Ghostly Revolutions

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This takes place after Promises, Promises (GR) and Urban Jungle (DP).

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Amity Park

It was a normal day in Amity Park. The town's hero Danny Phantom (AKA Danny Fenton) was doing a regular patrol when he came upon a portal.

"Wow. Check that out. It looks like a Ghost Zone portal. I wonder if Wulf made it... And if any ghosts came through." Danny decided to find out. He stepped through the portal, only to hear it close behind him.

Oh shoot. Now what.

He looked around to realize that this the Ghost Zone.

He was in a trashed city.

Wow, some ghost trashed this place.

He flew up over the city and heard crashing sounds.

That ghost is still here! He readied his thermos, and set off towards the sounds.

Rex had just wrapped up some EVO (Exponentially Variegated Organism) fighting. He cured it, and trashed most of the city in the process.

So he was ready to head back to Providence, when he spotted a thing in the sky flying toward them.

"Hey, Six. Check that out." He pointed to the floating thing.

"It doesn't look like an EVO, Rex."

"No, it doesn't. I'm gonna check it out." As it got closer, he realized it looked like a kid about his age, with white hair and green eyes.

The EVO stopped and stared at him, like he was the weird one.

"Most EVOs can't fly, much less float," He said to it.

"Uh, that's nice." Danny said. He did not think Rex was talking about him.

Danny saw Rex moving closer. He floated farther from the ground.

"Who are you?" Danny asked, trying to get as much information as possible.

"I'm Rex."

"I'm Danny Phantom."

Nice name. Rex thought. This is not ordinary EVO for sure. Maybe he's in the Pack?

"Where are we?" Danny asked.

"In New York City. Why?"

"What trashed the place? A Ghost? Is it still around here?"

"What? Ghosts don't exist. An EVO did it."

"What's an EVO?"

So he doesn't know what an EVO is. Where has he been in the past 5 years?

"An Exponentially Variegated Organism."

"That makes so much more sense." Danny said with sarcasm.

"It happens when the nanites inside a person or animal activate."

That stumped Danny most of all. No ghosts and nanites? Those don't exist in my time or maybe, universe. That's it. I'm defiantly not in my universe anymore.

"Well. I can tell you I'm not a EVO thing."

"What are you then?"

"I'm a ghost. Oh I should not have said that..."
"Maybe you should go to Providence with us?" If he really was a ghost, White Knight would for sure want to check him out.

"I'm not going anywhere." Providence looked like the exact opposite place he wanted to go. If they deal with those EVO things, they for sure have labs and needles and, never mind. Don't sike yourself out Danny.

"Ok then. We can do this the hard way. Six! Check this out!" Six turned at Rex's voice to see Danny.

That is not an EVO like I've ever seen. Six thought as he motioned to a Providence agent to make a move on Danny.

"Well, nice meeting you Rex. But I have to get back to my Universe. As soon as I figure out how."

"You're from another universe? Like time wise or are you an alien?"

"Uh, time. I am also not an alien."

Danny saw as Six said something to a person in a white and black suit with a gun and he pointed at Danny.

"Yeah, well. I really would like to get out of here." Danny saw as agents moved in to surround him. He smiled. This is going to be easy.

He flew up some, and the agents started shooting at him. He phased through the bullets and flew higher. He shot some of his ectobeams near the ones with guns, not lethal, just to show them what he could do. He froze the ground under the other ones. He laughed when they started to fall over.

A small plane rose off the ground.

Tag! You're it! He raced off, testing the speed of the plane. He flew faster and faster, leaving the plane in the dust.

"Sir. I've lost visual. Wait. Sir. I've spotted a giant EVO bird creature. Preparing combat."

Danny heard the scream of a bird, and turned to see a giant bird.

"I'm thinking that's EVO." He watched as the bird destroyed the plane with 1 swipe of it's wing.

"Sir, I'm ejecting. My. My parachutes jammed!"

He raced to reach the pilot who ejected and whose parachute was not deploying.

He grabbed the pilot's chair and pulled the switch and the parachute deployed. The lucky pilot floated towards the ground.

"Alright, Giant Bird Chicken or EVO or whatever you are. I'm going take you down. I was going to leave you alone, but you don't mess with innocent people when I'm around!" Danny said as his superhero side kicked into action.

He fired up his ectobeams and charged the giant bird. He was unaware about the second plane that caught up to the first.

"Sir, should I interfere?"

"No, let's see what this thing does. Keep transmitting." White Knight said.

Danny fired up his ectobeams again. He fired up and went in for close contact. He punched the bird and fired his ectobeams. His ectoplasm beam entered the chicken's blood and disabled the active nanites. He watched as the bird turned back into the chicken that it really was. He caught the chicken, as chickens could not fly.

"OK, that's new. I can cure those EVO thingys." Danny

cheered and looked up to see the plane that had recorded the entire thing.

"Dang it!" He turned invisible and phased the chicken into the plane. Danny stayed invisible. He wanted to find out where this place, Providence was. He stayed invisible as the plane headed back to Providence.

"Sir. Did you see that?"

"Yes. I did. We have a new priority. Capture that thing!"

"Sir. They chicken is now inside my plane."

"Bring it back for study."

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