Conan kicked the ball with his Super-Kick Shoes. "Hey! No fair! Ya can't use those things in kickball!" Harley yelled.

"Hahaha yes I can!" Conan laughed while walking the bases just to piss Harley off.

"Hey Conan, can we play?" Mitch asked after appearing out of nowhere with George and Amy.

"Uh Mitch…WE HAVE A CASE REMEMBER?" George screamed.

"A case?" Harley asked. "Like a detective's case?"

"Uh yeah we're the Junior Detective League!" George said proudly. Harley looked at Conan and grinned, suppressing a laugh.

"What's the case guys?" Conan asked, ignoring Harley.

"Tell the tall guy to go away" George said stubbornly.

"He's a detective too!" Conan protested.

"Well we don't want him stealing our credit do we?" George continued, being really stubborn.

"Oh come on George! Any of Conan's friends are my friends and should be yours too!" Amy said. George looked at her for a second and then turned back to Conan.

"Fine. Ya know Melissa? She was dared to stay at the haunted house across the street from Dr. Agasa's house-lab-place-thingy."

"Wait…where Kudo used to live?" Harley asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, why?" Mitch said, and Harley burst out laughing.

"What's his problem?" George asked.

"Uh, I don't know." Conan replied quickly. He nudged Harley, but it was no use.

" Anyway, Melissa asked the Junior Detective League to check it out. Come on! It'll be fun!" Mitch said. Harley started to laugh even harder as Conan's eyes widened.