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It didn't take long for the two men to make their way to the mansion, not with Gibbs behind the wheel and being spurred into driving as fast as he safely could, by the images he had of what would happen once they reached their destination.

There had been a sense of urgency and a lot of tension during the drive, but as soon they stepped into the big DiNozzo mansion, all of that seemed to disappear leaving both men feeling the desire they both shared for one another, but the time didn't matter anymore and there was no reason to rush. The house was empty and there was no one coming around for a very long while. As soon as the door closed behind the men, Tony found himself being pushed back against the wooden surface and a kiss was pressed to his laughing lips.

The kiss lasted for only a short time, in its sweetness it was a promise of more things to come and Gibbs smiled as he pulled back to see his lover's closed eyes and the slight flush on his skin.

Jethro pressed another light kiss on his lips before pulling back and taking a hold of Tony's hand.

"C'mon, I need a shower and then I have some plans for you," The younger man smiled and moved to lead the older man up the stairs into his room and through the bedroom into the en-suite bathroom.

The process of getting out of their clothes proved to be slow going since it had been a long time since they'd had alone time like this. They hadn't really ever had this kind of peace before during their relationship, so both men took their time, both in turn divesting the other from all his clothes and using hands and lips to map out every piece of the newly exposed skin.

Finally once both Tony and Jethro were as nude as the day they were born, they stepped into the shower and as the younger man reached to turn the shower on. Gibbs took the opportunity to reach for the liquid soap on the shelf and once the water was flowing over them, he used his soapy hands to start massaging the muscles in front of him.

Tony jumped slightly as he felt the hands touching his shoulders, but he quickly relaxed as those talented fingers teased away every knot that had taken residence in his back and shoulders. Tony's head fell forward as he enjoyed the feel of the hands kneading his muscles as well as washing him. He couldn't help but moan in disappointment when the hands pulled away, but when a hand pulled his head back and he felt something being squirted on his head he sighed and when the fingers started working the shampoo into his hair, he moaned at the sensation.

After washing and rinsing Tony's hair, Gibbs smirked as he took the soap and again soaped up his hands and this time wrapped his arms around the man before him and ran the soapy hands up and down the slightly hairy chest before focusing on the small little numbs on the younger man's chest. He smirked wickedly at the moans he wrenched from his lover by playing with his nipples before deciding to move on. He let one of his hands wander down over the younger man's side and over the taunt belly, bypassing his lover's hard erection in favor of taking his hairy sacks in his hand and rolling them with his fingers.

Tony threw his head back to land on Gibbs shoulder and he panted when the older man placed a kiss to his neck and moved his hand and took him in the calloused hand and with slow and deliberate strokes brought the younger man closer to the edge.

Jethro knew his lover was close so he sped up his strokes, enjoying the sounds coming from the other man and the way he trembled in his arms. He kept up the pace he'd set but lifted his other hand to turn Tony's head to the side so he could press his lips to the vulnerable neck now so enticingly in his reach. He bit down on the soft flesh and kept up the sucking and biting even when he felt the man in his arms reach his orgasm and heard the yell before warm wetness covered his hand. He finished leaving a mark on the skin he had been worrying and spun the man in his arms around so he could crush their lips together in a bruising kiss.

Gibbs smiled as Tony settled his head on his shoulder after the kiss, but it soon turned into a gasp as he felt fingers closing on his own straining member.

"Look what I found here, is this all for me?" the younger man asked playfully as he pulled back to look into his partner's face.

"Oh it's for you alright, what're you going to do with it?" As soon as the words left his mouth, Gibbs saw the smirk on Tony's face and before he could prepare himself the younger man dropped to his knees and smiled wickedly up at the older man.

"Oh I just might have a little taste 's all," he stroked the hard shaft in front of him and licked his lips before leaning forwards and using one hand to guide the head of the shaft into his mouth.

Gibbs groaned as he felt the lips close around the head of his erection and he let his head fall back while his hands found their way into Tony's hair where they started to pet the wet strands of their own accord. He knew not to grab the now bobbing head and push into the wet heat as that would only serve to make Tony's gag reflex go off. The younger man made up for it as he used his tongue to caress the slit that pumped pre-come into his mouth, and used one hand to caress the hairy balls as the other had a hold of the base of Gibbs' shaft.

