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They were having a party. There was no point to it other than school was out and everyone was around. Most everyone except for the teachers, who'd long since abandoned the main festivities, were on the dance floor. Everyone but Remy who was trying to talk Rogue into a dance and Kitty and Kurt who were watching them from the snack table.

Remy was leaning on the wall next to her. He had his most charming grin plastered on his face. They didn't know what he was saying to her, but Rogue was clearly trying to ignore him. From the blush on her cheeks, it wasn't working.

Kurt munched on a bowl of chips while Kitty watched the Southerners anxiously. She thought that Rogue should just dance with him. Aside from the fact that they were adorable together, they actually did like each other, despite Remy's flirting with everything female and Rogue's denial. She had the general idea of why her friend and roommate didn't want to get involved with Remy. The boy just got there four months ago and already had a reputation. Rogue didn't want to get played by the player. The other half of that…she didn't want to hurt him.

She just didn't see how Rogue could really believe that though. They were perfect for each other. Remy was actually a nice guy, despite the hard edge he presented. He genuinely cared for Rogue, and Kitty was certain that it was more than just like. The adoration he had for her was clear every time he looked at her. And no matter what he did, Rogue always ended up with a smile on her face when she was with him. This was the same girl who could go days without even the slightest hint of a grin. Honestly, didn't she know when she was happy?

As she watched Rogue turn and scowl at Remy then stomp away, as she saw the frustration seep into Remy's stance, Kitty concluded that no. Apparently, her friend was an emotional retard. And as her very best friend, it was practically her duty to help her. Whether she wanted it or not.

She glanced to her right and let a smile bloom on her face. Kurt glanced to his left and suddenly felt worried.

"Vhy are you looking at me like zhat?"

"You want Rogue to be happy, right?"

"Of course."

"And you'd agree, Remy makes Rogue happy?"

Kurt begrudgingly nodded his head yes.

"Exactly! So since Rogue won't accept him on her own, don't you think that we –as her friend and brother – should help her find happiness and love?" Kitty looked at him with her hands clasped and batting big blue eyes.


"Great!" she threw herself at him, hugging him around the neck. "I knew I could count on you, Kurt!"


Vhen did I agree to anyzhing?"

It was then that the song blaring through the speakers changed. Kitty's eyes widened in realization as she stared up in wonder.

"That's it!"

"Vhat is?"

"Come on!" she grabbed Kurt's hand and led him out of the party room.

This would need careful planning and perfect execution. This would take skill and finesse. It would also take a whole lotta luck and maybe a miracle if Rogue found out anything about their involvement. But if they – no, when they pulled this off, it would be worth it.

Kitty couldn't help but giggle at her own sneaky plotting. Kurt couldn't help but be concerned over what exactly he'd agreed to.

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