana took a deep breath. Calm your own fucking tits, Lopez, she's probably just hanging out with Puck or maybe she's with Kurt and Blaine before school. You don't need to know who she's with all the time. She firmly pulled her locker open and came face to face with the front page of that pamphlet that Rachel had taped up in there.

After Regionals where they'd discussed everything and Santana had said that she really wanted to work on her problems – which she fucking did, alright? It wasn't just because she wanted them to make up, she really frigging meant it! - Rachel had been adamant about Santana seeing Ms. Pillsbury-Howell about it. Santana found it endearing how her girlfriend had such faith in the truly worthless guidance counsellor, but she'd went there anyway, just to please her tiny diva so she wouldn't throw a tantrum. The teacher had been fucking happy to see her there and immediately handed her about twenty pamphlets for her to read.

That was how So You Can't Control Your Jealousy Issues and It's Causing Problems Between You and Your Girlfriend graced the insides of her locker. (Santana still wasn't sure how it was possible for Ms. Pillsbury-Howell to have such accurate pamphlets, but that was an issue for another time).

Grabbing her binder for her Spanish class, Santana decided to come to terms with the fact that she'd just see Rachel during lunch instead. As she closed her locker and turned to walk to her first class, Brittany caught up with her with a giant squeal.

"San! San, San, San!" she chanted and happily clapped her hands together. "Guess what just happened!" she all but yelled as they turned a corner.

Santana smiled happily at her friend, "What happened, Britts?"

"You have to guess, San!" the blonde girl continued and turned to walk backwards straight through the doorway. She was all giddy as she jumped over a desk and took her usual spot two seats from where Quinn was already sitting. Santana dumped her things onto the table and claimed her seat in between. "Will you guess, Q?"

Quinn closed her textbook and offered their friend a giant grin. "Is it about Prom, B?"

Brittany's blue eyes went absolutely wide and she nodded her head eagerly. "It is! Artie just asked me this morning. He wants us to go to Prom together and I can wheel him around in his chair on the dance floor."

The HBIC grinned, "Good for you, B! I was wondering why it was taking him so long to ask, Prom's tomorrow!"

Santana leaned back in her seat and tried to tune out her two friends as they started talking about dresses and make-up and corsages. She didn't want to hear it – it was too much, okay? And especially with all these girls going crazy about it. She loved her two best friends, she did, but she couldn't deal with their yapping.

"-getting there? Santana? Hello? Santana?"

Santana snapped her head to the side to find Quinn shooting her a questionable look. "Huh?"

"How are you and Rachel getting there? Brittany and Artie are being taken by Artie's dad obviously, because of the wheelchair, but Sam actually rented us a small limo!" the blonde continued with an excited look.

The Latina straightened her back. "Uhm... I don't know?"

Brittany frowned. "You don't know?"

Arching an eyebrow, Quinn continued, "What do you mean you don't know?"

Santana sighed. "I just don't know?"

"Is Rachel surprising you or something?" Quinn wanted to know then.

Santana bent her head and softly murmured, "I-don't-think-we're-going."

Leaning over, Quinn tilted her head to the side and forced Santana to look at her, "What did you just say? I couldn't hear you."

"I don't think we're going, okay!" Santana snapped then, and angrily stared straight ahead, refusing to meet their curious gazes. She hated hearing about Prom, talking about Prom, but not because she hated Prom... she just hated listening to it because it sure as fuck didn't seem like she and Rachel were going. Not once had the diva mentioned anything so Santana was betting that she was too consumed in Nationals to really notice anything else.

Brittany licked her lips. "Why wouldn't you be going? Didn't Rachel ask you?" she questioned.

Santana shook her head and told herself to not flip out on them. It wasn't their fault that Rachel didn't notice the giant posters that adorned the hallways these days. "Nope."

"Why don't you ask her then?" Quinn added, "I don't really know how these gay relationships work, because with heterosexual couples it's practically always the guy who asks, but with gay couples, how do you really know?"

Santana shot her a glare. Don't freak out on her, Santana, just don't. She doesn't know any fucking better. "No one really knows, it just happens. Except I'm not asking her this time. I wanted her to ask me."

Quinn seemed to understand. "Oh."

"Could we just drop the subject, please?" she continued and flipped her textbook open just as Mr. Schuester entered the classroom and greeted everyone in Spanish.