It didn't take long for Gibbs to feel his orgasm nearing and when Tony started sucking for real he knew he wouldn't last long.

"Tony, I'm going to-" He panted, giving the younger man a chance to pull back if he so chose. The Italian just kept going and when Gibbs went over the edge with a deep groan, Tony swallowed most of the bitter come, some leaking out from the corner of his mouth, but he just wiped it off before standing up and sharing another kiss with his partner.

The kiss was interrupted by Tony yawning and he pulled back and grinned sheepishly as Gibbs just smirked at him. It was still early, but after the stress of the past weeks the young Italian felt exhausted.

"I think someone needs a nap," Jethro said with a grin as he kissed the other man's cheek as another yawn threatened to pop Tony's jaw.

"Yeah," Tony agreed as they rinsed off. Gibbs shut off the water before reaching to get towels for the both of them.

After drying off, the two men went into the bedroom, not bothering to put on any clothes, but Tony went and locked the door to the room just to be on the safe side. The NCIS agents climbed into bed and Gibbs pulled the covers over them as they settled in, the younger man resting his head on Jethro's shoulder, their arms wrapped around each other.

It didn't take long for both men to fall asleep. For the next two hours the only sounds in the room were the ticking of the clock on the wall, and the deep breathing of the men who didn't move from their position on the bed where they were wrapped up around each other.

After sleeping for a few hours, Tony woke up with a smile on his face. He rubbed his face sleepily on the shoulder his head had been resting on, before he settled back down and tried to snuggle closer to his lover.

He moved the arm he had draped over Gibbs' waist and he moved the hand so he could run his fingers over the slightly furry chest that was rising and falling with the deep breaths of his lover.

A plan formed in the Italian's mind as he let one of his fingers flick one of Jethro's nipples causing him to gasp softly in his sleep. He moved carefully as not to disturb his lover enough to rouse him from his sleep, and moved to straddle Gibbs' hips, not really resting his weight on the man lying under him.

Tony leaned down to press his lips into the other man's neck and from there he started a trail of small kisses that led him to Gibbs' jaw and then down to his chest where he concentrated on the two nubs that were just begging for his attention.

He lapped at the small nubs and one at a time took them in his mouth and gently nipped them with his teeth. As he used his teeth to pull on the right nipple, Gibbs woke up with a moan and Tony felt two hands settling on his hips.

"Much better than an alarm clock." Jethro murmured as he moved his hands from the slim hips to caress the smooth skin of his lover's back.

"Less noisy too," Tony murmured while concentrated on the chest in front of him and running his tongue over one pert nipple. He let out a loud yelp when Jethro rolled them over so that Tony was lying on his back with his lover kneeling between his legs.

"Well don't know about that-" Gibbs said with a smirk as Tony threw him a dirty look that melted into a smile as the former Marine leaned down to press his lips against his lover's.

"I can so be quiet." Tony protested as they broke the kiss. He threw his head back against the pillows when warm lips made a searing path from his jaw to his ear.

"Prove it." Gibbs challenged in a quiet voice directly into Tony's ear.

The younger man shivered and as Jethro pulled back, Tony mimicked zipping his lips and locking them before throwing away the key.

"Oh is that so? Well let's see how long you can keep that up." The devilish look in the blue eyes caused Tony's eyes to widen as he thought about what he had just gotten himself into.

And then he couldn't think of anything but Jethro's lips and hands as they seemed to be everywhere at once.

Tony arched his back as hands pinched and caressed his nipples and lips fastened on his throat to suck and mark the tender flesh there. He sucked in a huge breath and he gasped soundlessly as teeth nipped the skin on his throat and one hand lowered from his chest to wander down his body and to caress his inner thighs.

"Was that a sound?" Gibbs whispered in his ear but upon receiving only a shake of Tony's head as an answer he shrugged and went back to what he was doing.

It had become a mission for Jethro to make his lover lose control so he'd let the sounds escape him that he was trying desperately to keep back. Seeing that he needed to up the stakes he let his mouth wander down the muscular body until he placed a kiss to his lover's navel before taking the head of his erection into his mouth.

