"The album is really fun!" Brianne talks to a reporter outside of the nightclub where her album release party is taking place. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are here tonight and everything talking about how the album is going to be a huge hit. Her first single Robot is already at the top of the charts and everyone is waiting for a second single. "It's a little edgier than my previous albums but it's not real hard core either. You can still see a glimpse of the old me, but it's also more mature. I wanted the songs to reflect what i've been through, so it's kind of like my own personal diary."

She shifts her position slightly, having a bit of trouble getting comfortable in the sparkly silver minidress and diamond encrusted high heels that she is wearing. She gives a smile to the reporter, Melanie Carter, who is holding a sparkly microphone.

"Which song is most like you?"

"One of the most personal songs on the album is my single Robot. It's very much about what I've been through with the paparazzi and all the negative media attention. But if I had to pick my favorite song from the album, it would have to be Liberty Walk." Brianne answers.

"Before I let you go inside, let's talk about your relationship with a certain guy from a certain boy band?." Melanie says with a excited smile. If there's anything these reporters seem to enjoy talking about the most, it's her relationship with James. She doesn't understand why people are so obsessed with their relationship, sometimes spreading the craziest rumors ever. Just last week, Hollywood Insider said that she was pregnant. That isn't going happen until she is at least twenty five! SHe may be marrying James, but they aren't thinking about kids just yet.

"A rumor is going around that you two are engaged. Care to confirm or deny those rumors?"

She and James both knew that the reporters would ask that question and they agreed to go ahead and tell them. Sooner is better than later.

She grins as she holds up her left hand, showing off the diamond ring on her wedding finger. She flinches when Melanie lets out an excited squeal, grabbing Brianne's left hand. The ring sparkles under the Los Angeles night sky, making it look even more gorgeous than it already is.


"Thank you so much!" Brianne says sweetly before she begins walking towards the front entrance of Dynamite Nightclub. She was suppose to meet the guys and her other friends inside, but it's kind of hard considering how crowded the inside of the club is. The outside isn't too bad, but a lot of people already went in.

Brianne smiles and greets a few of her guests, while glancing around the nightclub, silently wondering where James is. She hasn't seen him since they both left for the party in separate limos. She sighs as she tries to seem interested in whatever Kylie Williams, sister of Lauren Williams, is saying. She hasn't talked to Kylie at all since her falling out with Lauren, so she should probably act like she's interested in catching up. But all she cares about right now is being with James.

"Your album is really amazing, Brie." The blonde haired girl says, giving Brianne a hug.

"Thanks, Kylie." Brianne says sweetly before walking towards one of the small sitting areas. She sits down and takes her cell phone out of her purse, dialing James phone number. She groans in frustration, realizing that the reception in this nightclub is horrible. She rests her forehead on the table, but quickly sits up since there could be photographers around the nightclub. If they caught her moping around, they would probably twist it around and make it into something serious.

She glances around the club once again until she sees Logan talking to Carlos, but where is James? Feeling curious and desperate, she walks over to the two boys.

"Where's James?" She asks them. She glances at Carlos from the corner of her eye noticing that he is staring at her dreamily. He already has a girlfriend that he really likes, but he still turns into a crazy fan boy around Brianne sometimes.

"He's around here somewhere." Logan says, looking around. "Check upstairs."

"Thanks, Logie." She says, giving him a quick hug. Before she walks towards the stairs, she looks at Carlos and smacks him behind the head. It actually hurts this time because Gustavo didn't allow Carlos to wear his helmet to the party. "Stop staring at me, Carlitos. You've already got a girlfriend."

Then she turns around and walks towards the stairs. There is a huge balcony that overlooks the nightclub and Brianne walks over to it, glancing down at the large dance floor.

She is about to give up on searching for James when she feels two strong arms wrap around her waist. She doesn't even have to turn around to know who it is because she knows what it feels like to be in James arms. The feeling of safety and comfort that she gets when he is holding her...She could recognize that feeling anywhere.

