Well here is a funny story or trying to I'm less funny sometimes or some say I'm either that or I like perverted guys.

So, I'm starting with some characters and some other ones

Disown: The characters from the anime

Characters: Sasori and some other people

Story: You will find out and read.


1. yaoi (guy on guy)

2. Sexual content

3. graphic details

Sasori couldn't sleep for some reason but, Deidara was sleeping peacefully. Sasori didn't want to stir his sleeping angel "Hmm, Danna'' Deidara moaned softly as he grabbed Sasori's shoulder. Sasori looked and just pat him on the forehead "Nothing love'' Sasori said in a soft voice. deidara woke up to see Sasori kissed him on the neck softly nuzzled him. Deidara was a bit red in the face because it was late and his Danna wanted to play''Danna'' Deidara yelled. Sasori put his finger on Deidara's lips which was soft and sweet"Sssh, you don't want to wake my granny " Sasori said seductively. Deidara made a smirk it was cute and very innocent "It didn't wake her up before" Deidara said in a playful voice.

He was right on that one when the first time it happened his granny was asleep then, Sasori kissed him harder grabbing him by the waist. Reaching down in Deidara's pants. deidara flipped his head back moaning in passion as he eyes lit up with surprise ''You like that love'' Sasori said in a soft voice As his tongue traced inside deidara's ear. Which made Deidara's body tingle inside he wanted more of his master's sweet pleasure.

Deidara pulled him down nearly caused him to fall on top of him"Mmm" deidara cried out in pleasure. Sasori looked at Deidara as his hair was all over the pillow licking his lips with lust and love all in one ''Good boy'' Sasori said with a grin. Deidara had a smile on his face "Yes, I'm very good boy" Deidara said as voice grew soft like velvet. Sasori thought this was music to his ears until, he heard a voice that really turned him on ''Dannna, fuuck me now'' Deidara whined. Sasori's hand slid underneath Deidara's nightshirt he was wearing he felt something which made deidara squeal which was too cute. "Rub it to make it better for you" Sasori said softly in his ear. Deidara nodded his head as his hand messaged it slowly which caused a chain reaction.

Sasori's hand was sticky with Deidara's cum as he licked it off which had a taste of sweetness and savory "Damn your horny in the morning'' Sasori spoken. Deidara smiled as he just gave a pout and puppy dog look which was adorable''Thinking of you'' Deidara said innocently as he kissed Sasori on the lips. Sasori looked at him and just laughed and then, told him suck three fingers and widen his entrance. Deidara cried in pleasure as Sasori went fast and hard.

Deidara grabbed Sasori by the hair so they wouldn't fade away ''aaaah dannna'' Deidara cried out in pleasure. The bed squeaked the headboard banged against the wall. ''Haaarrrderrr dannna'' Deidara moaned out Sasori pulled deidara by the hair. "Ah that feels good un'' Deidara moaned in pleasure. Sasori had a smile on his face as he does Deidara they had fallen in a very deep bliss and felt connected.

Sasori quicken the paste Deidara was moaned even harder than before as he kept hitting his sweet spot over and over. "Ah dannna ahhh'' Deidara moaned. Sasori kissed his neck so soft and sweet ''I want you to scream my name'' Sasori said softly in his ear licking it. Deidara moaned. Sasori went fast very fast then Deidara reached it his climax ''DANNNA Sasooorriii'' Deidara screamed. Sasori fell backwards deidara stared and just snuggled close to him "I love you un'' Deidara spoken. Sasori snuggled closed to him and said the same thing "You too'' Sasori said with a smile. Deidara kissed him on the nose.

They both fell asleep peacefully then, after an hour later they both woke up and went downstairs ''Deidara'' Granny chiyo asked. Deidara's eyes focused on Sasori's grandmother ''yes'' Deidara spoken. Then, there was silence that had engulfed the whole room ''Can we get your stuff'' Sasori spoken. Deidara looked at Sasori as if he was crazy that would be a crazy mission''You want me to stay here'' Deidara spoken. Sasori nodded his head ''Hmm, yeah I mean I can't see you treated that way'' Sasori said softly. Deidara looked at him then, granny chiyo "We talked about it" Granny chiyo added. Sasori wrapped his arm around his lover and kissed him.

Deidara smiled at him and agreed he was going to stay here he felt safe and comfortable ''Well, we can try but, my dad is stubborn'' Deidara added. sasori looked at him then, spoke these three words which hurt him so much ''He hates me huh'' Sasori added in simple terms. Deidara looked at him apparently he was feeling the same pain that Deidara was feeling last night ''Yeah, he claims your a bad image'' Deidara said. Granny Chiyo stared at the two she hated when they insulted her grandson without knowing him and understanding the hell he has been through.

