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This story is COMPLETELY AU. It's actually based off a manga I read recently. Sam and Dean are not related. This is NOT wincest. It will be a relatively short fic. Probably around 6 chapters. 10 at the MOST. As soon as I'm done with this fic, I'll go back to working on my others.

Dean is 20, Sam is 14

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This is a world where the populace is very much aware of the supernatural dangers that lie quietly in the dark. However, most are ill-equipped to handle them. That is why there are the Hunters; a class of humans whose main objective is to protect humanity against the supernatural creatures that hunt them. They live separately from the rest of world, as they are viewed to be rugged, dangerous, and uncivilized; a necessary evil.

"You hired a Hunter?" Sheriff Jacob spat.

"Yes, I hired a Hunter," Mayor Cunningham said stiffly. "What else did you expect me to do?"

"Anything else!" Jacob started pacing the office. "You know what Hunters are..." He scoffed. "They're just an uncivilized lot using arcane means to do what my men are perfectly capable of handling!"

"Four people have died in the last month, Jake. Four." Cunningham shook his head and sighed. "I've heard everything you have about Hunters. I know all the rumors." He clenched his teeth in anger. "But I will be damned if I let anyone else get killed."

Jacob glared at the mayor. He was just as angry as Cunningham was, but for an entirely different reason. "This is a slap to the face to me and my men. You realize that, right?"

Cunningham clenched his fists. He didn't want to have to do this. He really didn't. He didn't want to anger Jacob and his men. He didn't want to have to hire a Hunter. Hell, he had as much distaste for them as Jacob. And Cunningham was pretty sure most of the town felt the same.

But four people were dead. No, not just dead. Left on the streets with their necks ripped open and their bodies drained of blood. It didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on.


As much Cunningham relied on Jacob and the force, he knew this was simply beyond them. It wasn't anything personal. Hunters trained their whole lives to handle these things. This was why they have Hunters. To get rid of supernatural creatures like vampires. Besides, Cunningham didn't want to be held responsible if Jacob or one of his men got killed while hunting them. No. He's going to rest all of that responsibility on the Hunter. What else were they good for anyway?

"He'll be here by tomorrow," Cunningham said with finality in his voice. "Hopefully, he'll finish the job quickly and be out of here before most the town notices. As much as we need a Hunter, I don't want it publicized." Cunningham closed his eyes and sighed, swiveling his chair away from Jacob, dismissing him. "In the meantime... you and your men will cooperate with him."

Jacob gave a sarcastic laugh. "Cooperate with him? They're only sending one guy? Jesus... They really think one guy can take these things out?" He shook his head in disbelief. "Well, hell. If the rumors are true..."

Jacob exited the mayor's office, closing the door behind him. He gave another sarcastic laugh as he walked down the hall. "God... a Hunter. We're letting a Hunter into the town..."

Cunningham turned back towards his desk as the office door closed. "You and your men better behave yourselves," he mumbled. "If the rumors are true, I'm sure you all will regret it if you piss this Hunter off."

Dean had the impala parked just outside of town. He was early, so there was no need for him to rush into town.

He leaned back, enjoying his bacon cheeseburger. God knows once he gets into town no restaurant is going to want to serve him, let alone any of the burger joints. Better enjoy the greasy goodness while he can.

He thought about the job as he chewed. He had done some recon on the town the night before. Seems like the vampires had integrated into the town, acting like the other Commons; until they started snacking on them. The integration will make Dean's job a little more difficult, but nothing he couldn't handle.

Being raised as a Hunter, Dean had a few skills up his sleeves. The foremost being, his ability to sense supernatural energies. All Hunters have this ability. One of the traits that sets them apart from the Commons. But even amongst Hunters, Dean's sense was particularly sharp. While most Hunters can sense the approximate location of supernatural creatures, Dean can pinpoint a more exact location of the entities and can differentiate them.

In short, Dean can tell how many creatures there are, and what they are well before entering the town. Any other hunter wouldn't have been able to sense how many entities there were. Just that something supernatural was going on in there.

In this case, Dean could sense seven different vampires. And they were definitely vampires. Vampire energies were actually similar to a human's. But there's definitely a animalistic tinge to them.

He finished the last of his burger, throwing the tin foil into the back seat and starting the impala. "Well, better get this over with."

A woman's scream tore through the town's streets.

"Oh for god's sake, lady!" Dean snapped as he wiped the blood of his face.

He had just taken the head off the first vampire. Unfortunately, they were in the very center of town, in view of dozens of spectators.

People started gathering around the spectacle. More people started to scream. More specifically, they were screaming at him.

"You bastard! You killed Nathan!"

"What kind of horrible monster are you?"

"Are you psycho or something?"

Dean rolled his eyes, ignoring the Commons' barbs. He had a job to do and no time to explain. The good thing about the gathering crowd was that the other vampires were also coming closer in order to blend in.

Dean looked around, trying to sense the other six vamps. They were here, alright. He just had to pinpoint them so he didn't accidentally kill a Common.

"Someone get the police!" a woman screamed. "We have to stop him before - !"

Dean took her head with a single swing. "Nice try, bloodsucker."

Sheriff Jacob ran up to the scene, having heard the commotion three streets away. Is it another victim? he thought. That Hunter is supposed to be here by now! What the hell is he doing? He pulled out his gun as he shoved his way through the crowd. "Out of the way!"

When he got to the front, he froze at the sight of six decapitated bodies. And standing there in the middle of them, covered in blood, was a tall man wielding a bloodied machete. Blood dripped off his leather jacket and soaked his jeans. He was breathing a little heavily, but didn't look worn out at all.

