This is based on a story over at JBFFA by hollaXD called Thirty Seconds Since Forever. The style is the same, so feel free to head on over there & read hers, it's great! I wrote this orignally with Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas, but changed it because my interests changed, & you can't publish stories using real people, but you CAN publish stories with totally amazing CSI:NY characters (:

It's been 10 minutes.

Ten minutes since Jess told Don the news. Ten minutes since Jess couldn't hold back the sobs that were threatening to escape her throat. Ten minutes since Don looked at her in disbelief. Ten minutes since Don sat there paralyzed with shock on her bed, unable to comprehend the words that came from her mouth.

It's been nine minutes.

Nine minutes since Don asked how long she'd known. Nine minutes since Jess

whispered that she'd found out the news on Monday. Nine minutes since Jess sat on the floor directly across from Don, her knees bent in front of her. Nine minutes since Don finally moved his eyes to the ground, trying to understand.

It's been eight minutes.

Eight minutes since Don asked Jess what she was going to do. Eight minutes since Jess took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. Eight minutes since she explained that she'd start chemotherapy next week. Eight minutes since Don gave a slight nod.

It's been seven minutes.

Seven minutes since Jess told Don to look at her. Seven minutes since Don's bright blue eyes came into contact with hers. Seven minutes since Don let a small tear escape from his eye. Seven minutes since Jess let out another sob.

It's been six minutes.

Six minutes since Don stood up and sat down of the floor next to Jess. Six minutes since Jess wiped the tear from his eye. Six minutes since she placed her head in his lap. Six minutes since Jess whispered an apology to Don.

It's been five minutes.

Five minutes since Don let out a small laugh. Five minutes since Don cradled Jess' head in his calloused hand. Five minutes since Don said that she has nothing to apologize for. Five minutes since Jess nodded her head in understanding.

It's been four minutes.

Four minutes since Jess placed her hand in his. Four minutes since Don kissed her frail, small fingers. Four minutes since Jess confessed that she was scared. Four minutes since Don confessed that he was terrified.

It's been three minutes.

Three minutes since Jess cried into Don's shoulder. Three minutes since Don cried with her. Three minutes since Don rubbed his hand in a circle on her back. Three minutes since Don planted a kiss on the top of her head.

It's been two minutes.

Two minutes since Don and Jess' lips connected. Two minutes since the bond between them was sealed. Two minutes since they decided they'd tackle this obstacle together. Two minutes since Jess and Don chose to stick together.

It's been one minute.

One minute since Don told Jess that he loved her. One minute since Jess' lips formed into a small smile. One minute since Jess kissed Don's forehead. One minute since Jess told him that she loved him too.