Granny chiyo made a comment that really surprised both of the boys ''Well he has a slutty daughter so why can't he have a child that likes the same sex'' Granny Chiyo said. Deidara was agreed to that one it was so, true deep down inside he only wanted his father to accept him for he is not another copy. Granny chiyo laughed at that comment and just winked at the two boys ''What I might be a dim wit at times but I know a slut when i see one'' Granny Chiyo added.

Deidara and Sasori just started laughing but if there friends heard it they would feel the same way"I wish our friends could hear this'' Sasori and Deidara added. Granny Chiyo put her hand on Deidara's shoulder and spoke ''Honey, It doesn't matter cause young Sasori loves you and that's the key point'' Granny chiyo spoken. Deidara was thinking about that incident with Kankuro a couple of weeks ago"like what you did to kankuro, You did that to protect us'' Deidara asked. Sasori nodded his head and smiled.

Sasori eyes wandered and touched Deidara's face and kissed him then, spoke ''Not only that I love you'' Sasori said in a kind voice. Sasori and Deidara's eyes locked with each other until, he had said those words again ''I love you'' deidara said. Then, there romantic was broken when they had heard Granny Chiyo's voice ''Well, should we go there'' Granny Chiyo spoken. Sasori had a smile on his face and held Deidara's hand as they walked out together.

Deidara was worried about his father what was he going to say when he sees Sasori but, he didn't give a damn this was his lover and theirs nothing you can't do about it. As they got closer to Deidara's house Deidara was having this numb feeling inside and arrived their. As Deidara opened the door he seen Ino's friends were there laughing and gossiping. Deidara looked and saw his father glaring right at him all the anger, hate and envy all came crashing down ''What are you doing here with that bitch of yours'' His dad hollered as he looked directly at Sasori with disgust. Deidara had to cut in he wasn't going to take it anymore ''Listen, he's my boyfriend and I love my danna'' Deidara said boldly.

His father was furious and so upset Sasori felt the same way when he told his father the truth ''Oh so you choose that fag over your family'' His father said. Deidara growled he didn't want to start yelling but, he had in order for him to know about his little princess secret ''You have a slutty daughter'' Deidara added. Ino jumped in the fight which wasn't usually her style but, she had to ''I'm not a slut'' Ino yelled. Sasori chuckled a little bit which really displeased his father ''Oh really you really want to start with this'' Sasori spoken. His father wanted to slap Sasori "How dare you insult your sister that way" He yelled. Deidara looked at him and just yelled at him "I don't care" Deidara yelled.

Deidara quickly raced upstairs trying to shake that dangerous glare from him. Deidara's father looked at Sasori "Your a evil child, You ruined my son" He said to him. Sasori looked at him as his eyes were about to fill up with tears but, held them back "I'm not evil, I love him" Sasori said trying to hold his anger. Deidara's father realized who this kid was he was dangerous and evil. Sasori looked at him "There is nothing you can't do about it" Sasori yelled. "Nothing, you corrupted him with your petty lies and influence this behavior" He said. Sasori looked at him as those eyes glowed with more hatred just what his father said when he was placed in the mental hospital "I love him and if you have to kill me then, do it" Sasori said.

Deidara came down stairs and saw his father again who was even more angry with Deidara. Then, Granny chiyo appeared looking at the two boys ''Go wait in the car'' granny chiyo said. They both looked and gave a hum ''Hmm'' They both agreed then, they walked away. Granny Chiyo gave a polite smile then, she spoke ''Excuse me'' granny chiyo spoken. Deidara's father stared at the old lady who seem very kind but, had one hell of a temper ''I heard what you said about grandson which is insulting'' Granny Chiyo said.

Kankuro was about to speak until, granny chiyo told cut him off" HOLD YOU TONGUE!'' granny chiyo said in a firm tone which shook every one, Deidara's father had glared at the old woman '' Hate all you want he loves my grandson and there's nothing you can't change '' Granny chiyo snapped.

He had stared her straight in the face which caused a chain reaction ''But why him'' His father spat. Granny chiyo looked at him and then, spoke again ''His been through a lot you can't even imagine the pain he was in, You can't judge other people based on your jealously'' Granny chiyo added. Granny chiyo turned and gave a heartwarming smile which wasn't so heart warming '' I would be gay too if I ever been with her'' Granny Chiyo remarked .

Granny Chiyo bowed and slammed the door behind her. Sasori looked at his grandmother wondering what did she say to cause a chain reaction ''Chiyo-bassasma'' Sasori spoken, ''Well'' Deidara added. Granny Chiyo gave a serene smile which turned into laughter ''Don't worry nothing won't happen'' Granny Chiyo said.

They both felt at peace...