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Chapter 6: Far Away

Jacob's POV

The smell was harsh when it filled my nostrils and it made me want to wretch. So this is what they smelled like, death.

We entered the clearing that fell along the ancient, invisible treaty line and came to a halt at the edge. That's when I saw them for the first time.

Seven pale creatures stood on the other side of us with Quil in a defensive stance a few feet away from them, his body shaking. To the mortal eye they would appear human, but perfect amongst a sea of imperfections. To me they looked like heartless marble statues.

One of them laughed after I thought that.

"You're not far off really, but we do have hearts, they just don't beat." a male one smiled.

Holy shit. Embry thought out loud to all of us.

I'm going to shift into my human form to communicate better with all of them. Sam's voice rang out in our minds.

I growled, How will we communicate with you?

It will all be fine, stay in your wolf forms. He commanded.

"We aren't going to try anything, you can trust us," The male leech that could read minds said.

Fat chance bloodsucker. Quil huffed.

"Okay mutt." He said nonchalantly.

We all rumbled in unison at his derogatory comment about our forms.

"Yet calling us leeches and bloodsuckers isn't derogatory? My aren't we hypocritical."

STOP IT! I growled loudly in my mind.

The other wolves whined and their knees wobbled, and we could see Sam even struggle to not fall on all fours for some odd reason. The mind reader smirked as if he knew something we didn't.

"My aren't we perceptive as well," he glanced at me.

Before I could think anything aimed at him, Sam strode from the bushes in his human form, tall and proud.

"Hello Sam I am Dr. Carlisle Cullen," One of them, the fatherly figure, said quickly; extending his hand out in front of him.

A rumble of growls erupted among our group, Sam stared at the man with a hard expression.

"Let's skip the formalities, what is it you want?" He asked; shaking.

"Listen here you hot-blooded, rude-" The blonde bimbo hissed before being pulled back by the large brown haired male; her mate.

Again the mind reader smirked. It was getting annoying.

"I guess we just want to make sure everything still stands," Carlisle smiled.

"Yes, don't touch our lands or harm a human, and you're safe." Sam smiled back.

"Bluffing," The mind reader coughed.

He was acting like an annoying child in school more so than the demonic creature he really was.

"Edward, that is enough." The motherly one said softly.

"Her name is Esme, and the blonde bimbo is Rosalie, and the big brown haired one is Emmett." Edward looked at me with red eyes.

"Blonde bimbo?" Rosalie shrieked; turning her red eyes on me as well.

I don't care what your names are, you're all the same to me. Killers. I growled in my mind.

"We'll leave before any harsh feelings escalate." Carlisle said; nodding at Sam.

"That would be best doctor."

Yeah run along, it's your fault we're all wolves anyways! Quil though accusingly.

"Oh really? Apparently our return caused them to be this way." Edward said out loud.

"I'm so sorry," The small female leech whispered.

"They won't accept your apology Alice, let's go."

And with those last words, they disappeared into the night. Leaving all of us shaking with anger.

Paul's POV

Bella's fingers intertwined with mine just felt right, I could conquer the world in this moment.

We both stared at the doors of the high school we had been away from for three days and I could feel her shaking. Ryan was still suspended and we had gotten granted time off for her to recover from it all, but nothing would feel like enough for her.

"You ready to try?" I asked her; attempting to muster up the biggest smile I could.

"I only have eleven days left to make this school work or it's off to Forks with me, so I better get on with it." She said, releasing the breath she held in her petite lungs.

I gripper her hand a little tighter and she looked up at me, a smile playing at the corner of her wonderful lips.

"You know, I feel like I have to look a little higher every time just to see those captivating eyes of yours Paul."

"Huh?" I asked dumbfounded.

"I think you keep getting taller on me," She laughed.

"Hm, maybe, who knows." I shrugged, "the important thing is that we have less than two weeks to convince your dad you should keep going to school here. I don't know what I would do without the only bit of happiness I have left in this damn place."

"Oh, well I have to talk to you about that actually…"

She bit her lower lip and began to fiddle with the bottom of her shirt, Bella's normal signs of her being nervous.

"Okay, what's up?"

"I have to go to Phoenix for my mom's wedding for five days, she decided to move it up and she's going to need my help."

I began to feel a tightness forming in my chest. Five days without Bella would feel like torture for me.

"Oh." I frowned.

"I'm sorry." She frowned back.

"It's alright, I understand. I'll just keep myself busy fixing your porch so that it will be all done when you get back. No need to apologize."