Jacob stood there in shock, not quite able to process the scene in front of him. But when he looked closer at the back of the bloodied man's neck, he could just make out a cross framed by a pentagram.

The mark of a Hunter.

That snapped Jacob back into reality. "So you're the Hunter," he spat. "Have you gone mad! These were good people!"

The Hunter turned toward him with a glare, his emerald eyes flashing unnaturally in the light. Jacob's eyes widened a little as he stepped back. My god... this guy can't be human...

"Check their mouths." The Hunter turned away, his eyes scanning the crowd. "They'll have an extra set of teeth in their gums."

Jacob's lip curled in disgust. "What did you say?"

Dean didn't even hear the man. Six vamps... I know I felt seven last night. So where's the last one?

Upon hearing that he was a Hunter, the Commons finally shut up. They were now just staring fearfully at him, inching away if he stepped towards them.

The last one must be masking himself somehow... Dean looked closely at each person there, trying to sense that slight animalistic energy. He's still here... I would have been able to sense him if he had run away...

Dean slowly turned, carefully observing each of the Commons. An middle aged Caucasian woman with too much make-up... a group of mixed teenagers wearing clothes too big for them... An Asian business man with his tie loosened and his comb-over a mess... a young African man with his arms around a young boy...

Dean smirked. That's it!

The Commons screamed as Dean leaped forward and swung his machete at the man with the child. The last vamp's head rolled off, blood spraying as the body fell with a thud.

Dean laughed. "You really think shielding yourself with a Common child was going to keep you hidden from me? Ha!" Dean's expression darkened, his eyes shining. "Think again."

It was a few hours later. It took the mayor and the police some time to get the town's people to calm down enough to go home, take care of the bodies and clean up the blood. In that time, Dean managed to find a place to wash up and change clothes.

"We owe you a great deal of gratitude," Mayor Cunningham said. He handed the Hunter an envelope. "I only hope this is enough."

Dean rolled his eyes and snatched the envelope out of the man's hands. "As long as it's the agreed upon amount." He opened the envelop and looked inside. After fingering the bills for a moment, he grunted in satisfaction. "Also, I wouldn't mind if I could stay the night in that motel on the other street. It's getting late and I don't wanna have to find another one elsewhere."

Cunningham shivered. The rumors were true. There was something not human about this man that shot fear through his heart. The last thing he wanted to do was piss a man like this off. "Of course, of course! After what you've done for us, it's the least we can do!"

Dean nodded, taking note of the fear in Cunningham's voice. Every town... they're all the same.

He suddenly felt a tug on the back of his jacket. He spun around quickly, knocking the person back onto the ground.

Dean frowned. It was the boy that the vamp had been using the hide behind earlier. "The hell...?"

The boy was shaking as he stood back on his feet. He looked uncertainly at Dean's face as he stepped toward him. He looked to be about 13 or 14 years old. He had floppy brown hair and blue-green eyes. And he was covered in blood.

Dean frowned in confusion as the boy grabbed his jacket and gently leaned against him. "Who's kid is this?" he asked desperately.

Cunningham just gaped for a moment, staring at the bloodied boy. "Uhh... he doesn't belong to anyone in the town. He must have come with in town with the vampires."

Dean looked back down at the shaking boy leaning against him, feeling a little sympathetic for the boy. Which means he was probably those vampires' plaything for god knows how long. He scoffed and shoved the boy away. The boy let out a small gasp as he lost balance and fell again.

"Look, you don't owe me any sort of gratitude," Dean growled. "I was just doing my job."

The boy got back up on shaky legs. He looked up uncertainly again and slowly stumbled towards Dean.

Dean rolled his eyes. "For god's sake...!" He grabbed the boy by the arm, ignoring his whimper, and handed the boy to Cunningham. "Make sure this kid gets a home, will ya? After what he's been through, last thing he needs is to be with me."

Cunningham silently agreed with the last part. "We'll take care of the boy."

The boy looked at Dean with sad eyes, reaching out for his jacket again.

Getting a little annoyed, Dean deflected the boy's hand. "Listen, kid. You're a lot better off staying as far away from me as possible."

The boy's eyes started to shine with tears as he brought his hand back reluctantly.

Seeing no other reasons to stay, Dean grabbed his duffel and headed toward the motel. "And, Cunningham? Don't worry. I'll be outta your town's hair by morning."

Cunningham nodded weakly. As soon as the Hunter disappeared around the corner, he looked down at the boy at his side, who was now sniffling. Great. Now what?

Sheriff Jacob stood as the mayor walked into his office, dragging a bloodied kid with him. "What the hell...?"

Cunningham shoved the boy forward, completely ignoring him as he fell on the hard floor with a loud thud. "Get rid of him."

Jacob looked at Cunningham disbelievingly. "What...? Why? Who is this kid?"

"He came with the vampires. No idea why the Hunter didn't finish him off. We have no idea what he is. For all we know, he might be one of them. Just rid of him. I want him out of my town by morning."

Jacob stood and looked at the kid. He just sat there on the floor, holding himself and shaking badly. "He was with the vampires?"

"Yes!" Cunningham replied angrily. "Now will you just get rid of him!" Cunningham walked out of the office, slamming the door behind him.

Jacob sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. I just want this whole thing to be over with... Getting out from behind his desk, he grabbed the boy's arm and hauled him to his feet. He dragged the boy out of his office, ignoring the kid's whimpering and trembling. "Sorry, kid. But we just can't take any chances."

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