Raph's Cat

Raph gritted his teeth. Another damn fight with Leo. What was it about this time? He didn't even remember. It must not have been that important. It never was anymore. They would fight on the littlest things. Raph coming home late or sleeping through practice, Leo bossing them around or asking them to quiet down. Even if it had nothing to do with each other, they'd find a way to make it that way. Just for the sake of arguing with one another.

He growled as some idiot in a truck sped too fast for comfort down the nearly deserted street.

"Gonna kill someone."

The worst part was that Mikey and Don would SIDE with him. Granted Leo's side was logical and he would probably agree with them if he wasn't so stubborn. Raph couldn't help but feel alone. He felt like Leo was pushing him away. They hardly ever had fun anymore. That's why he would initiate these petty arguments right and left. For the sake of interacting with Leo. He was afraid that if he didn't have Leo screaming at him, Leo wouldn't talk to him at all. And Raph wouldn't live with that.

Raph kicked a soda can into the street, ignoring the stinging pain of the fresh cut on his foot and trudging on with a huff, shoving his hands deeper into his trench coat pockets in some attempt to keep out the cold.

When did it start being this way? Raph missed the way he and Leo were when they were kids. They practically never fought. Ever since Leo had been assigned the role of the leader, he'd hardened. He'd sacrificed his freedom to become the aloof and stoic Leonardo that he'd grown to loathe, going so far as to nickname him their fearless leader. Leo didn't appreciate it much at first, but the name stuck and now he considers it a compliment of sorts. Heh. That one backfired.

Raph checked his watch. Crap, he'd have to head home soon. He promised Sensei he wouldn't stay out all night. Leaping up onto a fire escape, and continuing to scale the wall the way only ninjas can, Raph ascended to the building tops. Little did he know, someone was watching him.

As much as Raph hated to admit it, Leo was his favorite brother. He'd die before saying that out loud, but they had always been the closest. He'd always respected Leo more than the other two. Maybe it was cause he was older. Maybe because he knew Leo could kick his shell if he wanted to. Either way, Leo was probably his best friend. Sorry Case, but he was here first. If only Leo would show some sign that he felt the same way. The way things were going, Raph could almost say with confidence that Leo hated him and believed that they'd be better off without him. Maybe they would.

Raph froze when he heard some scuffling behind him. He fingered the grip to his sai, so cleverly concealed beneath rough leather, before daring a glance behind him. He hadn't really checked before he left the streets. If that was a foot ninja, he'd-

"Meowwwwwww!" yowled a cat, little smaller than Klunk. Raph blinked before releasing his sai and sighing. Got all riled up for nothing.

Raph adjusted his fedora, turning away once more and continuing his trek of self-pity. It wasn't a few seconds later before he tensed to the feeling of something rubbing in between his legs. He jumped, backing away hastily and growling once he recognized what startled him.

"Damn cat," he muttered. The cat, miffed about where it's heat source went, recovered and padded back over to where Raph stood, studying it.

"Meowwww!" it yowled again, loudly. Raph rolled his eyes before glancing around to check if any of his brothers were around to see him. Of course they weren't. After reassuring that he was indeed alone, Raph knelt down.

"C'mere, Cat," Raph ordered softly, beckoning with his finger and proceeding to pick up the friendly cat. It was a tabby. Raph liked tabbies. He sat it in his lap and stroked it, mumbling to himself.

"Cat shouldn't be out when it's this cold… why are you following me? Have you seen another guy like me around here? Yeah I thought so. Won't take time out of his precious training to look for me. Huh, no collar. Thinks I'm more trouble than I'm worth. Probably right, too. What do you think? You don't give a shit." Raph stood up abruptly, tucking the now-purring cat into his coat where it would stay warm and walking back to the lair. Who said Mikey was the only one allowed to have a pet?

Invisible to Raph, a figure stood watching him. It smiled as it watched Raph gently coo to his new cat, and backed away into the shadows.

"You're no burden, Raph," said the figure with a sad smile. It stood for a moment more before taking off in a different direction. "Better hurry if I'm gonna beat him back to the lair!"


My first uploaded fanfic... ever. It'd be nice if people reviewed, but no one really has to. I don't care. Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious who the figure was at the end. This is meant to be just a one-shot. I don't know what else I could really do with it, so yeah.