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I'm just going to ignore the looming Reaper threat for now, just focusing on Tali, Shepard and someone else that I won't mention now*

John Shepard-


Lion of Elysium-


Alenko Died on Virmire-

Wrex is Alive-

Saved Council-

No romance during ME1-

Romanced Tali during ME2-

All squad members survived-

Destroyed Collector base-

Negotiations between Geth and Quarians for Rannoch have begun-

This story takes place 17 weeks after the events of ME2-

''Tali'Zorah commander Shepard has asked for your assistant up in his cabin, he said something about 'mood candles.'' came the disembodied voice of EDI floating through the engineering bay.

Tali shook her head and gave an amused sigh at her fiancé attempts of spicing up their already developing love life, because of the many weeks of exposing herself to Shepard and his cabin's environment she can remove her suit for a continuous day and not feel a thing, of course outside the ship such a thing would be suicide it still made her feel almost giddy that she was able to share herself with John and able to give back a give a small amount that he has sacrificed for the galaxy.

''Tell the Commander I will be with him shortly .''she said into the air finishing off the last few engine output modifications she was working on.

''I didn't know 'mood candles' meant getting it on.'' came the expected remark from Donnelly.

''Donnelly, your just jealous you can't get any 'mood candles'' came the retort from Gabby giving a sharp elbow nudge to the Scottish mans ribs.

''Aye I can it's just that I don't want to break the hearts of so many fan girls.'' he said.

''Name two of them?'' Gabby asked dryly.

''Aaahh, Sarah and… Sarah number 2?'' he asked shrugging his shoulders.

Tali gave a shake of her head and left the engine room and the bickering crew members behind her as she turn to go to the elevator.

She pressed the button to call it down and for the millionth time cursed its slowness, especially when her and Shepard were awaiting to 'do business in his cabin' Tali felt childish when even the mention of their intimacy brought a blush to her cheeks and instinctively brought her hand to her mouth piece.

''Hello quarian.'' came a resonating boom from beside her.

Tali head snapped up and she jumped alittle eliciting a deep chuckle from Grunt. ''Oh Grunt I didn't see you there.'' she responded trying to keep the anxiety from her voice, she always got nervous around the krogan especially when before he was inducted into clan Urdnot he had a particular violent episode on engineering.

''No doubt you had your mind on…. Other things.'' he said his lizard like mouth tilting upwards into a smile.

''What is that supposed to mean?'' she responded folding her arms across her chest.

The krogan gave a long sniff. ''I can smell your scent, you're getting ready for mating, every time you think of Shepard you raise your hand to your head.''

Tali slanted her eyes and gave Grunt an accusing look who seemed not to notice. ''You know for a apparent mindless killing machine you're very perceptive.''

He leaned down so his large face was inches away from her visor.'' Yeah and I've lost count of the people who have died because they made that same assumption.''

At that remark Tali's back straightened and she instinctively took a step away.

Grunt have another deep laugh. ''Don't worry quarian you're my battle-masters mate I wouldn't touch you, oh yeah the main thing is that whenever you go to his cabin or your near Shepard you stick your chest out and sway your hips.''

Tali was shocked at hearing this. ''R-really? For how long?''

He gave a shrug. ''Since you got on the ship, you also flutter your eyes whenever anyone mentions his name.''

At the final remark he turned around and stomped towards the port cargo.

''Grunt what about the elevator?''

'' I never wanted to use it.'' he laughed before the shutting doors cut him off.

Tali shook her head and then turned her attention to her posture- now that she looked at she could see that her chest was raised slightly - Oh Keelah has it really been that obvious how I thought about him? No wonder everyone kept hinting at it ,even on the original Normandy. She scolded herself that she wouldn't act like some skin flashing school girl but soon realised as soon as her thoughts turned to other things her chest puffed out again.

When the doors slid open and as she stepped into the elevator she just wished that for once they would hurry up and bring her closer to her love.

Aboard the SR1 during the hunt for Saren…

Tali had just finished scanning through the Normandy's engine output and even after being aboard the ship for a few weeks she was still amazed at how advanced the ship was for such a recent space faring species.

She stepped into the hangar bay and was turning towards the elevator when Garrus walked up beside her - she and Garrus certainly weren't the most compatible people but they both got on well enough during missions and Tali respected the fact that he was one of the few C-sec she had come across who hadn't instantly treated her like a criminal.

''Hi Tali.'' nodded Garrus.

''Hello.'' she responded cheerily.

''So Tali what do you think of the Commander?'' he asked innocently.

''What? Oh! You mean Shepard? He-he seems like an open minded person with a sound grasp of leadership.'' Tali gibbered out frustrated at her lack of control.

Garrus clearly didn't miss this sign as his eyes suddenly flickered with humour and he gave a small chuckle.

''Well if I wanted to know that I would have read his military profile, what do you think of him?'' he pushed.

''Oh- Y-you mean what's his character like? Well he seems very nice, and quite funny and he is really handso-''

''He's what?'' Garrus shot clearly interested in how this conversation was turning out.

''Erm… He's… HANDY! Yes he is handy, like around the engine room and such.'' she assured.

