Six Months Later

Brianne carefully examines her appearance in the mirror. Today is the big day and she's going to make sure that she looks amazing. She's wearing her wedding dress, the veil, the shoes, and the jewelry. Her hair and makeup has been done. Now all she has to do is walk down the aisle and say "I Do." Then she'll be Mrs. Brianne Diamond, wife of James Diamond. They were going to wait until they were older to get married but now she's happy that she didn't wait. She knows that she's marrying the right person, so marriage is going to be no problem for her. Sure, it's a lot of responsibility, but she knows that she's ready for it.

Now she has to get through the ceremony. She's doing the right thing by marrying James, but she's suffering from pre wedding jitters. Her mom said that it's perfectly normal to be nervous, but she told Brianne to think about James and how much she loves him. So that's what she's been doing and it's actually working out quite well for her. She has a picture of her and James on their dresser, so it's a helpful reminder of her feelings for him. The feeling of being in his arms, the way he kisses her, it's all so perfect. She wouldn't be able to live without him.

"Brie, the wedding is in an hour." Allison says as she walks into the room. She smiles as she stares at her daughter, who is staring at herself in the mirror. Brianne slowly turns around, taking a deep breath. She gulps as she stares at her mom, waiting for her to speak.

"You look beautiful." Allison says sweetly. Brianne smiles softly as she turns to look at herself in the mirror. Before she can mess with the veil on her head, Allison grabs her arm and leads her out of the room. She links her arm with Brianne's, helping her daughter down the stairs. Once they have reached the first floor, several gasps are heard throughout the room. Lindsey, Jessica, Hilary, Camille, Jo, and Stephanie stare at Brianne with wide eyes, shocked by the appearance of the bride. The attention makes Brianne feel kind of awkward, but she reminds herself that they are her friends.

Before she can say anything else, the girls start talking all at once, walking over to her. She smiles as she hugs her friends, who are wearing lilac knee length dresses.

"Hey, don't mess up her dress!" Allison scolds. The girls quickly pull away from Brianne.

"Gustavo is going to walk you down the aisle?" Lindsey asks her.

"Yeah." Brianne says, nodding. ""And you won't believe what he told James at the rehearsal dinner last night."

"What did he tell him?" Allison asks in annoyance, wondering why Gustavo insists on tormenting his niece's future husband.

"He said "If you break her heart, I'll break your face." Brianne tells them. She laughs as she remembers the look on James face when Gustavo threatened him. The poor guy looked so terrified, only being able to speak one word sentences. He managed to say "Okay", but the threat really freaked him out. He held Brianne's hand and kept promising that he wouldn't break her heart. After a while, Brianne had to shut him up by kissing him and assuring him that she has total trust in him.

"Picture time!" Hilary says as she grabs her camera from the coffee table. Brianne flinches as she is nearly blinded by the camera. Hilary continues to snap pictures until Jessica takes the camera away from her.

"Don't turn into the paparazzi." She says calmly. Hilary glares at Jessica, shaking her head. Suddenly, her mood seems to brighten, making everyone look at her with curiosity.

"You're going to love the reception. Me and the girls have a surprise for you." She says happily.

"What did you do, Jessica?" Brianne starts to say. Jessica looks at her in horror, wondering why everyone always assumes that she's going to screw up.

"I didn't do anything!" She says defensively.

"Actually, Jessica didn't do anything." Lindsey tells Brianne. "It's a good surprise."

Brianne sighs in relief. One time, they went to the Vanity Fair party and Jessica drank a little too much, so she stumbled outside and started yelling at the paparazzi. It was on the news for several days. As long as there are no paparazzi at the ceremony or reception, they should be fine. Jessica has a tendency to lose her temper with the photographers.

"Oh," She says, breathing deeply. "Okay."

At the Palm Woods

Kendall knocks on the bathroom door, waiting for James to finish working on his hair. He has been in the restroom for the past hour, making sure that he looks absolutely perfect for his bride. Everyone else has gotten ready, but they have not taken as long as James has. He is going cray over looking as amazing as possible.