Tony's body arched as Jethro swirled his tongue over the head of the head of his hard shaft and he had to bit his lips in order to keep back the yell that wanted to escape as his erection was worked by a master and a hand slipped to his crack, running a finger teasingly over the opening to his body.

He almost jumped off the bed when a dry finger wiggled its way into his hole and just rested there for a second before pulling back and then it was back, but this time it slid in more easily as it was slicked with something.

Tony opened the eyes he hadn't realized he had closed and looked at his lover in confusion as to where he had gotten the lube. Not seeing the tube anywhere, it took a second for comprehension to dawn but when it did, Tony's eyes closed again as he tried to hold back the moan that threatened to escape at the fact that Gibbs was stretching him using his pre-come as lube.

Jethro slipped another finger into his lover's body as he took his time stretching the small opening with nothing but the clear fluid seeping from the head of his cock to slick the digits. He let go of the cock in his mouth and smirked as he saw Tony biting his fist to keep from moaning at the loss. He pushed his fingers a bit and crooked them to find that one spot that was guaranteed to make the younger man scream. He was proven wrong when the Italian just arched his back and bit down on his lower lip hard enough to make the skin break and a drop of blood trickle down his chin.

Gibbs reached over the side of the bed for the night stand and retrieved the lube he knew Tony would have there and he quickly slicked his erection. It was difficult with one hand since he still had two fingers buried in his lover's ass, but he managed it. He pulled his fingers free and he used both hands to push Tony's thighs apart as he dove down to kiss the younger man.

Jethro used his tongue to wipe away any trace of blood from the younger man's lips and he gently worried the small nick on his lower lip.

"I'm gonna make you scream, so don't hurt yourself trying to hold back." With that Gibbs positioned himself and in one smooth thrust filled his lover's ass, enjoying the way the tight muscles gripped his hard shaft.

Jethro waited for a minute for his lover to adjust to having his body breached so suddenly before pulling out and slamming back in, feeling muscular legs circling his waist as he got into a hard and fast rhythm.

Tony could do nothing but hold on as Gibbs drove into him over and over again. He fisted the bed sheets and threw his head from side to side as he struggled to control both his body and the sounds that tried to escape his mouth as he was being brought closer and closer to the edge.

Jethro saw his lover getting closer and closer to coming so he changed the angle of his thrusts so that the head of his cock rubbed over the small spot inside his lover that sent fireworks through the younger man's body. At the same time he took a hold of his lover's erection with one hand and pulled on the hard shaft until he could feel Tony's muscles start to clench around him and his whole body trembled with the intensity of the moment. Then with one more thrust of his hips, Gibbs sent Tony over the edge and this time the younger man couldn't control the scream of release that ripped from his throat.

It took only a half a dozen more thrusts from Gibbs into his lover's pliant body before he yelled his own release, trying to muffle the sound into Tony's chest where he buried his face.

Both men were panting and Tony let his legs fall to the bed as Gibbs dropped to lay half on top of the younger man.

After a while of just basking in the afterglow, Jethro turned his head to look at the other man and he moved so that his body was completely covering the Italian's and he smirked down at his lover.

"I'm impressed but I knew I'd make you scream." There was such satisfaction in the older man's grin that Tony couldn't help but inch up to taste the other man's victory.

As Gibbs pulled back Tony smiled up at him. "Never said I'd stay quiet all the way, just proved that I can do it."

Tony laughed as Jethro shut him up with another kiss before pulling back and rolling on his back, bringing Tony with him so that they were much in the same position they had been for their nap.

"Shouldn't we get up?" Tony asked but in contrast to his words he snuggled closer to the warm body next to him and sighed in contentment.

"Yeah," Gibbs said as he started running a hand through Tony's mussed hair. "Just wanna lie here for a minute before we get cleaned up and head back to the hospital."

"Good plan boss." Tony closed his eyes for a moment so he could just savor the feel of the hand petting his head and the warmth of the man beside him.

Just laying there next to each other with knowing that everything would be okay. It was the best feeling Tony had ever experienced so he just let his eyes stay closed and listened to the heart beat under his ear and felt more content than he could remember ever being.

It was a good feeling.

The End.

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