She couldn't really concentrate as he started going on, though, it was so hard when her conversation with Quinn and Brittany kept going on and on inside her head. She knew that – technically – she could just ask Rachel, she'd certainly asked her on dates before and all that jazz, but... but this time around, she really just wanted it to be the other way around. And the worst part of it was that Rachel had no idea. But for just this night, Santana wanted not to take care of things and let Rachel make all the decisions and decide on the details. If Rachel couldn't figure that out, then she'd rather not go at all. She definitely didn't want to be one of those people who assumed that just because you were in a relationship with someone you were naturally going together. She wanted the formal invitation and everything, otherwise she just wouldn't show up at all.

Mr. Schuester was in the middle of explaining something about ser y estar when suddenly there was a knock on the door. Everyone's attention turned that way and Santana felt her eyes go wide when it was Rachel who poked her head inside.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Schue, is it okay if I interrupt for a moment?" she questioned, and her eyes caught Santana's for just a brief second, and there was a wicked glint in them.

Mr. Schuester looked confused but he took a step back and motioned for her to come inside, "It's quite alright Rachel, what can we do for you?"

As Rachel stepped inside the classroom, Santana felt even more confused. She had her guitar slung over her shoulder and it rested comfortably against her back and in one hand she held a red rose. The smile on her face was genuine though as she stepped closer to where Santana sat – like a deer caught in the headlights.

She softly begun to speak, "I do realise that I am a little bit late seeing as it's already tomorrow," she sighed heavily and stopped in front of the table that Santana shared with Quinn, "but I hope you'll still consider going with me, unless, of course, someone else has already asked you."

Santana felt hope flutter in her chest, but the red in her cheeks? It was only because it was getting warmer outside as summer approached. Not because she was being fucking shy about it. Brittany's hand clasped firmly around her thigh in excitement.

"Soooo..." Rachel trailed off, without really meeting anyone's eyes, "Do you want to accompany me to Prom..." she mumbled as she held out the flower, and Santana was about ready to scream out 'yes' at the top of her lungs, "...Quinn?"

And just like that her eyes went wide and she head Quinn cough out wildly next to her in complete shock as well. Everyone inside the classroom went quiet as they watched the three girls with renewed interest. Santana wasn't really sure what was happening, but it was pretty fucking weird. Did Rachel – legit – just ask Quinn to go to Prom with her? Quinn who was dating Sam and running for Prom Queen, Quinn – who was best friends with Santana (who was Rachel's girlfriend)?

Rachel burst out laughing, "I'm just kidding, here Baby," she gracefully laid the rose onto the table and swung her guitar over so it was resting between her hands, "I wrote a song for you, and I'm sorry I'm so late in asking you this, but – here goes..."

Then she started playing some sort of catchy little tune and it took a second for Santana to realise that she'd just been played thoroughly, but as soon as she did, she reached for the flower and shot a glare in Rachel's direction. It didn't matter much though, because the diva started singing and it was the cutest thing Santana had ever been a part of.

This is about mañana
Not my bandana
This a song
It mustn't go wrong
I wanna ask you to Prom

The way that she was wriggling her eyebrows and staring down at Santana as she sang, it was the absolute most amazing feeling. Right there, in front of the entire Spanish class. She was simply asking her in song – the most silly, adorable song – if she wanted to go to Prom with her. It was clear that she was going about this in a humorous way on purpose, and Santana thought that it fit the two of them perfectly. If this had been Sam asking Quinn this way, she would probably have clawed his eyes out, but this... it was perfect for them.

No, I don't wanna go with Quinn
She's not my kind of woman!

Santana couldn't help but laugh, and next to her, Quinn was laughing too, her blonde ponytail bouncing up and down as she watched Rachel with amazement. Santana was so proud to be her girlfriend – would anyone else ever be asked to Prom this way? No one could beat Rachel Berry and her truly dramatic ways.

Baby my
It's not a lullaby
It's serious, because I
won't be long
Let's go to Prom!
Please say you'll come along

See, I don't wanna go with Quinn
he's not my Latina woman

Brittany was happily clapping in delight in the seat next to her, and Mr. Schuester was laughing from his spot behind the desk. And no one in this classroom was telling Rachel to shut up and get lost, or calling them names because of the obvious display of homosexuality. Santana really couldn't believe how far they'd come since she and Rachel first started being friends. Everything had changed, and it had really fucking changed for the better.