Garrus simply leaned back and looked as if he clearly didn't buy it.

''So what do you think of him?'' she asked quickly trying to change the subject.

Garrus simply ignored the question and responded with one of his own. ''you like him don't you?''

''What? Of course not, I mean , well.'' she mumbled tripping over her words as her hands suddenly started to wring each other in discomfort. ''I wouldn't say like its just.'' she let out a deep sigh.

''That obvious?'' she sighed hanging her head and thanking her visor that Garrus couldn't see her blushing face.

He nodded before continuing ''yeah it is, so why don't you ask him if he feels the same?''

Tali's head snapped up and she gave him a look as if he just asked the stupidest question in the galaxy. ''Because he wouldn't. he- he is COMMANDER SHEPARD the hero of Elysium one of the most prestigious humans alive, and I'm just some quarian girl who happens to be good at engines.'' her eyes watering as she shot down her own fantasised hopes.

Garrus shook his head and a hard glint came into his eyes. ''Does Shepard seem like the kinda guy who would care bout titles?''

''Well no. But there are so many better more practical choices like Liara, or Ashley -because we can all see she is in love with him - I mean I'm trapped in my suit it would just be selfish and one sided if I was with him.'' she mumbled.

Garrus gave a long sigh. ''Listen Tali I ain't gunna tell Shepard anything till your ready but you seriously gotta stop thinking so low of yourself there's a brilliant person under there, course not as brilliant as me but eh not many people can boast to such a feat.'' he said with a large smirk.

Tali gave a small giggle. ''Thanks Garrus, and yeah thanks for the talk.'' she honestly said.

''No problem.'' he said before wandering off to his post by the Mako.

''Garrus? What about the elevator?'' Tali asked.

Garrus simply waved backwards before clambering underneath the APC. ''I never needed it my break isn't for another hour.

Tali unable to find the right words simply nodded and stepped into the elevator. Her previously dour mood was lifted by the talk and she was hopeful to the future, although she doubted she could think of what to say just yet: and maybe Shepard would be in the mess hall, one good thing about the visor was that no one else could where exactly her eyes were looking. A small quite giggle echoed through the elevator.

''You sure your not?'' questioned Chakwas sceptical

''Positive.'' replied Shepard.

''Because my degree in human sociology says otherwise.''

Shepard shrugged and leaned back. ''I can say in all honesty that me and Tali are 'just friends'' he said shrugging his shoulders.

Chakwas raised an eyebrow.'' So how you've gone to such length to ensure we have high quality sterilised paste tubes for Dextro amino species.''

''Well.'' Shepard said.

Chakwas quickly cut him off. ''Or how you almost had a heart attack when Tali took a hit on Feros and you carried her to the sick bay?''

''Well that's just-''

''OR how on her birthday you bought her that imported quarian suit veil that the receipt you 'tried' to hide said it cost 2,500 credits.''

''What are you getting at here doctor.'' asked Shepard all ready realising the words that would come out of Chakwas's mouth.

''You like her don't you?'' she asked leaning forward.

''I'm leaving.'' he stated and stood up and walked towards the door.

''Its nothing to be embarrassed at commander.''

''Goodbye doctor.'' hastening his steps.

''I'm sure she likes you as well.''

''What? No- never mind I'll see you at mess break.'' he said before the doors slid shut behind him.

Shepard shook himself. It was silly he couldn't be interested in her , he was on a mission that threatened everything in the galaxy he didn't have time for intimacy. Though he must admit Chakwas did bring to light several facts that Shepard himself couldn't quite explain.

Why had he done such things for her? She was certainly a nice person, selfless and hard working and had a better sense of humour than most people on the ship and although he was hesitant to admit it she did have a very striking figure perfectly emphasised by the tight clothing of her environment suit with her hips and -

Shepard suddenly collided with someone walking out the elevator and sent them tumbling to the ground, with a almost pre natural swiftness Shepard shot out an arm and rapped it around the slim waist of Tali before she hit the floor.

The two were momentarily speechless at the sudden change of events and simply stared into each others eyes. Then slowly without him even knowing Shepard's hand slowly squeezed Tali's side with Tali similarly unaware started to run her hand up Shepard's forearm.

Simultaneously they both realised there position and quickly separated , and both averted their gaze away from each other.

''Sorry about that Tali.''

''No Shepard it was.. My fault.''

''You going for lunch?''

''Erm no, wait I mean yes! Yes I am going for lunch wanna have it together.. Lunch I mean!'' Tali shot out trying to stop the words from exiting her mouth before she embarrassed herself further.''

''Ok then lets go.'' said Shepard motioning for Tali to go first.

When the women went past Shepard inwardly slapped himself. look at what you have done! I bet she think's your some weird pervert now oh Jesus now there is definitely no way she is going to interested in you.

As Tali walked past Shepard she swore it felt like her face was on fire Oh Keelah you silly girl, how can you not control your hands? I bet he thinks your some street whore, why did I have to go and ruin my chances!

*Abit short I know but its just an introduction chapter - I did not know if the Mako is classed as an APC or a tank so sorry if I was wrong

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