"Gosh Conan, your cousin was rich!"

"George…my cousin really wouldn't want us in his house."

"We promised Melissa."

"Mitch, Conan's right. What if his cousin chooses to come home today?"

"Well if me and Conan are here it shouldn't be that big a problem. Isn't that right little Kudo?"

"Jimmy would probably get mad anyway. Bad reunion for me and my cousin if I'm in his house with some friends."

"Come on Conan! It'll be fun!"

"Amy, weren't you the scared one last time?"

"But Conan, you said yourself it's not haunted! You weren't lying, were you?" Amy asked. Conan knew that there was no way of getting them out of the house, but he really didn't want his house to be trashed.

"Come on gang…spread out! We have a house to search!" George said enthusiastically.

"Let's come up with a plan first." Mitch suggested. "You know, cover everything to make sure it isn't haunted in less time…not that it is scientifically possible for the place to be haunted."

"Yeah…cause I'm sure that Jimmy left the house purely on the knowledge that it's haunted." Harley said with an eye roll. "But if you little kids are really scared, pair up. I'm goin off on my own." He said over his shoulder as he walked farther into the house… *Whispers* "babies."

"Oh I'll go with Conan!" Amy said, quickly grabbing Conan's arm. "He knows the house so I won't get lost."

"And it's ok if we get lost?" George demanded.

"You know what I mean George. Conan can always come f-"

"Forget it. Come on Mitch." Before they turned the nearest corner, both George and Mitch shot an angry look at Conan.

"Hey Amy, maybe we should split up. You know, cover more ground!"

"Don't be silly, Conan. We're a team!"