"Nnnghn, ahh- Belca!"

"Why are you so vocal? And stop making those sort of sounds!"

"But, ah, it feels so good~"

"Stop that!"

Belca flushes red down to his toes - redder than he already was from the scalding water - as Eco stretches out in the sauna and lets out another moan.

"It doesn't feel that good!"

"It does too! Especially after all that cold!"

If looks could kill, Eco would be twenty feet under and sinking; they don't, so he happily submerges himself in the water, up to his neck, and lets his arms float on the water, stretched out and lazy. It's picture-perfect relaxation, the epitome of comfort; they're supposed to be washing to meet with the elders, but it's more like a breath of fresh air. Belca sighs, ducks underwater to wet his hair, and comes back up - back to face with Eco, who giggles at his surprised face and reaches up to fix his ribbon.

"Let me wash your hair!"

"I can do it myself, so there's no need for you to -"

"But I wanna! Please?"

Reluctantly, Belca agrees to it, and unreluctantly, Eco washes his hair. It's been a long while since he had someone else do it for him, and the feeling of fingers massaging his scalp isn't unwelcome. He relaxes after a while, tilting his head back when Eco lightly nudges his chin up. Water cascades down and across his hair, taking the sweet soap bubbles with them, and warm lips meet hot temple.

"See? I told you it felt good."

"Not good enough to moan about."

"I don't think that's true."

The hot water makes his skin hyperaware; he can feeling steam off of Eco's fingers ghost his neck and ears and nestle in his hair. He opens his eyes and sees the ceiling, opting to stare; that narrows down and to the side in a glare as Eco's hands sink lower, unaware. A shift, and the lips press to his other temple, and Belca takes this chance to slip away and across to the other side.

Eco pouts like he's been given a stern repercussion. Belca frowns and closes his eyes.

"Did you want me to wash your hair or something?"

"No, but I wanted to finish! You can't get your back that well, right?"

"I can do it well enough!

A few minutes later, he's slipping out of the bath (Eco's eyes are on him every step of the way, he knows, and he fights back the urge to pick up one of the rocks on the floor and chuck it backwards), reaching for the towel they provided and drying himself off. Eco swims to the edge and watches him dress; he props himself up on his elbows, shuddering the second tepid stone hits hot forearm, and closes his eyes, content.

"Nnnghn, Belca~ We really should do this more often."

Belca sighs and finishes up, combing his fingers through wet hair.

"We don't have a lot of time to do this sort of thing."

A pause, and Belca spares a glance back.

"Hurry up. You don't want to look like a prune, do you?"

The only reply he gets is the sight of Eco sticking his tongue out childishly.