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The Ouran Boys Invaded My School!

I learned a few things very quickly when I went to my lunch table. One, my table was full. Two, it was full of new students. Three, they were gorgeous and finally, there was a completely oblivious blond in my seat. I kicked him hard in the back of the head, into the floor.

That stunned the whole group. Mostly pretty rich boy but there was one girl.

"This is my seat," I explained to them simply, as if that was a perfectly good reason to brutally kick a stranger in the head. I put my tray down and sat.

I turned to the seat beside me, expecting to find my best friend. I didn't – and that was a major problem. Instead, I found a be speckled teenage boy with dark hair and an icy expression. I punched him in the face, sending him to the floor as well.

"Where's Karsyn?" I demanded. "Where is my best friend?"

"You lost your best friend?" the elementary school age looking Lolita boy asked from across the table. "That's horrible!"

"I know! Someone call the army!" I cried, throwing my hands up.

"We have to help Takeshi!" the boy declared to his much bigger friend.

"Ah," he agreed.

"Call the FBI! The president!" I ranted. "Call everybody!"

"No need," came Karsyn's bored voice. "I'm right here."

"Karsyn!" I cried in relief, hugging my friend. "I was afraid that a demon ninja monkey spider kidnapped you and sold you to the circus!"

"I'm not that lucky," she sighed.

"You want that to happen?" I asked, giving her puppy eyes.

"She reminds you of someone doesn't she?" one of the ginger twins mumbled to the other.

"Who in the hell are you?" I asked flatly, narrowing my eyes at them.

Karsyn, as usual, had the low down and didn't give them the time to fill me in themselves. "They're exchange students from Ouran Academy in Japan," she explained. "Formally known as the Host Club."

"But she's a girl," I said, sounding slightly kiddish, pointing to the new kid with short brown hair. Though to a less observant person, she could pass as a really pretty boy, I knew she was a girl.

"How'd you know?" the twins asked obviously shocked.

"I was born in the morning but not this morning," I told them sharply. "Who are they Karsyn? They freak me out."

"The Hitachiin twins, Hikaru and Kaoru – the devil types. The little Lolita is Mitskuni Honinozuka a.k.a. Honey. The silent samurai he's next to is Takeshi Morinozuka a.k.a. Mori. The blonde kid sitting in the emo corner is Tamaki and the unconscious boy on the floor is Kyoya Ootori."

I looked down at the Devil Man – which fit him a lot better than Kyoya. He was face down on the lunchroom floor.

"And the girl is Haruhi Fujioka but for the duration of their stay – at least in school – Tailyr, she is a boy."

"That's what Kyoya – sempai would be like if he was a girl," one of the twins whispered too loudly.

I ignored their comment, refusing to believe that Karsyn was anything like him.

"Why were you late for lunch?" I asked.

Apparently, that flipped a switch in my friends mind. It triggered something beastly because she reached out and grabbed my ear. She pulled me out of my seat.

"OW!" I whined. "What are you doing?"

"Come useless president," she said tiredly. "We have a meeting."

"No!" I objected but not pulling. That hurt. "Let me go! Free me now! Help!"

"There's free Diet Mountain Dew."

~The Host Club's Thoughts~

Shadow Queen, the twins agreed.

They're like Tamaki and Kyoya, Haruhi thought.

The blond one is the Devil Woman, Tamaki sulked.

That … hurt... Kyoya barely managed a thought, still lying on the floor.

She left her cake, Honey thought.

Why would a girl like that drink Diet Mountain Dew? Mori wondered.


"I hate meetings," I gasped, flopping into my seat in my sixth hour class, tired.

"Hello Tailyr!"

I knew that voice – though I'd only heard it once before – and spun around, nearly falling our of my chair, to face Tamaki Suoh. He was attempting a tada – ish smile, which was failing. I launched myself to my feet.

"Mrs. Vangilder!" I cried, pointing dramatically at Tamaki. "I demand to be moved away from this boy!"

The teacher, a middle aged woman, gave me a questioning look. "Sit down Miss Mitchell. He specifically asked to be sat next to you."

I gave her my best rage face. I looked at Tamaki and then, finally, I begrudgingly took my seat.

"I think that we got off on the wrong foot," the boy said to me. "My name is Tamaki Suoh. It's nice to meet you."

"You're host club crap isn't going to work on me," I spat at him venomously.

The boy in front of us spun around in his chair, grinning hugely. "Yeah dude," he said. "You won't get far trying to charm Tailyr. She has no soul. Name's Marx Vowell. Nice to meet ya."

"It's a pleasure," Tamaki said shaking Marx's out stretched hand. "So, you know her well?"

"Best partners in crime since kindergarten," Marx said, laughing a little.

Tamaki laughed and looked at me, his purple eyes curious. "I heard your friend call you president. Does that mean you're president of a club?"

"More like evil overlord or dictator," Marx blurted.

I punched him in the head. "And you better not forget it," I told him. "And neither should you." I gave him a sharp glare. Despite my normal light, goofy, and lackadaisical demeanor, I had a very violent temper that I couldn't properly control.


What a meeting, I thought as I sat in my seat, rubbing my eyes. Tailyr really knows how to -

"Excuse me," someone said, interrupting my mental tirade.

I looked at the offender. It was Kyoya Ootori, who was now sporting a big black bruise on his chin.

"Yes?" I said in a go – to – hell voice. A specialty of mine.

"I'm Kyoya Ootori," he began.

"I know this," I said tiredly.

He gave a smirk. "And I was wondering how you came across this information," he said slyly. Ha. What an amateur. "About me and my friends."

I gave him a wouldn't you like to know grin. "It's my job to know everything that involves me and my friends, particularly if it has the possibility to cause Tailyr to knock out a new kid. I don't like surprises."

He returned my smirk with one of his own. Yes, these newcomers were going to be very very interesting.