Plus, it was pretty evident that she'd be going to Prom with her girlfriend tomorrow, and that was pretty much all she really wanted right now.

I love ya'
More each day
This I will say
I'll take you, Hon
If you like my song
We'll go to Prom!

Because I really don't wanna go with Quinn...

At this point Quinn made an offended face because of the obvious emphasis on that statement, just to play along in the scenario, and Santana couldn't help but laugh as Rachel continued with her song, shooting a charming grin in the blonde's direction as well – just to soften the blow.

She's beautiful!
It's true!
But I'd only wanna go with you!

As the diva strummed the last few bars on her guitar and the song faded into nothing, the entire classroom started applauding her, and Rachel was grinning madly as Brittany whistled and Mr. Schuester kept saying '¡Bueno! ¡Bueno!' over and over. Santana leaned back in her chair and picked up the rose again, patiently waiting for Rachel to finish soaking up all the attention as the applause faded out.

"So?" she questioned, that mega-watt-smile firmly planted on her face. "I realise I've been a very bad girlfriend, Baby. I hadn't even noticed that Prom was this close because I've been working hard on the set-list for Nationals-" she smiled warmly at Mr. Schuester at this point and he gave her thumbs-up, "plus Mike and I have been discussing choreography. It was only yesterday when I was hanging out with Kurt and Blaine, that they suddenly asked me when the McKinley Junior Prom was and how we were getting there and which dresses we were wearing and if you'd asked me yet..." she trailed off and softly breathed out, "I'm sorry for not noticing. When I realised it was this Friday I thought to myself that since you hadn't brought it up, you were probably wanting me to ask you to attend the dance. So I wrote this song! It's not very good, because there's not many words that rhyme with Santana, but..." she stuck her lower lip out in a cute pout, "Am I forgiven and will you please go with me?"

Santana really wanted her to sweat it out and say that she'd think about it, but really – there was not a fucking thing to ponder. She'd been waiting for this since the posters started appearing at school, and she knew how Rachel got when it had anything to do with Glee. Nationals was a big thing, of course she'd be completely consumed in all of that! That was who she was. So the cheerleader wasn't going to let her wait it out, she was going to do what the both of them wanted – say yes.

She couldn't contain the giant grin on her face as she leapt out of her chair and leaned over the desk to wrap her arms around the brunette's neck. "Yes, I fucking wanna go with you, Tiny!" she happily said, and everybody started cheering again (Brittany the loudest) as Rachel sighed in relief.

"I apologise again, Baby," Rachel mumbled and pressed their lips briefly together, "and I must inform you that I have to cancel our plans to do homework this afternoon, seeing as I'll be pretty busy planning everything! I need transportation and a dress! Oh, and I'll have to get you a corsage. Will you please figure out what colour your dress will be so we don't clash horribly?"

Santana couldn't help but laugh as she sat back down, "I'll text you later."

"Outstanding!" Rachel quickly said, before she turned around and moved for the door. On second thought, she gave Mr. Schuester a giant smile as well, "Again, sorry for the disruption, Mr. Schuester, I thought you wouldn't mind, seeing as I chose to do it in song..." she backed out of the room, "I'll see you in Glee!" she finished, before she smacked the door close with a little bang.

Mr. Schuester was still grinning from ear to ear as he turned back around and clapped his hands together, "Alright! That was comic relief enough for today, I think. Where was I? Ser y estar..." he mumbled as he quickly fell into his old speech, as if he hadn't been interrupted at all.

Santana couldn't really follow him after that... all she had eyes for was the red rose that rested beautifully against the wooden desk. She really fucking couldn't wait for tomorrow night.


"Ay Alejandro, would you look at her! Our daughter is all grown up!"

Rolling his eyes, Santana's father padded his wife softly on the arm, "I see it Carla, I do... will you promise me not to make them pose for a million pictures once Rachel gets here?"

Carla shook her head and completely ignored her husband, "She's so beautiful in that dress. Santana, mija, you're stunning."

Forcing herself to look away from the mirror, Santana had to agree with her mother. She'd actually managed to choose the right dress when she went shopping yesterday after school with Quinn and Brittany. She'd feared that it wouldn't be possible for her to find one on such short notice, that all the good ones would be taken... but one small vintage store had had exactly what she needed, and when she'd texted Rachel the colour, her girlfriend had been surprised. But it was absolutely fucking perfect.

