The princesses approached London and were unsure where to begin first.

One house in particular that Ariel spotted was a large house that was a few feet away from them.

"Let's land over there," said Ariel.

"Whatever..." said Rapunzel who was still depressed.

The princesses landed on the house and Jasmine got out a few presents from the bag. At first, Jasmine wanted to go down the chimney, but she had a change of thought from seeing Rapunzel sulking.

"Hey, Rapunzel. How bout you deliver these? You haven't done one all night," said Jasmine.

"But I'm the pilot," said Rapunzel.

"Come on! It'll brighten up your mood. Snow, you go with her," said Jasmine.

"OK," said Snow White.

Rapunzel and Snow White made their way down the chimney into a small nursery where three children were sleeping. After noticing the tree, Rapunzel took the present and put them under the tree. She then turned around and saw Snow White's face light up at the sight of one of the kids sleeping which was Michael. Snow White let out a soft giggle and kissed Michael on the forehead.

"You know, Santa sure works hard every year, but I think it's all worth it because he brings cheer. Seeing children's smiling faces on Christmas day, happy children running out to play. I believe that to Santa, the joy of Christmas is not all about getting them really flashy gifts, but rather about the joy he brings to children everywhere when he comes to their houses," Snow White said.

What Snow White said made Rapunzel think for a bit. Was that really what Christmas was all about? Bringing joy and happiness to people? And giving gifts from the heart?

As these thoughts crept through her mind, Rapunzel knew it was time for her and Snow White to go. But as they were headed for the chimney, Snow White tripped on a rocking horse into a pile of toys. The noise woke Michael, John and Wendy up from their sleep.

After rubbing the tired from his eyes, Michal jumped with joy at the sight of the present underneath the tree. "John! Wendy! Santa Claus came! Santa Claus came!" he exclaimed.

Just then, the three kids heard noise coming from the side of the room. Wendy turned and noticed Rapunzel trying to help Snow White up. "Rapunzel? Snow White? What ever are two doing here?" she asked.

"Well, Santa had a little accident and we are taking his place this year," said Snow White.

"Santa had been injured?" said John.

"I'm afraid so, sweetie," said Snow White.

Out of concern, Michael walked over and tugged on Rapunzel's dress. "Will Santa be alright?" he asked.

"Yeah, he'll be fine," said Rapunzel.

"I hope so," said Michael.

"I also hope for Saint Nicholas' recovery," said John.

"As do I," said Wendy. "You know, Santa Claus brings such good cheer to everyone every year. The happiness he instills in people cannot be measured in gold or riches and he is so nice and kind to travel all over the world, bringing presents to all the good little boys and girls. But you know, I wouldn't really care whether or not he got me a present or even what kind it was, because at this most marvelous time of year, it is the thought that counts."

Wendy grabbed Rapunzel by the hand and took her to the window. She opened up the window and she and Rapunzel gazed at the twinkling night sky.


I wish upon a star,

And I pray and believe,

That even though he's far,

He'll find me Christmas Eve,

The star of Christmas shine so bright,

That I never have a frown,

That's how I feel,

When Christmas comes to town.


The best time of the year,

When everyone comes home,

With all this Christmas cheer,

It's hard to be alone,

Putting up the Christmas tree,

With friends that come around,

It's so much fun,

When Christmas comes to town.


Presents for the children,

Wrapped in red and green.


Stockings by the fireplace,

And sugarplums in my dreams.

Wendy, John and Michael

No one will be sleeping,

On the night of Christmas Eve,

Hoping Santa's on his way.

Wendy, John and Michael

No one will be sleeping,

On the night of Christmas Eve,

Hoping Santa's on his way.


When Santa's sleigh bells ring,

I listen all around.


The herald angels sing,

A lovely Christmas sound.


When all the dreams of children,

Once lost will all be found,

That's all I want,

When Christmas comes to town.


That's all I want,

When Christmas comes to town.

Suddenly, Rapunzel's spirit felt as if it had been touched by an angel. It seemed as though she had finally gotten what the true spirit of Christmas was all about, giving from the heart. "Thank you, Wendy," she said.

"You're very welcome...for what?" Wendy said.

"For showing me the true meaning of Christmas. Although, I still wish I had something to give Flynn," said Rapunzel.

"Oh! You're trying to get him something special?" asked Wendy.

"Well at first I was, because I was worried that he wouldn't like the present, but now I know that whatever I give him, he'll love it, because I gave it from the heart," Rapunzel said.

After giving Wendy, Michael and John their farewells, Rapunzel and Snow White went back up the chimney. Rapunzel approached the other princesses with a newly invigorated spirit and with that, they finished off the rest of their route, delivering all the presents of the world.

Back at Cinderella's castle, Santa was enjoying a nice hot cup of cocoa. "I do hope the girls are doing OK," he said with concern.

Suddenly, Santa heard a sound. At first, he thought it came from within the castle, but soon discovered it was emanating from outside. The sound grew louder and louder as it seemed to approach Santa's position. From the castle wall, Rapuzel and the other princesses crashed through on the sleigh.

"We're back, Santa!" said Rapunzel.