I tried to lighten the mood a bit, but I felt a fog of unease settle over us. I was afraid she might go and not come back.

"I'm afraid you're going to run off on me or something, I just have a bad feeling." She muttered out quickly; she practically read my mind.

I laughed, tapping my bad knee. "Yeah, I'm really good at that whole running thing alright."

She sighed in relief and her beautiful smile returned.

"When do you leave?"

"The day after tomorrow." She whispered.

"But that only gives us two days to have you like this school!" I growled.

I felt anger pulsating through my veins, my skin quivered and sweat began forming at my brow. Bella took a step back with an obvious look of fear in her eyes. I tried calming down but breathing didn't help. Everything became ragged and I felt immense pain in my stomach. I collapsed to the ground crying out in agony.

"Paul!" Bella said panicked.

She rushed to my side and placed her ice cold hands on my face, I pulled back from them instinctively and groaned.

"You're beginning to burn up," she gasped.

She pressed her lips to my forehead and I shivered at the gesture. I felt the pain slowly slipping away and I regained the ability to control my breathing.

"I'm…sorry…" I rasped; clutching her hand tightly in mine.

"Paul I need to get you some help." she stated concerned.

"No…don't leave…me," I choked.

"Okay," her voice quivered.

I held onto her for a good amount of time until I felt myself recover from the odd episode that had happened moments before. When I got angry it felt like I was changing, like my skin was trying to rip away. I trembled at the thought. I could've sworn that the pain I felt was my ribs beginning to crack and reshape themselves as well. I pushed the thought away from my mind.

"I'm fine, we should get going." I said, finally breaking the silence that hung heavy in the air.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah Bella, are you okay?"

"I'm alright, just worried about you, what was that?" She asked; her brows knitting together.

"I have no idea, maybe I'll go see the medicine man before I go to work today. Are you still gonna come to the shop after school?"

"Of course." She grinned halfheartedly.

"What's wrong?" I asked quietly.

"You just really scared me, I could feel the anger rolling off of you in heat waves."

"I'm sorry Bella, I really am. I don't want to scare you." I said hurt.

"It's alright, I understand. I don't want to be away from you either."

I smiled at her and she grabbed my hand again looking back at me with her beautiful chocolate eyes.

"We'll get through this, together." I kissed her gently.

"Together." She smiled.

I felt like things could really last forever, but I didn't know how wrong I really was. This episode was only the beginning.

Edward's POV

Staring at the ceiling tended to be a honed skill for someone my age, I was over 100 years old after all.

"Did we really do that to them?" Alice asked; standing in the doorway of my bedroom.

After our run in with the wolves hours earlier Alice still felt guilt, and so did Esme.

"Who cares, things happen." I said; not breaking my concentration from the tiles.

"Edward how can you just not care?" She said; swiftly sitting at my side.

I tried to ignore her, but she bombarded me with the question in her thoughts as well. The truth was, I did feel remorse for them. They were all between the ages of sixteen and nineteen, barely old enough to be straddled with that curse.

Much like yourself. I thought, sighing. Cursed to be forever seventeen and alone.

"Yes we did it to them." I replied; trying to get her to leave me alone, "Our return triggered the reaction within their bloodlines, and apparently they're expecting another one to join their ranks soon, some poor sucker named Paul."

Alice gasped, "Shouldn't we leave then? I don't want to keep breeding wolves basically."

"Carlisle has a good job here Alice, it's just nature. It would have happened regardless."

I rolled over on my side away from her and stared out the glass wall at the rain drenching the leaves. I wonder what rain really felt like for a human. Was it cold? I couldn't even remember.

"And we get to spend another year in High School, rotting." Alice slouched against the back of the chaise.

"Who knows, might be different."

Alice laughed, "right, I'm just hoping Jasper will be able to control himself."

"His thoughts have gotten better, don't worry so much." I retorted.

Jasper was the newest addition to our 'family', clan was the proper term. The most recently turned as well, he struggled daily with himself to control his appetite.

"Hey we're going hunting before the big day tomorrow, are you two coming?" Emmett's voice called from below.

I felt my lips moisten at the thought of blood, venom warming my mouth. Alice's thoughts clouded with the thought of blood as well.

"We should go," she danced down the stairs effortlessly.

"Yes, we should." I glided after her.

As we walked outside of the glass walls of our home, our band of misfits Emmett often called us, I couldn't help but feel a little bit better as I took in the scents. Maybe things in Forks could be interesting.

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