The older Lopez woman placed her hands softly on her daughter's shoulders and their identical eyes swept over the cheerleader's form with identical smiles on their faces. "Niña..." she whispered, pressing her cheek against Santana's, "One day you'll be wearing another white dress like this... that's the day you'll be marrying Rachel, mi hermosa."

Santana felt this surge of happiness sweep through her and she swallowed loudly as she smoothed out the soft fabric on her lower abdomen. The bodice around her chest area was covered in lace and it flowed gracefully down her body and hugged her every curve tastefully before ending mid-thigh. There was a red ribbon around the front of it that matched Santana's high heels for the evening. The cheerleader had done her make-up like she usually would, with fake eye-lashes and lots of eye-liner, and her hair was done straight with her extensions as well. She felt like this was really her night – this was exactly what she'd dreamt of when she thought about going to Prom with Rachel and it was really fucking happening right now. She could hardly believe it.

And she couldn't wait to see Rachel.

"You're right, Mamá," she whispered, meeting her mother's gaze through the mirror, "I will be marrying Rachel one day. There's not a doubt in my mind."

Carla immediately got tears in her eyes, and she pulled back and started awkwardly drying them off with the sleeve of her shirt. Alejandro shook his head to himself and moved to open the door when the bell buzzed. Santana could feel excitement all over – she just wanted this night to start, and when it did, it could never, ever, end. She turned around and grabbed her clutch from the dresser and took in a deep breath as she waited for her father to move so she could see her girlfriend.

And what a sight that was.

Stepping pass her father's form, Rachel looked absolutely amazing. She was dressed in a deep blue dress, that danced around her thighs and hugged her upper body tightly. Her hair was done in soft curls that completed the outfit entirely. And in her hands... she had a snow-white corsage. Santana could hardly stand to look at her – she was that perfect.

"You look beautiful." Rachel whispered, her eyes glazing over slightly as she took a step closer and the tiny heels of her strappy sandals clicked against the hardwood floor. "I – I got you this... It's completely white, so – so it matches your dress and it looks great against your skin. Only you can bear something so light."

Reaching out her arm, Santana wasn't really sure what to say. She just glanced at the diva and tried to control the mess of emotions that were threatening to wobble out of her at any moment. Rachel's soft fingers locked around her wrist gently, and as she slipped on the corsage, both of them held their breaths and looked at the flower, completely in awe.

Carla snapped both of them out of it by snatching a picture. "You look so pretty, Rachel!" she said, before leaning forward to hug her, "Santana, you need to get your corsage as well!" she said, before grabbing the box from the dresser and handing it to her daughter.

Rachel's smile was soft when she asked, "You got me a corsage too?"

Santana carefully pulled the lid off the box, "Every girl should have a corsage." she said, before she carefully picked the red flower up and tugged it onto Rachel's wrist. Perfect. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Rachel whispered, and the two of them shared a moment, before Carla demanded that they took pictures.

Santana even let her. She was so excited for today, and the Latina couldn't even be bothered to tell her mother to stop. She didn't want anything to ruin this perfect day, because it sure as fuck was. And one day in the future, she'd be able to tell all the Berry-Lopez children about this magical night and how it was absolutely perfect. Even the ride to school was perfect, though it was just Leroy and Hiram in some old car they borrowed, dressed up as real chauffeurs. It seemed perfect, and that way the Berry men were also a part of their evening, which in Santana's opinion made perfect sense. They'd been a part of their relationship since the first day.

The gymnasium was decorated beautifully, and everyone was in such good moods. Lauren and Puck were the odd couple, and Quinn and Sam really were the King and Queen for the evening, grabbing attention everywhere they went. Brittany and Artie seemed to be having a blast on the dance floor together, and Mercedes and her date were laughing at something with Finn and his date for the night. Tina and Mike were tearing up the dance floor, too, and Mr. Schuester seemed to be having a lot of fun with Ms. Pillsbury-Howell as they were meant to be chaperoning.

Santana only really wanted to be with Rachel though. It seemed odd, because this was something she'd dreamt of and she'd imagined spending the night with Brittany, occasionally hanging out with Quinn too, because she was her best friend. But now... now she could hardly stand to let Rachel out of her sight for a few seconds. She wanted every second of this night to be spent with her, not a moment could be lost. It seemed like Rachel shared the same idea as her, too, because her hand was constantly locked to Santana's.

