Chapter 3

As the group headed through the fields, Yakko asked, "So, why exactly are you helping us?" "Isn't it obvious?" Wakko said, "She finds us irresistible!" "Actually," Amy said, "We are in a war with the Dark Queen and her army. We need all the help we can get." "Well, sorry to burst your bubble," Yakko said, "But my brother and I aren't fighting in any war." "Why not?" Amy asked sounding sad. "We just want our sister," Wakko answered, "We were separated from her, and we were told that she is being held in the Dark Queen's castle."

"Are you insane?" Knuckles asked. "A little," Yakko answered. "No one has ever entered the Dominion of Darkness and come out the same," Knuckles continued, "Anyone who goes there will either die, or live long enough to become one of the dark ones. Even our leader hasn't come back. Your sister is doomed." "Knuckles!" Amy shouted. "It's okay Amy," Yakko said, "We won't give up on Dot. Even if she is dead, the least we could do is get her body to our home and have a burial." "That's so sweet," Amy said. "Is that something you find attractive?" Yakko asked.

The four stopped at a tree in the middle of the field. "Here we are," Amy said. "This is your base?" Wakko asked, "Just a tree?" "Wait a moment," Knuckles said. Amy pulled out a communicator from her pocket and said into it, "Hey Tails, Knuckles and I are back, and we brought some new recruits. Let us in."

Just then, the ground beneath them began to shake. "Earthquake!" Wakko screamed, holding on to his brother. "Wakko, we're Californians," Yakko said, "We don't react like that to earthquakes." Then, the four began to sink into the ground. Turned out the land they were standing on was a panel. The Warner brothers then saw a massive underground cave, full of different types of people. "This is our base," Amy said.

A small fox with two tails walked up to the Warners and said, "Welcome to the resistance!" "I take it you're Tails," Yakko said. "How'd ya know?" Tails asked. Yakko and Wakko looked behind him and at the extra tail. "Just a hunch," Wakko said. "Well, if you guys are gonna fight the forces of the Dark Queen, you're gonna have to go through training," Tails said. "You guys can train these butt cheeks all you want. But I have more important matters to deal with," Knuckles said as he began to leave the group. "Hey! Who are you calling 'butt cheeks?'" Yakko yelled.

"Come on Knuckles," Tails said, "You make a great sparring partner for these two." "Maybe he's afraid he'll lose against us," Wakko said snickering. "Hey!" Knuckles said as he grabbed Wakko by the collar of his shirt, "If Amy can beat you in two moves, then I can beat you in one!"

As Knuckles was yelling at Wakko, Yakko pulled his giant paddle ball from behind his back and used the string to tie up Knuckles' legs. Knuckles noticed this, and while his guard was down, Wakko whacked him into the air with his hammer. After Knuckles landed, Yakko pointed at the red echidna's chest saying, "What's that?" As soon as Knuckles looked down at his chest, a huge boxing glove punched him right in the face. Then Wakko whispered to him, "I wouldn't look up if I were you." Knuckles looked up and a giant anvil came down hard on him. Yakko and Wakko started to bow.

Knuckles popped his head out from under the anvil and screamed, "I'm gonna kill you dirty sons of a…" "Watch your mouth there buddy," Yakko interrupted, "This fanfiction is rated K+." "That was incredible!" Tails exclaimed, "How'd you do all that?" Yakko and Wakko looked at each other. "We don't know," Wakko answered. "We've been doing stuff like that for as long as we can remember," Yakko said. "Well, polish that stuff off with some training, and you guys will be a force to be reckoned with," Amy said.

So that's what they did. Amy worked with the Warners, teaching them some fighting moves and strategies. After a few hours and a lunch break, Amy said, "I think you guys are ready. The rest of your training will come with actual experience." Tails flew over to them and said, "Before you go, I have something for you." He gave Yakko a small homing device. "This is a summoning transmitter," Tails explained, "You can use it so call forth certain friends to help you in battle. Amy's already registered in there." "So if you boys need help," Amy said, "that little gizmo will teleport me right to you."

"Gee thanks!" Yakko said, "Well, we should probably find our ticket to our next destination." Wakko started pulling on his brother's pants leg and said, "I think our ticket found us." Yakko looked back to see a swirling blue portal. "Well, thanks for the help!" Yakko said as he and Wakko set foot into the portal.