Nexial Tidings not to be confused with Nexial Binding

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The Maiden in Black and Boldwin were busy in the Nexus. It was the week before Christmas and things were beginning to feel festive despite the Demon's Scourge, so they hung up decorations in the Nexus to add some cheer. Pretty soon there would be a big Christmas party to celebrate Christmas. The Maiden wanted everything to be perfect for the brave heroes who were trapped in the Nexus and there would probably be a pure white world tendency so people can do things like visit Miralda Hillard from Mrs. Doubtfire in 1-1 or to get the magical spear in Valley of Defilement, or to free Lord Rondell from Latrine Tower of Hope but first you have to gt the keys from the second part. You can also have a Dynasty Warriors match with Satosuski with Makotoe if you get it because he gets mad, and you can see Scurvy in Stonefag tunnels but he's stupid so dont bother.

"This beauitfl things, twinkings greenly at hence" The Maiden said happily as she hung up wreaths.

"Enough Lesslie!" Boldwin said. Leslie is actually The Maiden's real name but they call her The Maiden for emphasis.

Leslie didnt seem to notice. "Brave Boldwin, might thee climb up to Broken Giants archstone? A small tree may spice up Christmas." Boldwin sighed irritatingly

"Nobody even bothers to look at this one!" he snarped.

"Silly Baldwin. Gumphrey always notices." Boldwin got scared.

GRUMPREHY? he yelled and Patches the Hyena looked up anxiously from what he was doing which was probably swining someone out of money. Gumphrey was the Fat Minister who lives in Boletarian Palace and Stonefang TUnnels who hits with a big axe and shoots a fireball. NOBODY LIKES THAT ASSHOLE WHY DID YOU INVITE HIM

Just then, Stockpile Thomas walked up the stairs with a Santa Claws hat and some decoartions in his hand.

"What's this commotion?" Stockpile Thomas said gruffly and happy. He was such a nice guy.

"LEslie invited Gumphrey and his friends to the Christmas party. She always does this! I hate it! For being a strong demon you aren't too smart!"

Stockpile Thomas and Leslie laughed together.

"Oh, Boldwin," said Stockpile Thomas as he handed Bodwins a beautiful red stocking. "You have a lump of coal. Don't let them take it from you!"

Biorr's loud laughter resonated throughout the Nexus and it scared The Monumental because he's sensitive and only 5 years old.