"This is your party, so why aren't you having a good time?" James whispers.

"The only way I'll have a good time is if I'm with you." Brianne whispers, leaning into his embrace. She feels James burying his face in her wavy blonde hair, causing her to smile. James always makes her smile with everything he does. She honestly believes that his smile might be contagious because whenever he smiles, Brianne usually ends up doing the exact same thing.

She frowns when she hears James chuckle softly and she turns around to look at him. Before she can say anything, James pulls her into a passionate kiss. Her fingers become tangles in his hair as she deepens the kiss, although she is perfectly aware that photographers could end up getting a picture of them.

"Jay." Brianne giggles as she pulls away from the kiss. "Calm down."

"I'm sorry." James whispers, giving her a short kiss. "I've just missed you so much."

"Then why didn't you come looking for me?" Brianne asks, crossing her arms. James rolls his eyes and kisses her again.

"I did." He argues. Brianne smirks as she kisses his cheek. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him into a hug, sighing when he wraps his arms around her waist.

"Oh my gosh, what is Jessica doing?" James asks, still holding onto Brianne.

Brianne turns around to see what James is talking about. Jessica, with a drink in hand, is dancing on one of the tables. She groans when Jessica nearly falls off the table, while Hilary and Lindsey burst into drunken laughter. Brianne hasn't had a single drink all night and she doesn't plan on it either. She officially left her party girl ways behind a couple months ago. She learned that she doesn't need alcohol to have a good time, so she no longer drinks.

"Let's go down there before she makes a complete idiot out of herself." She says, grabbing James hand. She practically drags him down the stairs and over to the table where Jessica is dancing. She grabs Jessica's arm and helps her off the table.

"What are you doing?" She whispers heatedly. Jessica seems confused as she stares her best friend.

"Are you and James fighting again?" She gasps. "Is the wedding off?"

"NO!" James and Brianne yell in unison.

"Good." Jessica says in relief.

"We are getting rid of these." Brianne says, snatching the drinks away from her friends. She walks over to the nearest trash can and pours the drinks out. She places the empty glasses on the table before glaring at her friends. Lindsey seems consumed with staring at her reflection in her compact mirror, so Brianne snatches the mirror out of her hands.

"Hey, that's mine!" Lindsey whines.

"Too bad." Brianne says, putting the mirror in her purse. "You can have it back when you're sobered up."

"Logan!" She calls out. The brains of Big Time Rush walks over to them. "I need you to keep an eye on these girls,."

"Yeah." Logan says slowly. "Sure."

Brianne hugs Logan before leading James back upstairs. She takes her cell phone out her purse and looks at James, kissing him softly.

"I have to go onstage in a few minutes." She says. "But I wanted to take some pictures of us for my Scuttlebug account. My followers have been asking for pictures of us." She says as she turns the camera on. she holds the camera in front of them and kisses James cheek, snapping a picture. Then James stands in front of Brianne and wraps his arms around her waist, allowing Brianne to snap another picture.

After uploading the pictures to Scuttlebug, she decides to take a few moments to just stare at her gorgeous fiancee. Last week, he decided to get a few inches of his hair cut off. He looks insanely adorable either way but Brianne was shocked when she first saw him with shorter hair.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to bring Brianne to the stage in just a few minutes, so she can perform a few songs off of her new album for you!" The DJ announces.

"I've gotta go!" Brianne says, kissing James cheek before rushing down the stairs. She walks closer to the stage.

"Please welcome Brianne Rocque!"

Brianne smiles as she walks the stage, bumping fists with the DJ.

"How are you guys doing?" She asks the audience. After the screams of excitement have died down, she speaks again.

"Okay, I am going to perform three songs for you tonight. All three are from the new album, which is being released today!" She tells them. "This first song is called Freak The Freak Out."

She puts the microphone on the stand and listens as the music begins playing.

