4 Month Later

"Go take care of Elena," I groaned turning around in bed. Alexander had been sleeping the whole night and this was the fourth time she started crying.

"Fine," Alexander mumbled before kissing my cheek and going to the nursery. Elena quieted down after a few minutes and I continued to sleep.

I felt Alexander get back in bed and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

I was about to fall asleep and I heard more cries. I sighed and got up. Alexander got up too and followed me to the nursery.

Nic was wailing and so was Elena. I lifted Nic up and rocked him. He buried his face near my chest and continued to cry.

I lifted my shirt up and covered Nic with a blanket to nurse him. He started to eat and finally stopped kicking and fussing.

I sat down on the rocking chair and asked Alexander to give Elena to me. I started to feed her and I held both babies under their butts.

I giggled when Elena looked up at me with her big blue eyes. She blinked and nuzzled closer to me.

Thankfully Aurelia and Lucian were still asleep. It was almost eight o'clock in the morning. I really needed to get some sleep.

I was super exhausted right now. Nic and Elena both stopped eating after fifteen minutes and Alexander burped Elena before changing her diaper and putting her back in her crib.

I burped Nic and burped him before doing the same. I lifted up Lucian and kissed his forehead and cooed to him. He opened his eyes and let out one of the cutest yawns I had ever seen.

I baby talked to him for a while and he let out a tiny cry. My little man was hungry. I started to nurse him and Alexander helped me get Aurelia in my arms.

I fed both of them and rested against the back of the rocking chair. I closed my eyes and tried to relax a bit.

They both stopped eating after a little while and we changed their diapers and put them in their cribs.

Alexander put his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder while we watched the babies. I looked up at him and he smiled at me and kissed me softly.

I giggled and turned the sound maker on before gently closing the door. The baby monitor was already on and in our bedroom.

I pulled him back to our bedroom and into the bed. His arms wound around my body and I rested my head on his chest.

"I can't believe we're parents." I said quietly. He chuckled and kissed my forehead.

"Neither can I, I still can't believe that you're mine now." Alexander said giving me a smile.

"I missed you so much when you left," My voice broke. "It's my fault that you didn't come back," I said starting to cry.

"No its not Raven, I was the one stupid enough to leave and not come back." Alexander said kissing me gently.

I sighed and buried my face into his shirt. He stroked my back and tried to help me calm down. I relaxed after a while.

I was about to fall asleep when I started to feel sick and I stormed out of bed and ran to the bathroom before throwing up. It was gross and Alexander followed me and held my hair back.

I finally stopped throwing up and I flushed the toilet and washed my mouth. I was going to brush my teeth but the smell of the toothpaste was nauseating.

I went back to bed and shoved myself under the covers. I couldn't sleep and I groaned and got up before going downstairs. Alexander followed me and pulled me over to the couch before pulling me into his lap.

I giggled and rested against his body. His arms draped around my waist and he kissed my forehead.

We stayed there comfortably for about an hour and I finally started to feel tired. I closed my eyes and fell asleep against Alexander's body.


When I woke up I felt like absolute crap. Alexander wasn't with me anymore. I couldn't hear the babies crying though, which was a sign that Alexander was probably with the kids.

They were already almost seven months old, I couldn't believe how big already are.

Alexander has talked to me multiple times about wanting a big family because he was an only child. He wanted exactly seven children.

Heck, we were already more than halfway there. The more babies and we'll have our family. I couldn't wait for the future.

I definitely wondered how our lives would be in ten years.

I stretched on the bed and walked upstairs to the nursery and stood outside the door so Alexander couldn't see me when I heard him talking to the babies.

"I think I'm going to ask your mommy to marry me," Alexander said smiling down to the babies. They were all lying on their tummies and looking at Alexander. Alexander was lying down on his stomach and watching the babies.

I decided to make myself known and I walked into the room. Alexander immediately looked at me, probably to see if I had heard him.

I tried to look as regular as possible as I sat down on the floor and started to baby talk.

Alexander started to laugh and I raised an eyebrow and looked over at him.

"Your baby talking voice is hilarious." Alexander said laughing again. I pretended to look offended and I hit his arm. He caught my hand and pressed a kiss to my knuckle before giving me my hand back.

I giggled and kissed him before stretching a bit more. I felt kind of tense.

Alexander wanted to marry me. I tried to keep the joy off my face, but probably failed. I scowled when I felt the familiar nausea come back. I tried to push it away and it didn't work and I ran to the bathroom once again.

Could vampires get sick?

Alexander followed me and held my hair back again.

