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#71: Moon

Toph made sure everyone was sound asleep before slipping away into the night.

She made her way to the highest place she could find that was close: a cliff with long green strands of grass over the surface. The water slapped against the jet black rocks of the cliff's face, a crag of volcanic glass from a volcano, which sunk under the ocean's navy-colored surface. The full moon hung in the inky sky, it's reflection bouncing off of the waves. Toph sat on a particularly lush patch of grass, tucking her legs into a pretzel-like shape.

She was informed of the moon being full, as well as the story of a princess's demise in the North Pole. How she was selfless for sacrificing herself for her people and how she was now the spirit of the moon. The pale moonlight illuminated the night softly while fire flies flickered through the strands.

"So..." she drags out softly. "You're Yue, huh?"

Only the sound of crashing waves answered.

"That's okay," she adds to make a quick joke, although no one is really around to see it, "I can talk. You can just listen. So I've heard you're story. I gotta say, I'm impressed. Sacrificing yourself for others, loosing everything? Talk about selfless. And Sokka talks about you all the time...he really loves you." She has a difficult time choking out the world 'love'. She isn't one to cry over stupid things, especially someone who's alive and well. "Why wouldn't he? You're brave, graceful, selfless, beautiful I've heard. But..."

She finds it almost impossible to ask someone for this, to admit to someone what she's actually feeling. But Yue is the moon. Non-judging and wonderful.

Toph sighs, tightening her grip on her baggy green pants, beads of sweat forming in the crevasses of her hands.

"But since you're the moon spirit and everything I was thinking you could preform a little miracle for me. I didn't know you personally but I know I'm the complete opposite of you: clumsy, loud, compulsive, selfish, and I'm not sure if I'm even, well...attractive or not. But'd be a miracle if...if you could get Sokka to like me." Somewhere a stray cavehopper whistles.

"I'm so dumb," Toph says rather loudly, the sound of her voice echoing softly. "I thought this would work. Look at me," she throws her pearly white arms over her head as she falls onto her back, laying in the tall weeds. "I'm talking to a floating rock. I thought you'd whisk Sokka from his sleepign bag, suddenly in love with me or something, and he'd just, I dont know, kiss me or something fluffy like that. So sweet it'd give someone diabetes." She scoffs, plucking a piece of grass from it;s stalk and letting it hang in between her pink lips.

"I'm so stupid..."

Suddenly, the wind picks up and Toph pulls herself foward, sitting against the wind as it blows her charcoal bangs around. As soon as it came about, the breeze dies out, leaving her eyebrows curled over her chalky eyes with uncertainty. "Uh..."

"Toph!" a familiar baratone calls from halfway up the cliff's slope. She lets her hand fall atop the grass as she feels the warrior's footsteps draw closer. She stands atop the hill so he can see her.

"Sokka?" she asked, trying to supress the growing smile.

He catches his breath as he gets to the top, standing there with her, the fire flies casting odd shadows on their bodies as they flutter by.

"What are you doing up here?"

"Uh...I couldn't sleep," she lies.

"Well I saw you were gone and I was worried about you...uh! I-I mean we were worried about you. We were worried." He rubs the back of his neck as he trips over his own words.

She punches his arm, offering a genuine grin.

"Come on," he says, grabbing her hand, "let's go back to camp." She feels her heart flutter around like a desperate bird trapped in a cage. It wasn't like the other times he held her: by the arm or wrist. His fingers are laced into hers, fitting perfectly.

She stops after a few steps.

"You go ahead," she says when he questions her, "I...forgot something up there." He shrugs, trapesing downhill as she scurries back to the top. She smiles, bowing her entire body towards the sky over the cliff's edge.

"Thank you," she says softly before running to catch up with Sokka.

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