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Summary: What were Doc's last thoughts before he saw the "Spirit Horse"

"Billy, Let's finish the game." Doc said in a rough voice trying to hide his pain from the gun shot in his shoulder. Billy nodded his head in agreement, as he watched Doc throw himself out of the shelter. Only seconds later to be shot.

Searing pain was all he felt. It felt like someone lit his blood on fire. Pain wasn't the only thing on Doc's mind. There were so many things flooding his mind, but only one kept coming back…Yen. His beautiful china girl. What would happen to her and their family without him. He should have left Billy and the others when he had the chance to go back to her. He never did understand why he stuck with the kid, maybe it was something he needed to do, or maybe he was just stupid enough to stay.

Once again his thoughts drifted back to Yen. It went from when they first meet, to the day she left with him all the way to the day they were married. He knew that Yen was a strong girl so maybe leaving her would be for the best. Doc managed to put a small smile on his face.

"This is for the best." he whispered to himself. He opened his eyes to see Yen's face. He smiled and reached out to touch her cheek, but he couldn't feel anything, he dropped his hand back down to his side.

"I finished the game Yen." he whispered closing his eyes only to see nothing but black and a white horse.