It was so weird, how everyone accepted the two girls as they danced close together and shared small kisses on the dance floor. She could feel Azimio's stink-eye on them a few times, but then she turned her head over and Karofsky was right there next to her, and the supportive friendly grin on his face made completely up for it.

They'd accomplished something, they really had. Everything they'd been through they hadn't just persevered for their own sakes, but for other gay students at McKinley as well. Somehow, the Latina hoped that everything that happened with them... it'd make a difference for someone else in the future.

As Rachel reluctantly headed off to the bathroom, Santana crossed the gym to get them some punch. As she neared the table, she saw Coach Sylvester scare away some nerds from the AV Club, but when the older woman saw Santana approach, she offered her a genuine smile (those were rare, so the Latina appreciated the sentiment).

"Boobs McGee," Coach Sylvester said as Santana reached for one of those plastic cups, "I see that you and Idina Menzel are happily dancing together at this fool event. Please be kind to remember who made all this possible."

Santana took a sip of her drink, "Who?" she questioned.

Coach Sylvester barked, "Me! I made all this possible! If I hadn't been the wonderful and accepting person that we all know I am, you two wouldn't have lasted a day together at this school. It just so happens to be that I appreciate minorities greatly, so I gave you my support. Don't make me regret it, Lopez."

Santana bid back her chuckle, "I'm sure you won't, Coach." she said, before she grabbed the two plastic cups and hurried across the room again, to join the little group of Glee kids that had gathered there to take a breather. She sat down on Brittany's lap and placed her drinks on the table.

"Having fun, Sannie?" the blonde girl questioned and gave her a tiny hug. "You are Rachel look like you're getting married. Your dress is so beautiful."

Santana smiled, "Yeah, I'm having lots of fun, Britt! And thank you."

Brittany nodded a little bit, "Artie and I have been dancing and dancing. He tried to spike the punch, but Coach Sylvester caught him so I had to distract her with that bird in my locker, but he still managed to get away."

Mercedes took the empty chair next to them as Andrew – her date – went to grab them something to drink. "Whew, it's so hot in here with all that dancing, ladies."

The Latina nodded, "Sure as fuck is. I can't stop though!"

Mercedes offered her a gentle smile, "You and Rach seem to be having a lot of fun... it's so great to see you guys happy again. I want that!"

Santana didn't really know what to say to that, but thankfully Brittany was there, because she always knew what to say – even if it didn't make sense half the time, "Yes, Sannie and Rachie are happy again! How long have you been together anyway, San, if you didn't break up that one time?"

"Oh we didn't break up." Santana was quick to say, "We were never broken up."

Mercedes shot her a confused look, "But what about that time in Mr. Schue's apartment? Didn't you break up there?"

The cheerleader continued, "Rachel refuses to count those five minutes as broken up!" she explained to them, a smug grin on her face, because she had to agree with Rachel, that was just fucking stupid, "She says that those few moments were silly and immature and that the break-up was done in a moment of complete and utter brain-malfunction. That's her words, not mine."

Mercedes couldn't help but laugh and Brittany started humming happily next to her. Santana rested her cheek against the blonde's forehead and closed her eyes and relished in the feel of excitement that had been surging through her since she begun getting ready earlier this afternoon. She hadn't really had time to take everything in since she arrived because she'd been so caught up in Rachel. But everything about this night was perfect. Everything from the way that Mr. Schuester was obviously flirting with Ms. Pillsbury-Howell to the balloons and the music, and the funny way that Principal Figgins kept falling asleep in his chair right by the door.

She hated the fact that this night was almost over.

She could hardly believe how far they'd come. Was it really only this Christmas that her life sucked ass? That she hated Rachel Berry, hated herself and lived in a great big bubble of denial? So many things had changed... and she hated to sound fucking cliché, but most of those things had changed because of Rachel. This tiny little ball of energy and passion... who refused to give up, who kept pushing and pushing... who worked so hard for what she wanted. Santana owed so much to her. She didn't always understand why Rachel suddenly threw all her love and devotion onto her, but she'd never been more grateful in her life.

The cheerleader felt familiar hands wrap around her wrist, and she slipped off Brittany's lap, just as Rachel whispered, "Come dance with me again, Baby."