"James, hurry up!" He yells. A shriek followed by a clattering noise is heard, then the door opens to reveal James. He's wearing the tux and his hair is perfectly styled for the wedding,yet the expression on his face tells Kendall that he's freaking out, which isn't surprising. It seems like the closer they got to the big day, the more nervous James got. Now that it's the day of the wedding, James is ready to throw a fit.

"I'm freaking out, man. Freaking out!" He says as he walks past Kendall. He runs his lucky comb through his hair, which he has a habit of doing when he's nervous.

"It's your wedding day, man. Just think about the fact that you're going to be married in a few hours. Brianne loves you and you love her. So don't freak out." Kendall says, grabbing his shoulders. James takes a deep breath as he hands his comb to Mrs. Knight, who walks into the restroom and puts the comb on the sink counter. She listens as Kendall continues to give James a pep talk. Finally, she decides to get involved. She stands next to James and rubs his back, listening to her son talk to his friend.

"Mom, I look ridiculous!" Katie says as she walks out of her room. She is wearing a lilac flower girl dress. She can't believe that she's already ten years old and the most she's doing for the wedding is walk down the aisle and throw petals on the floor. She keeps telling her mom that she doesn't want to show up to the wedding looking like this, but Mrs. Knight said that everyone is going to be dressed up. Katie is a jeans and T shirt kind of girl, so she doesn't really like wearing dresses. She knew that she would have to wear a dress, but she feels so awkward right now. It doesn't matter that everyone is saying that she looks adorable. No, she doesn't care because she looks like a daffodil.

"You look precious." Mrs. Knight argues.

"Hey, can I call Brianne?" James asks hopefully.

"No." Mrs. Knight smiles as she flattens the collar of his tuxedo. "It's bad luck to talk to the bride before the wedding."

James sighs in disappointment. Yeah, he knows the rules, but he hasn't talked to Brianne since the rehearsal dinner. He can't wait to see her and exchange vows. He just wants to get the wedding over with, so he can officially call Brianne his wife.

"Now, we should be getting to the park." Mrs. Knight says as she hands Brianne's wedding ring to Kendall. The blonde haired boy takes the ring and holds it in a tight grip. "PEOPLE, WE'RE LEAVING!"

Everyone quickly rushes out of the apartment, ready for the big day ahead of them.

At the Palm Woods park

The wedding is in ten minutes and if Brianne was nervous before, she's even more nervous now. Actually, she's on the verge of passing out. She's thinking about everything that could go wrong. The wedding is going to be outside, so there's always the possibility of rain or worse, James could change his mind about marrying her. A bigger part of her is saying that she's being a complete idiot. James has told her a million times that he loves her and can't wait to marry her, but he could change his mind! That would send her into a permanent depression if James ditched her at the altar. She knows that he wouldn't do that, but still! What if he did leave her? What if he decides to divorce her? What will she do if that happens?

As she is contemplating all the negatives, her bridesmaids, maid of honor, and Gustavo are staring at her weirdly. She probably looks like she's about to have a conniption, but she doesn't care. She's just trying to keep her sanity in tact. She isn't going to faint at the altar.

Oh, that's another thing! She could end up fainting as she goes to say "I do." That would be so horrible.

"Okay, you're making me dizzy." Jessica says as she grabs Brianne's arm, preventing her from pacing anymore. The anxious bride looks towards the lake, where she can see James waiting for her. Okay, this is it. This is the moment that she has been waiting for. She just has stay calm and get through it.

"Ugh," She groans. "Who am I kidding?"

"What?" Jessica sighs.

"I'm about to lose it." Brianne whispers nervously. "What if he decides that he doesn't want to marry me? Then my life will be ruined!"

"Brie, he wants to marry you." Hilary says softly. "Trust me."

"Okay." Brianne says calmly. She looks towards Kendall, Carlos, and Logan, waving at them. Carlos waves excitedly before putting his helmet on his head. However, since Brianne was so adamant about him not wearing the helmet at her wedding. Kendall pulls the helmet off Carlos's head and hands it to Kelly. Logan smacks Carlos behind the head, giving Brianne a thumbs up. Brianne laughs as she waves at him.