"We did it!" said Ariel.

"We delivered everything!" said Aurora.

"Ho ho ho! Great job, ladies. Thanks to you, Christmas is saved. And Rapunzel, thank you most of all," said Santa.

"What did I do?" asked Rapunzel.

"You learned the true meaning of Christmas," said Santa.

Rapunzel smiled.

Santa then got up out of the sofa and took the casts of his arm and leg. It appeared that he was feeling much better as he waved his hands around and using his magic, he made a present appear in Rapunzel's hands.

"What's this?" asked Rapunzel.

"A little gift for your husband," Santa said with a wink.

Just then, the sound of jingling bells were heard from outside the castle. The princesses and Santa ran outside to find Ludwig Von Drake riding Santa's repaired sleigh with Hewy, Dewy and Louie carrying it.

"Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! It took time, effort and some egg nog, but I finally got it repaired," Drake exclaimed.

The princesses and Santa were ecstatic at the news.

With his injuries healed, his reindeer healthy again and his sleigh repaired, Santa prepared to take off for the North Pole.

"Be careful getting back," said Jasmine.

"Have a safe trip home," said Belle.

"Farewell, my friends. Have a very merry Christmas. Ariel, try to stay out of trouble," said Santa.

"I'll try," said Ariel.

"Belle, tell that beastly husband of your to behave," said Santa.

"Don't worry, I will," said Belle.

"And Tiana, tell Naveen that Santa Claus is not a clause that allows for triple-double presents for princes!" said Santa.

"Got it," Tiana said.

With that, Santa flew off. "Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!" he exclaimed.

As Santa flew off, the princesses heard a sound in the distance that sounded like horse clattering. As the sound got louder, they looked off into the distance and could see a shadowy figure in the distance. The figure was revealed to be Sampson carrying the princes in a large carriage.

"Hey girls!" the princes shouted.

The princesses couldn't believe it. They had made it. The princesses each hugged their own husband with joy and content.

"You guys made it!" Aurora exclaimed.

"How do you make it here?" Cinderella asked.

"You didn't think that old hag, Maleficent was gonna keep us from being with you for the holidays, did you?" said Aladdin.

"And besides, she was no match for our incredible strength and speed and endurance and-" Naveen said before Tiana cut him off.

"Fairy Godmother came in and saved ya'll, didn't she?" asked Tiana.

"Yep," the princes said.

Either way, the princess were all happy to see their husbands as they all went into Cinderella's castle and shared some hot cocoa and Christmas dinner.

The next night

It was Christmas Day and the princesses and princes were gathered around the tree, ready to exchange gifts. Each princess traded a gift with their husband.

Prince Charming and Cinderella opened theirs first.

Cinderella got a can of Minnie's famous perfume while Prince Charming got a gold Armani suit.

Next was Eric and Ariel.

Ariel got a blue comb shaped like a swordfish and Eric got boot polish.

Tiana and Naveen traded their gifts next.

Tiana got a New Orleans cookbook and Naveen got a brand new ukulele.

Aladdin and Jasmine were next.

Jasmine received a jade necklace and Aladdin got a new fez and a bunch of bananas for Abu.

Belle and the Beast were up next.

The Beast got a nail filer for his claws and Belle got a new book.

Aurora and Phillip were next.

Aurora got a green dress and Phillip got a new sword.

Snow White and her Prince traded gifts next.

The Prince got a gold crown and Snow White got a homemade gooseberry pie.

Finally, it was Rapunzel and Flynn's turn to exchange gifts. Rapunzel had no idea what was the present was, so the best thing she could do was pray and hope that Flynn would like it. The two exchanged their gifts. Rapunzel's gift was in an exceptionally long package. She opened it up and it revealed a rather long hair brush.

"Thank you, Flynn. This is the best gift ever," said Rapunzel.

With a smile, Flynn prepared to open his gift as Rapunzel crossed her fingers and bit her lip. Flynn opened the gift which revealed a pan flute.

"A pan flute?" Flynn said.

In the back of her mind, Rapunzel couldn't help but think in the back of her mind, 'thanks a lot, Santa,' but she remembered the words of Snow White and Wendy and John and Michael and Santa. "Listen, I know it's not much, but I know you like music and I just thought th-" she said before she was cut off by a kiss from Flynn.

"I love it," Flynn said.

Despite everything, this looked to be a very great Christmas for everyone. The princesses and their husbands were all together, it was a beautiful night and the tree was brightly lit with its star shining bright. The princesses wouldn't trade this or anything in the world.

Just then, Snow White noticed snow falling from outside the castle window. "Look everyone, snow," she said.

The princesses and princes ran outside to see the beautiful snowflakes gently falling from the sky. With their husbands arm in arm, the princesses took the opportunity to enjoy the moment. Just then, a mysterious red flash appeared in the sky. The princesses and princes couldn't make what it was, but they could just faintly hear a sound coming from it.

"Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!" said the light.

"Merry Christmas, Santa!" the princesses said.

"Well, this is turning out to be a very, very merry Christmas," Naveen said.

The princesses and princes looked up to the sky and began to sing.

"We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" they sang.

The End

Happy Holidays

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