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Takes place during when Elena visits Katherine in 'Katerina' 2x09.

(Elena starts to remember , because apperantly she had some provane tea before she went to bed, so let's just say that it was half/half… not strong enough/not weak enough.)


"…Klaus will kill everybody you care about, evryone that cares and loves you…." Kathrine spoke in her still hoarse voice. She grabbed her neck and winced. Elena grabbed the plastic cup and filled it fully with blood, pushing it through the barrier with bare hands. The vampire quickly drowned the cup of blood and looked at her doppelganger.

"Jeremy, Jenna.. Caroline, Matt, John…Stefan.. Bonnie.. Damon." Kathrine trailed off.


She stepped out of the bathroom, walking slowly and carefully towards her bed.

"Cute Pj's." A handomse voice said and Elena looked up, seeing Damon sitting on her window cushions. A silver necklace dangled from his fingers.

"Speaking of the Salvatore brothers? What's their plan?" Kathrine asked, eyeing the bottle of blood.

"There is none."

"Yet." Kathrine added and greedily drank from the cup Elena handed her.

"For such a heartless bitch, you're not that bad."

"And for such a little weak human.. well- not even that." She answered, smirking.


"I can't Stefan, he will kill everyone that stands in his way. I cant do this, there has to be a way." She said and pulled away, running a hand through her hair.

"No, Elena. Don't think like that."

"Good night Stefan." Was her answer. She walked throught the door and ran upstairs, walking through her door frame, she got a weird feeling, which made her grab her provane necklace.


"I'm tired Damon," She said and looked around to just stare at something but him. He saved her life today, he deserved a thank you.

But he owed you. He killed Jeremy.

He didn't do it purpously. He was upset.

Damon stood up, walking to her confidently, the necklace swinging from side to side.

"Brought you this."

She sighed frustrated, sitting down on her bed and grabbing her old teddy bear. Had Damon compelled her? Why would he do that? She gasped as more images filled her mind.


"I thought that was gone," She answered when she realized what the object was. Damon only shook his head, doing that irresistable eye thing again. She wanted to shout at him to stop doing it, but secretly, she loved it. "Thank you." She added and went to grab it but Damon pulled his hand back. He was about to say something, but the words were stuck in his throat. "Please give it back." Elena answered quickly, looking at him sternly.

"I just have to say something."

Elena threw her bear across the room, screeching frustratingly. What did he tell her? She grabbed her head and sighed.

Ever since Isobel returned and told her about her past, everything have been different. Everything when down the hill and more secrets were revealed.


"But you took a chance on Damon, how did you know he would give it to me?" Elena asked and looked at her biological mother curiously.

Isobel smiled slightly, "Because he's in love with you,"She answered confidently.

Everyone had told her that Damon loved her, everyone hinted.

Jenna, Stefan, Jeremy, Bonnie, her own biological mother, her biological father.. Anna.

But she didn't listen.

She closed her eyes when another wave of flashbacks entered her mind.


"Why can't you say it with my necklace?" Elena asked carefully.

He hesitated, "Because what I'm about to say is … probably the most selfish thing in my life?" He answred. She shook her head lightly.

"Damon, don't go there." She whispered back.

"I just have to say it once, you just need to hear it." He answered quickly and walked towards her, throwing his hands to prove his point.

Tell her what? Elene felt like crying, like a toddler that didn't get what it wanted. She sat up, clearing her mind ,rubbing her temple to stop the soreness.


"I love you Elena." He answred and nodded his head lightly, Elena's mouth parted slightly and she stared at him. "And It's because I love you," He hesitated and searched her eyes. "That I cant be selfish with you, why you can't know this."

She looked into his eyes, ready to grab his arm and tell him the three letter phrase over and over. Once she heard his later words, she tried to shake her head, but she was numb. She wanted to tell him that she loved him back, but she couldn't. She was stuck. "I don't deserve you," He answered and shook his his head lightly, his eyebrows furrowing. "But my brother does." He added and Elena's eyebrow twitched, frustrated with his words. She shook her head a little, trying to say 'No'. But she couldn't. Because this is Damon Salvatore, and he's giving her up for his brother.

He came a little closer, and Elena was already lifting her head up, but she gasped lightly when his lips touched her forhead instead.

"Gosh, I wish you didn't have to forget this," He spoke again, touching her her cheek, Elena leaning into it slightly. She furrowed her eyebrows at his words. "But you do." He finished as his irises went small and then big again. A tear escaped his eye and Elena wanted to cry with him, but suddenly, something was holding her back, like she could say anything, because she didn't know how to.

She blinked, and the next thing she knew, she had the necklace around her neck and Damon was gone.

She gasped and covered her mouth as sobs rocked through her body.

Damon had given her up. Because he didn't want to hurt her. He didn't want to make her choose.

He loved her.

She gasped again and stood up, her hands searching for her coat and car keys. She put on her converse and ran down the stairs, opening the door and running for her car.

She drove through the slight drizzle, knowing that Damon would be surprised by her knowing. She replayed the scene in her bedroom over and over again. A smile crept up on her face and she dorve a little faster.

Once she parked outside the boarding house, she ran and opened the door, a graceful smiled on her face.

"Damon? Where are you?" She said loudly and heard a few strained whisperes.

"Quickly." Damon's strained voice spoke. Elena few a heard shuffles and she walked towards the living room, gasping for the upteenth time that day.

"Damon?" She said, her voide barely above a whisper. Damon looked down as he buttoned up his shirt, Rose fixing her heair awkwardly in the corner.

"Were you..?" Elena asked, hurt. "You were." She answered.

"Elena.. I- "

"No, Damon. I cant believe it.. You said that.." She interupted him, confused.


"That- That you lo-"

"Elena, we're adults. We do that kind of stuff.. It doesn't mean anything." Rose said gently and went to walk over to comfort her.

"Don't Rose." She answered quickly. " I still remember when you hit me so hard that I lost conciousness and hit my head on the edge of the sofa. Don't pretend everything is okay." She said and Damon threw Rose a warning look. " You know what I'm sick of? I try so hard to make everything right, but people hurt me anyway. They stab me right in my back." She looked at Damon. " I saw the good in both of you, but you just ended up fucking it up worser. Or let me rephrase that.." She bagan and looked back at Rose. She threw her a hurt look and then looked art Damon. "Well.. here's the knife back, just so you can stab me again." She said and turned around, walking towarsd the exit.

"Elena, wait." He said quickly and grabbed her arm. She turned around to meet his face and pulled her arm out of his grasp.

"What, Damon? I trusted you. After all the things you have done! You attacked Vickie and turned her, and then she hurts Jeremy. You abused Caroline and messed with her brain, You bit Bonnie, You fed me your blood, You wished I was dead, You kidnapped me.. God Damon. You compelled me to forget!" She shouted and pushed him slightly and Damon jaw dropped.

"WhatI?" He asked astonished.

"I remembered, the tea wasn't strong enough for me be completely Anti-Vamp but it wasn't too weak either." She answered and crossed her arms.


"And do you wanna know why I came here?"

He waited for an answered, his brows furrowing again as he had a pleading expreession on his face.

"Because I wanted to tell you that I loved you back." She answered, walking out the door, missing the single tear that fell from Damon's eye.


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