"Girls, get ready!" Kelly says as she leads Lindsey and the bridesmaids over to their escorts. Brianne gulps as she stands next to Gustavo, still struggling to steady her breathing.

"Gustavo, you ready?" She asks with a nervous laugh.

"Sure, I'm ready to see you marry the monkey dog." Gustavo says sarcastically. His comment causes Brianne to laugh, instantly making her feel better. Suddenly, the nerves seem to go away and all she feels is excitement. She looks ahead and watches as her friends begin walking down the aisle. Her eyes fill with happy tears, so she has to take another deep breath.

"Don't start crying." Gustavo whispers. "You'll ruin your makeup."

Brianne smiles as she and Gustavo step forward, hearing the preacher say "All rise for the bride." The guests stand up and turn to look at Brianne. She begins walking down the aisle, the tears finally overflowing as she walks towards James. The closer she gets to him, the more released that she becomes. She smiles as she and Gustavo approach the end of the aisle. When the preacher asks "Who gives this woman to be married to this man?", Gustavo says "Her mother and I do" before sitting next to Allison. Brianne and James turn to face each other, holding hands. The preacher speaks to them for a while until, finally, it's time to say their vows. James says his vow first and Brianne almost starts crying as he reminds her of some of the best memories from their past year together. At
"I love you, Brie." James says, finishing his vow.

"Brianne." The preacher says. Brianne squeezes James hands as she starts speaking.

"I'm probably repeating this for the millionth time, but it's true. You saved my life, Jay. A year ago, I was a mess. Just when I thought that my life was going to keep getting worse, you showed up. After I met you, my whole life changed for the better. Yeah, we've had some rough times in our relationship, but we always got through it. That just proves that we belong together. If it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't be here today. You're my everything and I couldn't ask for better. I love you, Jay."

"The rings." The preacher says. Lindsey gives Brianne an assuring smile as she hands James wedding ring to Brianne. The bride turns to look at James, who is also holding a ring. Okay, they went over this at the rehearsal yesterday, so they both know what to do. Just repeat what the preacher says.

"James, repeat after me." He says. "With this ring,"

"With this ring,"

"As a token of my love and affection,"

"As a token of my love and affection,"

"I thee wed."

"I thee wed." James says as he slips the ring onto Brianne's left ring finger. Tears fall down Brianne's cheeks as she smiles at James, who wipes the tears away with his thumb.

"Brianne." The preacher says, turning to look at her. "WIth this ring,"

"With this ring,"

"As a token of my love and affection,"

"As a token of my love and affection,"

"I thee wed."

"I thee wed." Brianne says before slipping a ring onto James left ring finger. She holds his hands in a loving grip as they wait for their marriage to become official. James mouths "I love you" to her and she responds by saying it back. She sighs as James rubs the back of her hands with his thumbs.

"Do you, James David Diamond, take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?"

"I do." James whispers.

"Do you, Brianne Elizabeth Rocque, take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?"

"I do." Brianne says tearfully.

"Then by the power vested in me and the state of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife. James, your may kiss the bride." The preacher says. The audience bursts into applause as James cups Brianne's face, kissing her passionately. He pulls away for a moment, but he changes his mind and begins kissing her again. The minute the preacher says "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr, and Mrs. Diamond", Brianne starts crying again. They are happy tears, but it's still embarrassing. She leans against James, sniffling when he kisses her head. They begin walking back down the aisle, hugging the friends and family. Allison's mom is a mess when she hugs her daughter, trying not to get tears and make up on Brianne's dress. Then she grabs James hand and they begin walking towards the large tent that has been set up. They decided to have the reception at the park, so no one would have to drive.

"We're married!" She squeals, throwing her around her husband's neck.

"We did it!" James shouts with a laugh. He kisses her forehead as they walk into the tent, whispering quietly. Every once in a while, they'll share a loving kiss. They are oblivious to their surroundings, being totally focused on each other. They stare into each others eyes, grinning happily. They are too tired to dance, so they sit at one of the tables. They watch as guests begin to walk into the room. Finally, the whole room is filled. James and Brianne smile at the guests, saying "thank you" whenever someone congratulates them.

