A/N: Hiya All I'm Back :) So here is the first chapter to the sequel to Que Sera Sera. Thank you to my wonderful beta Finlaure for her work on this and very special thank you to Gunnery Sergeant for translating the title, I wanted it to mean 'Nothing else matters' and Gunny was kind enough to translate that into Italian so it would work better :) This fic is a WIP, but I do try to update once a week.

Abby sat in her office with a frown marring her usually so carefree face as she stared at the computer screen in front of her. It wasn't the computer that had her forehead marred with marks of frustration and sadness as in reality she was paying no attention to the program running on the screen. She was thinking hard about how to fix something that she was really embarrassed about breaking.

It had been a month since she had stepped into Gibbs' house and found him in an almost-lip lock with one Anthony DiNozzo junior and gone all crazy on them, a hellish month if you asked her. Gibbs hadn't spoken to her once apart from the job, and the young Italian who had been the object of her hatred was keeping the same line, though he was friendlier about it than the team leader.

She almost snorted at the thought, anyone could be more friendly than a Gibbs on his full on bastard mode. The thought made Abby sigh with sadness, she had never experienced The Bossman's version of the cold shoulder and she never wanted to again, if she managed to survive this round of it first.

"Are you alright Abigail?"

Abby jumped at the sound of the voice coming from the door and she turned around to see the old ME standing in the doorway with a look of worry on his face.

"Jeez Ducky you nearly gave me a heart attack!" She said as she turned back to her computer, deliberately not replying to the older man's query. The Scotchman seemed to have the same ability as Gibbs to detect deception of any kind when concerning the wellbeing of someone they cared about, though she feared that maybe that group of people didn't include her anymore in Gibbs' case.

Ducky shook his head slightly as he stepped forward and placed a hand on the Goth girl's shoulder. Though Abby was past the age of being called a girl, at heart she was still as innocent as a girl, even if her choice of clothing or music went against that kind of image.

"Oh I'm most certain you are in no danger of suffering a heart attack, but I dare say that it does not seem your mind nor your heart is unburdened," Ducky said with great caring in his voice, "I hope you don't think ill of me for butting my nose in where it may not belong, but it I'm afraid I have noticed that you've been down lately and after seeing the strain between you and Jethro, I felt I needed to intervene in some way."

Abby's head dropped to her chest as she unconsciously leaned into the hand that was still on her shoulder. All the anger and resentment she'd felt a month ago had been stripped from her and what was left behind was a picture of a dejected child.

"I screwed up Ducky," She started but her voice cracked a bit as the full weight of her words and actions hit her and after a month of trying to justify herself to her own troubled mind, she realized how wrong she had been. She turned big brown eyes to the man standing beside her and let out a shuddering breath, "I really, royally screwed up."

"Oh my, I'm sure all can be resolved between you and Jethro and of course young Anthony," Abby's eyes widened at the implications of the statement.

"Oh yes, I have talked with Jethro and he told me about your less than admirable attitude towards the young man currently on his team. I fear I don't quite see why you're so adverse to him being on the team and why you feel so strongly about him."

Abby stood up and started pacing the small space between her desk and the back of the office.

"He's a DiNozzo. I figured him as the rich kid jock he seemed to be, you know the type that's only interested in chasing skirts and playing with everything daddy's money can buy. He's got the looks to charm anyone and he's just so typical playboy it's obvious in every line of his tailored suits."

She looked at the man standing a few steps to her right, listening to her every word. She gathered her thoughts as she continued pacing.

"I- I know that type Duckman, I was always the freak in school, always the girl who talked too much about the wrong things and who didn't have too much friends. I pegged Tony for the type who would call you names and lock you in a closet and would always get away with it with daddy smoothing everything with cash. The type who would become a police officer just so they could play with a gun and bully everyone just because the family name would stop anyone from making it a big deal."

She finally sank back down to her chair after she finished her explanation, "I just didn't want Gibbs to get hurt. I didn't want me to get hurt."

"There's more to it than that isn't there?" Ducky asked with a pointed look at her, making her flush slightly.

"I love The Bossman, you know I do, but he can be a bit of a-"

"Bastard," Ducky supplied.

"Yeah, No one lasts long with him, Burley leaving hurt like hell, he hasn't even called! I don't want to go through it again, not when it might not be worth it."

Ducky nodded his head. He had known there was something like that behind all of this. Abby was a sweet girl who wore her heart on her sleeve and took everything so hard. She befriended easily, but she was not good at letting people go. The rich kid thing giving her a seemingly good reason to dislike DiNozzo and for keeping her distance from him, by taking the attitude further the Goth had tried to make the man leave before any attachment could be formed between the new guy and NCIS as a whole. And the older man had a suspicion there was also some jealousy about Tony and Gibbs getting on well that had fueled her on.

Though Ducky was sure it was too late to stop Gibbs and Anthony from forming an attachment, even if he wasn't completely sure if it was more than just the kind usually found between a boss and a subordinate.

He concentrated back to the Goth sitting in front of him and he sighed at the picture of misery he was witnessing.

"Oh Abigail, I fear you might have taken your attempt at protecting your heart too far and ended up hurting everyone involved in the process." He choose his words carefully, the object wasn't causing more hurt for the already guilt ridden girl, but to push her in the right direction so the situation could be resolved.

"You need to talk with both Jethro and Anthony. Tell them what you told me and I'm sure everything will be alright."

"I don't think they want to talk with me Ducky," She was trying her hardest not to cry as she thought about never being forgiven when she heard a new voice enter the conversation.

"You never know if you don't try."

She turned around to see Gibbs standing where Ducky had been in the beginning of the conversation and she turned wide eyes at the ME not angry, but resigned.

"You set me up!" She accused without heat as she realized what the team leader had heard.

"I might have acted in what some would think unethical way, but seeing as you weren't getting this matter resolved I felt the need to put an end to this. It took some convincing to get Jethro here to agree to come, but I felt this was the only way for you to see reason," He motioned with his finger between the two other people in the room. "I suggest you talk, if you'll excuse me I have to get going, I fear I have already left mother alone for far too great a length of time. I hope she hasn't decided to redecorate this time. How on earth a woman of her age and size could have changed the place of every piece of furniture in less than four hours is beyond me but she managed it last time I stayed late."

With that the old ME took his leave and left the two in a silent room, though the silence didn't last for long as Abby launched herself from the chair and landed around the older man who grunted upon impact.

"I'm so sorry Gibbs I didn't mean it, I take back everything I said about you and I know Tony isn't a bad person or a bad agent I take everything back just please forgive me!"

She was sobbing by the end of her apology so Gibbs just held her until the crying passed before he pulled back so he could look her in the eyes.

"Abby, I need you to understand that what you said and did hurt both me and Tony very much. He has been though a lot lately and the last thing he needed was that kind of attitude from you. I understand some of your reasons, but you took things too far. You need to talk to Tony about this and apologize to him too, but I think we can get past this. As long as you realize that I will not tolerate that kind of behavior from you. He is a good agent and I'm very pleased to have him in my team and if you had given him a chance you would have seen it for yourself."

Suddenly there was a half smile on the older man's previously stern face, "Besides if I have anything to say about it, DiNozzo isn't going anywhere so you don't need to worry about that."