"Why am I sick, I thought vampires never get sick!" I whimpered. I rested my head against the toilet and Alexander rubbed my back softly.

"Vampires usually don't get sick, something about our bodies being able to fight sickness better than human bodies, there are two possible causes for this. Number one, the fact you were pregnant when I turned you into a vampire somehow made you more vulnerable to sickness or number two, you're pregnant again." Alexander said looking down at me.

I froze and buried my face into Alexander's shirt. Sure, I wanted more kids after this. Sure, I wanted to have a lot of kids.

I didn't want more kids right now.

"I don't think I am," I said immediately. It was true, I truthfully didn't think I was pregnant.

Alexander and I used a condom every time! That was enough reassurance for me. I got up and brushed my teeth before stretching and going downstairs.

I was probably just feeling sick because I hadn't eaten since yesterday morning.

I decided to eat a sandwich. Alexander and I were going shopping for baby furniture. We needed to buy a running stroller and some clothes for the kids. They were getting so big already.

I finished eating at put my plate in the sink. I saw Jameson in the kitchen and he gave me a small smile and left. He was dating Ruby, and they were just so cute together.

I went upstairs to the nursery and put tiny dresses on Aurelia and Elena. Alexander went downstairs to eat.

I put tiny pants and shirts on Nic and Lucian all four of them looked so adorable!

I went to my bedroom to go change and shoved jeans and a tank top onI succeeded in lifting all of them up and I brought them downstairs before packing a diaper bag.

I came back downstairs and put them in their carriers. Nic and Aurelia were both being fussy and I tried to calm them down. It wasn't working much.

Alexander walked into the living room while I was trying to soothe them and he smiled at them and stroked their hands softly. They both giggled and kicked their feet happily.

"I'm such a sucky mom," I sighed before leaning against the couch.

"No you aren't, sometimes they just want their daddy," Alexander said kissing my temple. I sighed.

Just because Alexander said it doesn't mean that I believed it.

I remembered all my emotion crap from the day before when Alexander and I had been in the bedroom cuddling right before I threw up.

I didn't feel sick at all right now and I knew that Alexander's assumption that I could be pregnant was absolutely wrong.

I was definitely going on birth control starting now. I don't want any surprises.

Alexander picked up two carriers and I got the other two and we went outside to go get the kids into the car seats in the car.

Once all four of the little ones were settled in I got into the passenger seat and Alexander got in the driver's seat. We were planning on getting clothes today and then ordering the stroller online or something.

Finding a four person stroller was pretty hard unless you looked online. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was a text from an unrecognizable number.

Raven, you lied to me, you were pregnant with Alexander's children…why did you lie about that? – Jagger

I was tired of lying to people. I decided to tell Jagger the entire truth; I doubted that he would show Trevor or something.

I was pregnant with Trevor's children at the time, Alexander changed me into a vampire when we found out that Trevor cheated on me with Luna. – R

I sat back and tried not to think about what would happen if Trevor found out about it. I got another text.

Hell, your life is complicated, I won't tell Trevor, don't worry. He's an asshole I couldn't care less about. – Jagger

I sighed in relief and Alexander looked up from the road and raised an eyebrow. I shrugged and he looked at me for a few seconds before turning back to watch the road.

Thanks, I don't want anything to do with Trevor anymore. I would love to meet Rose sometime, you should bring her over to meet the babies. – R

I got a new text almost immediately.

Maybe…Rose has been talking about having kids constantly and I'm starting to warm up to the idea… - Jagger

I almost burst out laughing when I thought about the idea of seeing someone like Jagger change diapers.

Alright then, come over tomorrow – R

Alexander parked the car and got out to get the stroller from the trunk.

Noon? I have to go soon, Rose is forcing me to take her shopping – Jagger

Yeah, noon is fine, I'll see you tomorrow, have fun shopping :D – R

I shoved my phone into my pocket and got out of the car before helping Alexander get the kids into the stroller. We finally succeeded and I got the diaper bag and put it in the bottom of the stroller.

Alexander locked his car and we walked to the entrance.


After spending the entire day picking out clothes for the kids we were finally back home relaxing and the babies were asleep in the nursery.

I was definitely looking forward to meeting Rose tomorrow. I wonder how awesome she must be if she can handle being with Jagger.

Pretty fucking awesome, that's what I think. I was pretty happy right now, I hadn't gotten sick again, which was awesome.

I felt somewhat slaphappy at the moment and Alexander kept making jokes and my stomach was hurting from laughing so much. It was almost two o'clock in the morning.

I went to sleep thinking about how much I wanted my life to stay exactly like this forever.

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