"Mitch, I feel like a baby teamed up."

"Yeah, me too!"

"Let's split up. You go that way and I'll keep going straight."

"You got it!" Mitch was already turning left.

Conan thought he felt a slight tugging on his neck, but stopped quickly, and he didn't think much of it. Amy was still clinging to his arm, and he tried to shake her off. "Amy, there is absolutely nothing to be scared of! We haven't seen anything, haven't heard anything, and we probably won't so let go!" With a couple more shakes, Amy still refused to let go. Conan gave one last final tug without any luck, Amy was still holding on tightly. Seeing it was useless to try to get her off, Conan gave up and kept walking.

Suddenly a strange sound came from the room behind them. Amy gasped and grabbed Conan tighter. Conan thought for a second, and then pulled Amy into a small storage closet and looked to see who had made the sound. However, it was traveling away from them. The sound was a person, and Conan heard the stranger say something quietly.

"Conan…I'm scared." Amy said quietly, but Conan was distracted. He wanted to know who broke into his house…other than Harley the Junior Detective League and himself. However, Conan only had heard one pair of footsteps, and a second voice started to talk.

We would have walked right past that guy, but we didn't see anything! Besides, wouldn't he have attacked me and Amy? We weren't really keeping our voices down. Conan thought. Well, the only thing to do is to keep going! If we stay here, we're sitting ducks!

Conan slowly made his way out of the closet. Amy tried to hold him back. Their eyes met, hers filled with fear, and his deep in thought. Before Amy could make a sound, Conan put a finger on his free hand to his lips, and Amy nodded. She showed more confidence as they crept out of the closet and farther down the hallway.