Thirty minutes later, after performing "Freak The Freak Out", " Speechless", and "Robot", Brianne finds herself back on the dance floor. She was thinking of asking James if he wanted to go home early. This party is going to last until four in the morning and there is no way that Brianne is staying at a club for that long. It's just not going to happen. Honestly, Brianne doesn't even like parties anymore. She would rather curl up on the couch with James and watch TV.

She walks over to James, who is talking to Kendall and Jo. She grabs his arm and pulls him into a kiss.

"Wanna go home? I'm tired." She says quietly.

"The party just started." James asks, looking worried. He rests the back of his hand against her forehead. "Do you feel sick?"

"No." Brianne says, resting her head on his chest. "I just don't want to stay here. I want to be at home with you."

James shrugs as he wraps his arm around her shoulders, kissing her temple.

"Kendall, tell Gustavo that Brie and I went home." He says. Kendall gives him a thumbs up before returning his attention to Jo. James squeezes Brianne's shoulders as they walk out of the club. They rush to james car, not wanting anyone to see them leaving. James frowns when he sees that Brianne is leaning back in her seat, her eyes closed.

"Brie, are you sure you're not sick? Because we can stop at the pharmacy and get some medicine if you need it."

"Jay, I'm not sick." Brianne says, opening her eyes. Not wanting him to worry anymore, she sits up and leans in for a kiss. James ends up with his back against the car door as his fiancee kisses him. He would protest, but it's hard to do that when he actually enjoys it when Brianne kisses him.

"Okay, calm down." James whispers, chuckling. Brianne kisses him shortly before returning to her previous position, sitting back in the front passengers seat. She sighs as she reaches up to run her fingers through James soft brown hair.

"Why did you cut your hair so short?" She whispers, running her fingers down his cheek. Closing his eyes, James laughs softly.

"Because I wanted to." He retorts, opening his eyes. "Now let's go home."

He puts the key in the ignition and drives out of the parking lot.

Twenty minutes later

"Babe, we're home." James says softly, kissing Brianne's forehead. "Come on, baby girl. Wake up."

Brianne whines as she is woken up from her peaceful sleep. She stares at James with a tired look, wishing that she could go back to sleep.

"Can we just sleep in the car?" She groans. James grins as he steps out of the car and walking over to the passengers side. He opens the door and begins lifting Brianne from the seat. He carefully closes the car door before carrying his fiancee into the large hotel. Once they are inside the elevator, James cuddles Brianne even closer to him. In the two months that they have been together, they have become each others whole world. Even Camille said that James and Brianne are the Palm Woods cutest couple. And the Jennifers, who never payed attention to James in the first place, are jealous of Brianne now.

"How do you feel about going to Minnesota with me in two weeks?" He asks as he steps onto the second floor.

"Really excited." Brianne says softly. James kisses her forehead as he carries her into apartment 2B, which is just down the hall from apartment 2J. Brianne's mom went to the album release party, so they have the apartment to themselves for a few hours.

James smiles as he sits on the couch with Brianne in his arms.

"You can meet my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, my cousins..."

Brianne nods as she snuggles up to him.

"We look like dorks right now." She giggles.

"Why?" James asks confusion.

"We're just chilling on my couch, all dressed up. We should be wearing our pajamas right now."

Finally realizing what Brianne is talking about, James rolls his eyes. Brianne is still wearing her mini dress while James is wearing jeans, a white long sleeve button up shirt, and a black blazer.. He thinks about this for a few moments before speaking again.

"Who cares?" He laughs as he gently nudges Brianne, motioning for her to get off of his lap. After Brianne is sitting on the couch, James lays down with his head on her lap.

For about the millionth time all night, Brianne grabs her cell phone. She's desperate to capture the adorable sight on camera.

"Smile for the camera, honey." She says as she holds the camera so that both she and James will be photographed. She snaps the picture and begins uploading it to her Scuttlebug. She decides to add a cute caption with it, typing "Me and the love of my life, just chilling at my apartment after the big album release party."

James grabs the phone and stares at the photo.

"Aww, I'm the love of your life?" He grins. Brianne nods as she kisses him.

"Yes you are."

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