"Well, you're my wife now." James says, kissing her hand.

"I know." Brianne whispers, grinning as she kisses him softly. She giggles as he kisses her cheek, rubbing her back. They are about to start kissing again until they hear Kelly speaking into the microphone.

"Now James and Brianne will share their first dance as husband and wife."

"Let's go." James whispers to Brianne, leading her onto the dance floor. Brianne lets her head rest against his shoulder as "As long as you love me" begins playing on the stereo.

("As Long As You Love Me" by Backstreet Boys)

Brianne keeps her head on James shoulder as they walk off the dance floor, yawning as they return to their table. She has ben looking forward to the reception, but she never realized how tired she would feel after the wedding. She just wants to cuddle with James and enjoy a week long vacation in the Turks and Caicos islands. As soon as this reception is over, she and James will be boarding their plane. But until the time comes, she will be spending time with her husband, friends, and family. She's okay with that because she and James are married. That's all that matters to her right now!

"I am so worn out." She whispers.

"Hey, we just have to stay for two more hours." James says, giving her a hug. "Okay, Mrs. Diamond?"

"Okay, baby." Brianne giggles. She looks up and frowns when Lindsey, Hilary, and Jo begin dragging Jessica onto the stage. She looks at them in confusion but the only response that she gets are smiles from her friends. She doesn't know what they're doing, but she just wishes that they would tell her already.

"HEY, LISTEN UP!" Jessica shouts into the microphone. The room becomes silent as Hilary steps in front of the microphone.

"A couple weeks ago, myself and the girls behind me met with Brianne's record producer, Walter Samuels, to write a song to sing at the wedding. We knew that we wanted to create a special present for the newlyweds, but we wanted to make sure that it would be really special. Due to Brianne's love a music, we thought that a song would be perfect for her. Anyway, here it is." Hilary says with a smile.

(They sing "Superman" by Taylor Swift)

The audience applauds the girls, but the loudest audience member is definitely Carlos. It's no surprise, since he's always been loud. As soon as his girlfriend steps off the stage, he jumps up and runs over to her, lifting her into his arms. He spins her around, kind of like James does to Brianne on a regular basis. Jessica hugs her boyfriend, smiling a surprisingly genuine smile. She and Carlos kiss before walking in separate directions. Jessica follows Jo, Lindsey, and Hilary over to James and Brianne.

"That was amazing." Brianne says, hugging the girls. "Jessica, I didn't even know that she can sing."

"My mom wants me audition for some musical comedy film, so I've been taking vocal lessons." Jessica responds.

"Cool." Brianne says. "I really loved the song."

"Yeah, it was pretty good." James says, standing up.

"Pretty good?" Jo says, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Okay, it was really amazing." James says, wrapping his arms around Brianne's shoulders. Brianne jumps when someone taps her shoulder, turning around to find Lauren and Dak standing in front of her. She glances at their intertwined fingers, remembering that they had gotten back together. Since then, their relationship has been stronger than ever. Everything has been better. Dak doesn't try to flirt with Brianne, he's dating Lauren, not to mention that he and Brianne are actually really close friends now. James still gets jealous whenever he sees them together, but he has gotten better at controlling his anger.

"Hey!" She says, hugging them.

"We never got to congratulate you." Lauren says with a laugh.

"You look beautiful, Brie." Dak tells her. Brianne rolls her eyes as James clears his throat loudly before giving Dak a friendly smile.

"Thanks." She says softly.

"I'm serious." Dak says. He looks at James with a smile. "You're a lucky guy."

James nods as he stands behind Brianne, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"I know." He says, placing a kiss on Brianne's cheek.

"We'll see you later, Brie." Lauren says before linking her arm with Dak's, leading him onto the dance floor.

"Hey, wanna dance some more?" Brianne asks her husband. She waits for James to answer, looking up at him. She sighs dreamily as James grabs her hand, kissing it gently.

"Of course." He says as they walk to the dance floor.


As Long As You Love Me-Backstreet Boys

Superman-Taylor Swift

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