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Dean is 20, Sam is 14

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Caleb was doing some research, hoping to find something that would help them decipher Sam. He didn't really expect to actually find something useful, but it was something to occupy the time with while he's babysitting.

Sam was still asleep when Dean woke up and left to get "breakfast". Caleb knew that Dean just wanted some alone time to think to himself, but he still couldn't help but roll his eyes when Dean practically ordered him to keep an eye on Sam.

"You better give Jill some attention while you're out!"

Dean looked at him in confusion. Caleb simply responded by waving his right hand suggestively and laughed when Dean flipped him off.

Snapping his computer shut in frustration, Caleb shoved the laptop across the table, leaning back in his chair with a sigh. It's only been a day but he was already going crazy from cabin fever. Hunters were not meant to be in one place in one room for long.

A sudden change in breathing was all Caleb needed to hear to know that their boy of mystery was waking up. After a few minutes, when Caleb was sure he was fully awake, he turned to the boy and said, "Sleep well?"

Sam flinched in surprise, having completely forgot about the other Hunter. Swallowing nervously, he sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He stared at the wall for a moment, making sure he was going to stay composed.

"That was quite the show last night," Caleb went on to say. "You feeling better now?"

Sam closed his eyes shamefully. It was bad enough Dean saw him like that, but now a Hunter whom he barely knew saw him at his weakest. "'M fine," he mumbled, knowing Caleb would hear him just fine. He looked around the room to find Dean, but he didn't seem to be in the room. He looked towards the bathroom, but the door was wide open and the room empty.

"Dean went to get some morning grub," Caleb said. "He'll be back in a bit."

Sam simply nodded slowly in response. Heaving a deep sigh, Sam got off the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

Caleb shook his head in amusement as Sam practically slammed the bathroom door behind him. "Kid's interesting, I'll give him that," he mumbled. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and was about to light one up when he remembered his deal with Dean. Sighing in annoyance, he stood up and left the motel room, certain Sam would be fine without him for a few minutes.

The impala rolled into the motel parking lot, the low rumble of the engine and of the classical rock belting from its speakers shaking most of the rooms. Dean pulled his baby into the space in front of their room, sighing when he saw Caleb smoking next to the door.

Grabbing the bags of food he bought, he got out of the impala and gave a Caleb a disparaging look. "Really? I was gone maybe twenty minutes."

Caleb shrugged, tossing what was left of his cigarette and grounding it into the concrete. "Little man's awake. A bit jumpy, not that I blame him."

Dean's expression softened at the mention of Sam. He looked at the motel windows, as if he could see right through the curtains. After the previous night, Dean felt more at loss than before. Especially when it came to how to help Sam. Not only did he have to figure out a way to heal Sam mentally, he had to make sure to protect him and himself from the Association.

And he didn't have the slightest idea what to do next, let alone what path they should take for the future.

"You just gonna stand there or are we gonna go inside and eat?" Caleb asked impatiently. Without another word or glance to Dean, he went back into the motel room.

Dean, broken out of his thoughtful trance, followed quickly behind him.

The motel room was empty, and for a panicky moment, Dean thought Sam had run away. But his senses soon caught up with his brain, and he could hear soft sniffles coming from the bathroom.

"He's pretty much been in there since he got up," Caleb said quietly. "I'm sure he just needs some time to himself."

Dean sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I'm in way over my head..."

Caleb scoffed. "No kidding, Sherlock! The fact that he's a Hunter dud aside, why did you take him in?"

Dean shook his head and shrugged. "I didn't at first. Dumped him at the nearest hospital, like you're supposed to. Hell, even if the hospital hadn't been attacked, I probably still would have gone back for him."

Caleb laughed. "You're not really making any sense, dude."

Dean waved him off. "At this point, I've stopped trying to make sense of my motives and just focused on the current problems at hand."

The bathroom door opened, turning the Hunter's attention to the boy that walked out. Dean internally cringed at Sam's swollen, red-rimmed eyes. He could also see a slight trembling in his limbs; Sam had obviously been crying. "Hey, Sam. How you feeling?"

Sam shrugged. "I wanna train."

Dean smiled at the sudden determination in Sam's eyes. It was mostly in relief that Sam still had his spirit. "Alright. But first we need to eat."

Sam's eyes flickered to the table where the bags of food lay. He stiffly nodded his head and sat down at the table, reaching for one of the bags.

Eating was uneventful, as was the training session afterward. It was really no different than any of their other sessions, except now Caleb was there to make smart remarks. Caleb was actually impressed with Sam's level of skill. Even though he had Hunter genes, Sam was basically a Common. Considering it's also only been about half a year since Sam starting, Caleb didn't expect the boy to be this far.

The next couple of weeks was much of the same. They traveled from state to state to avoid the Association's radar. Beyond that, neither Dean nor Caleb, thankfully, received orders.

Finally, after three weeks of this routine, they finally got the call.

Dean was trying to build of Sam's upper body strength through push-ups and pull-ups when Caleb's cell rang. Caleb flipped it open, waiting for the other end to answer. He suddenly sat up and said, "Bobby?"

Dean turned at the mention of the name. "Caleb?"

Caleb held a finger up, indicating for Dean to shut up. He listened intently to the other end. Dean could faintly make out Bobby's voice, but couldn't differentiate any of the words. Behind him, he heard Sam drop down from the pull-up bar and step up next to Dean. Sam watched Caleb listen to Bobby with a blank expression.

"Okay." Caleb flipped his cell shut and stood. "We need to head to Bobby's?

"Did he find anything?" Dean asked a little too excitedly.

"I'm assuming so, since he wants us there as soon as possible."

Sam swallowed. Bobby found something. Something about who he was, what he is, or, maybe, what they were going to do with him. Dread filled him when he couldn't think of any positive outcomes. Either Dean was going to have to dump him, or the Association would find him first and kill him.

He jumped slightly when Dean placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at Dean, giving him a halfhearted smile. Dean returned the smile and squeezed his shoulder.

The message was clear. They had each other's back. No matter what Bobby found.

"Alright," Dean said, "Let's go."

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