Summary: House/Wilson slash, established relationship. Drabble. Fluff. Not as creepy as the title implies.

Disclaimer: No ownership of either Wilson or House.

Watching Him Sleep

Wilson was lying on his back, snoring softly. His mouth was open and he needed a shave, but House couldn't look away. He stared at him as though in fascination, watching his chest rise and fall. He reached a tentative hand out and traced the side of Wilson's face with his fingers, as though feeling to make sure he was really there. Wilson smiled in his sleep and turned slightly toward the touch before resuming his open-mouthed snoring. Watching his face carefully, House leaned over and pressed his lips softly to Wilson's. He pulled back and watched Wilson sleep for another second. Then he settled back down and closed his eyes.


Wilson squinted his eyes open. He turned to glance at the clock on the nightstand and smiled when it informed him he had another hour and a half before he needed to get up. Then he turned on his other side and smiled at the sight of House sleeping. He always looked so peaceful asleep—it was the only time he wasn't in pain. For a second he just stared at him, marveling at the fact that the man he'd loved for so long was actually here in bed beside him. Then he reached a gentle hand over to cup House's cheek. House made a sleepy noise but didn't wake up. Wilson smiled to himself and gave House's cheek a soft kiss. He scooted himself closer and rested his head on House's shoulder before closing his eyes.