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Elena faced her best friend again. She heard someone come in and she panicked, standing up and grabbing the wooden stake she hid under the coffee table. She saw Damon come in and dropped it instantly, smiling and running up to him. He caught mid-stride, glaring at Bonnie behind her back. Bonnie raised her eyebrow and glared back, a talent Damon was jealous of.

''Well, Bonnie? Anything to say?" Damon asked when he pulled away from Elena. Elena faced Bonnie and looked at her with questions in her eyes.

''Well, I...''


''Bonnie, if you won't tell me what happened, or what you did, I'm gonna kick you out.'' Elena warned and paced vigilantly closer to the witch.

''Well Bonnie, spit it out.'' Damon snapped, enjoying the discomposed stance of Elena's friend. Serves her right.

''Just don't get mad-''

''Bonnie, we went over that half an hour ago . Get on with it, or get out.'' Elena finally snapped but sat down and her friend followed.

''Can he go?'' Bonnie asked and pointed at the vampire, not daring to look up.

''No,'' Came said vampire's answer.

Bonnie huffed and crossed her arms, sitting back, she looked pleadingly at Elena.


"Bonnie." Elena yelled.

"I kissed Jeremy." The witch answered quickly and then covered her mouth.

"Hah- I knew it was you- wait- what?" Damon's booming laugh came, quickly covered by shock.

"I kissed Jeremy, alright. I'm sorry Elena-"

But the said girl started laughing loudly, clutching the couch for support.

"You thought that-"giggle "-I would be mad about you-"giggle "-kissing my brother?"

"Uh, Yes?" The witch answered carefully, confused by her friends out-burst.

"Then who the hell was it? If it wasn't that witch, then..-" Damon mumbled to himself and then shook his head.

"Are you alright, Damon?" Elena asked when she calmed down. At his name being called, said vampire looked up.

"Sure, everything's good." He answered a few seconds later. "I need to go." And then he quickly left. Elena frowned and then looked at Bonnie.

"Can you tell the future, Bonnie?" Elena asked seriously.

"I'm not a seer." Bonnie answered and rolled her eyes at her best friend. She then grabbed said friends hand. She closed her eyes and focused. "I can't tell you what's going to happen. But something bad and good for different people, I guess." Bonnie said and dropped Elena's hand.

"But what-?"

"I can't see anything, I can feel it."


A few hours later, around mid afternoon, Elena entered the boarding house. She looked around warily, looking for any signs of danger.

She went upstairs and checked Stefan's room, and then tried to locate Damon's but didn't have a clue on what it would look like, so she went downstairs and into the kitchen; which was empty.

She dropped her bag and slowly started walking towards the basement, where delightful moans filled the area. Confused, Elena walked down the old pavement stairs and rounded the corner to the dungeons.

She entered the room where the fridge was kept and stopped in the doorway, horror stricken by what was happening in front of her.

Stefan's back was to her, with blood all around him, on the furniture, the walls.

He turned around and his expression softened before it became livid once again. Elena didn't dare to say a word, jut stood there in all her idiocy. Stefan stood up quickly, and ran towards his target. He grabbed Elena by the throat and smashed her against the walls. Elena's shouts of pain filled the room and tears trickled down her cheeks.

"Stefan?Stefan-"slap. "-it's me. Elena. Please stop." She pleaded, clawing at his hands, but to no use.


Damon's car hit the gravel of the boarding house and he got out quickly. Rose was no-where to be found. So she was either dead, or hiding. He blinked and frowned when he saw Elena's car parked beside his. He shook his head and walked towards the door, opening it and throwing his keys down on the table. He started taking off his leather jacket but stopped when a slight crash emitted from the basement. He dropped his jacket and took off towards the stairs. His vampire speed got him fast to the place of the crash and he couldn't help but roar in fury at the scene.

Stefan's focused eyes didn't even see Damon who suddenly yanked him back from Elena's unmoving body.

He quickly grabbed the provane needle from Elena's hands and pushed it through his brother's flesh. He dropped the body on the ground and quickly moved towards Elena. He checked her pulse and sighed when he heard the steady beat. A red spot caught his eye and he tilted her head to the side, showing Stefan's bite. He growled and moved his body to one of the other dungeons, locking it before picking up Elena's body and moving it upstairs to his bedroom.


Over an hour later of mending her wounds, Elena's eyes finally popped open, and she quickly grasped her neck, mortified by the earlier events. A hand movement caught her eye and she moved to the side, seeing a caring expression on Damon's face.

He applied the wet towel to her wound again and sighed, sitting up.

"You shouldn't come here alone, Elena." He said with his back to her.


"No i's or but's , Elena. You're lucky I got here on time."

"I'm sorry."

He turned around and gathered her hair to the other side. He reached out and his fingers trailed across the bite, making Elena wince. He shook his head and sighed, lifting his wrist to his teeth and biting sharply. He thrust his arm towards Elena.

"Drink up."

"What?" She rasped out and stared at Damon.

"I Said-"

"I know what you said."

Damon blew out a breath, annoyed by her behaviour.

"Drink my blood, at it will heal without leaving a scar."


"Judging by the situation, you'll be drinking vampire blood from today on. I can't have your safety distracting me at every second."

"But if someone kills me, I'll become a vampire!" He shouted and moved away.

"Do you rather be dead, then?"


"Too bad." He snapped and grabbed her arm, pulling her towards him. He showed her his wrist and Elena's face scrunched up. "Elena." he warned. She sighed and wrapped her delicate fingers around his wrist, placing her teeth into his bite marks.

Damon gripped the bed post for support and sighed, relaxing.

Elena sucked gently and moaned with displeasure.

"Come on, Elena. Drink."

Being thoroughly annoyed, she bit into his wrist and sucked harder.

"Oh, sh- Ow!" He groaned and had the urge to pull his hand away but resisted. Elena closed her eyes at the embarrassment and Damon pushed her hair behind her ear, revealing the bite mark on her neck that started disappearing slowly.


Lame ending, I know.

But HOLY COW! She has some of Damon in her system now ;).