They moved onto the dance floor together as the band slowed down and soft music started streaming through the speakers. She felt Rachel pull her tighter as the smaller girl rested their cheeks together and they gently swayed to the music. Her fingers dug roughly into Rachel's bare arms, but she didn't complain, she softly hummed along and Santana closed her eyes to suck in the moment.

"When this is over..." Rachel trailed off, not moving from her spot against Santana – the cheerleader could just feel her lips brush against the sensitive skin on her neck as she spoke, "I know it's custom for me to bring you back home to your own house, but I was wondering if you'd like to spend the night with me? We can sit in the kitchen and have soy milk and vegan cookies."

Santana's face broke into a smile – she simply couldn't help it. "I love you." she whispered, because to her, it was the perfect response. As if Rachel needed to even ask her if she wanted to spend the night. They both knew she did.

Rachel chuckled, "I love you, too."

"Thank you," Santana said then, pulling slightly back so their foreheads were resting against each other and their eyes could meet, "thank you so much for loving me, and... and for doing all of this with me. I don't know where I would have been today, hadn't it been for you."

Rachel's smile was soft and sweet as she replied, "I could say the same thing to you. I was certain that everything with Finn was true love and that my high school experience had to be one big mess of misfortunes. But you showed me what true love really is, and you... you made high school so much better."

The Latina brushed a piece of the diva's hair out of her eyes, "Maybe we helped each other then. Maybe we're good for each other."

The diva chuckled, "I can't believe this Prom is almost over."

Santana wriggled her eyebrows, "Me neither... I feel stupid for not having sex here. We should totally do it in the bathroom before we head home."

Rachel softly shook her head and laughed, "Baby, you're incorrigible."

Sticking her tongue out at her, Santana replied, "Yeah well..." she bashfully lowered her gaze for a second, "You're... that... too." she mumbled, for lack of better comeback.

The diva wriggled her eyebrows and softly started signing, "Take me as I aaaaaam..."

"Hey, save all of that for Nationals, Tiny." Santana butted in, but she really didn't mind that much. There was nothing better than when Rachel Berry spontaneously broke into song. Especially that song.

Rachel's grin grew even wider – if possible – by the mentioning of Nationals. She clutched the taller girl tighter, "I can't believe we're really going to Nationals."

Santana had to agree with her. Everything was looking perfect for them. "And after that..." she trailed off, "it's senior year."

"Yeah..." Rachel whispered, her breath ghosting over the Latina's lips, "it is..." she lifted her head slightly and firmly locked their eyes, her deep chocolate pools meeting Santana's in a serious gaze, "And then New York?" she questioned, her eyes wavering a bit.

Santana replied in a heartbeat, without even thinking, without even blinking, "And then New York." she promised.

And with those words, Rachel tiptoed up and softly pressed their lips together.

Damn! This feels... odd. Fuck. So yeah. This is like... over now? I hope you liked it, really. It's been a truly amazing journey to write this piece, to get these two girls to grow (together and as separate people), it's been a challenge, but one of the most rewarding ones I've ever had in my Fanfiction career. You've been an amazing audience. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed this last piece of writing as much as I did – it was just a lot of fluff and good times. I absolutely loved when Artie asked Brittany to Prom with a song (though why he chose that song, I'll never understand), so as soon as that episode was done, I wrote Rachel's silly song with that scene in mind. It's true though, there's not that many words that rhyme with Santana.

I get the feeling that people are still in two different places regarding the Rachel and Santana fight? I guess there'll never be a right or wrong solution to that, because the two sides are so different, and the two girls are so different. The real reason – I think – that people are either on Santana's 'side' or Rachel's 'side' is because they identify themselves with one of the girls more than the other. Which is understandable, because the two of them are so different. I've tried to see both their sides in this, and let's just say, both girls were wrong, and both girls were right. At least that's how I see it. So I hope that you can all see that, too, even if you feel like either Rachel or Santana shouldn't have forgiven the other quite so quickly.

Anyway! Thank you all so much for reading this and for sticking through this with me. I will most likely be returning with another Pezberry fiction at some point, but it may take awhile. Like I've earlier said, I believe I'm going to venture into the land of Faberry for a little bit, and seeing as it took me roughly six months to write this fiction, it'll probably take me awhile to write my Faberry fiction too. But I will return – and that's a promise!

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