Book two in the end of days SAGA

Written By: Jeff 'Wildstar100' Lincoln


Seven years ago Earth defeated the Dark Nebulan Empire, the Yamato Earths only surviving Battleship returned home. The crew broken and battered over the loss of Sasha, Derek Wildstar's only niece. Shortly after their arrival the Earth Defense Forces HQ picked up an identifiable contact just outside the Pluto orbit, the Yamato was dispatched only a day after they had returned home.

However, the enemy secretly wanted the StarForce to be dispatched. Acting quickly the enemy quickly overwhelmed and captured the Yamato. Then they turned the ship around and headed straight for Earth. Derek Wildstar was then charged with the murder and destruction of the Mauritanian Empires ally, the Comet Empire. The punishment for this crime was execution, execution to be carried out by the person who loved him most, Nova Forrester.

Nova and Wildstar were granted 4 hours to spend together and prepare for the forthcoming execution. The two spent their time together, getting unofficially married and consummating it. However, 4 hours will never be enough time to celebrate their marriage. Nova was forcibly removed from their cabin and taken to the now damaged bridge, and Wildstar was taken to the firing gate of the Wave Motion Gun. Little did they know that Wildstar wouldn't be the only one to die that day.

On board the Mauritanian Flagship, Admiral Nikran ordered the abduction of 250,000 men, women, and children from Earth. They were to be taken as slaves for the Empire and shipped off and sold to the highest bidder. But there the Mauritanians didn't stop there; they had intentionally aimed the barrel of the Wave Motion Gun at Earth, hoping to prove a point to the rest of the Milky Way and Nova was to be forever remembered as 'The Woman who destroyed Earth.'

The next few minutes were heart breaking and difficult for the StarForce, who had fought for 3 years to protect earth. And now they were going to be used to destroy the planet that they loved so much. As the countdown began, everyone said their goodbyes, and Nova, her face covered in tears, pulled the trigger, sending Earth and her beloved husband out of space and time.

As soon as the deed was done, the crew and the remaining 250,000 humans were taken to the Andromeda Galaxy or sold off to the Bolar Federation, a growing Military power hell-bent on destroying their rival, the Galman Empire.

Desslok, now Emperor of Galman, was one of the first to hear of the event known as the Wave Motion Tragedy. In response he made for the fleeing Mauritanian fleet and engaged them, in a desperate attempt to free the humans. He was partially successful; he ended up freeing several hundred refugees, including Communications Officer Homer Glitchman,

Assistant Pilot Eager, and Gunnery Officer Dash. He offered those he saved asylum on his home world, they eagerly accepted.

Meanwhile the Mauritanians sold Science Officer Stephen Sandor, Space Marine Sergeant Hajime Knox, Doctor Sado Sane, and Chief Engineering Officer Yamazaki to the Bolar Federation.

Nova Wildstar and Mark Venture were to be taken back to the Andromeda Galaxy with the rest of humanity. The two would become the closest of friends over the seven years that would pass. However, even though he asked to marry her, Nova remained committed to her dead husband Derek Wildstar. Understanding her decision Venture then married Tanya Bartowski. Shortly after, Nova discovered she was pregnant.

Under normal circumstances anyone would be overjoyed, however this time Nova feared for her life as well as her unborn child. The Mauritanians were known to be horribly sexist and hated women with a passion, in fact; once a woman is deemed infertile the women are taken away and executed. The Mauritanians hated human women even more and had begun taking away human girls and killing them at the age of seven years old. Setsuna was now six years old.

Meanwhile in another dimension a young Iscandarian woman; Mizuki and her Father worked to heal a man that was known to be dead for seven years, Derek Wildstar. The procedure was extremely complex and very dangerous. In the end, Wildstar was restored to his previous self and was ready to return to our dimension, armed only an Artificial Intelligence based off of Mizuki's mind, and…the Yamato.

Left adrift in orbit of now what is known as the Earth asteroid field, Yamato slept. Once Wildstar returned, he and the AI set forth towards the Galman Empire, in a desperate attempt to procure help from Desslok. Upon arriving in Galman space the Yamato was taken under the guard of Sergeant Masterson and was brought to Galman, where Desslok agreed to help Wildstar free his people and settle on the nearby planet, Starsha. But before Yamato could take off on this new journey, Galman was attacked. Bombarded by deadly radioactive planet bombs similar to the ones Desslok used to bomb Earth, fell down up Galman and devastated the surface.

For a whole month the Yamato and the remaining Galman fleets have been fighting to protect Galman from the planet bombs and the fleets of the Bolar Federation. However, the Bolars have decided it is time to stop playing games. Now an armada of 400 ships is destined for Galman, armed with 20 planet destroyer missiles. Our story opens in the midst of the final hours of Galman.

Day 2592 The Fall of Galman

7 Years after the Destruction of Earth

1545 Galman Global Time

Space Battleship Yamato – Bridge

Aboard the main bridge of the newly repaired Yamato, Wildstar gritted his teeth. This battle was a lost cause even before it started. Already the 4th and 5th fleets of Galman had been destroyed and the Bolars hadn't even fired a single planet destroyer missile. Desslok had personally taken command of the combined 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fleets. Wildstar was given command of the 6th, 7th, and 12th fleets, as well as the Wolf Pack Fleet.

Realizing the danger Desslok had also ordered the immediate evacuation of Galman. The evacuation was still underway. Wildstar knew that this attempt at fleeing was useless, the Bolars would hunt all of them down and defeat them. Wildstar couldn't afford that, but he also couldn't abandon Desslok now in a time of need, when he had attempted to save Iscandar when it was sent flying when Gamilon was destroyed.

"Commander, the Bolar ships are attempting to press our starboard flank." Mizuki said in her monotone voice, the entire bridge glowing with the different colors of explosions.

Wildstar turned back, "Homer contact the 7th fleet, tell them to intercept those Bolar ships at once, have the Wolf Pack cover their approach. Mizuki, target the enemy force approaching us at 320 degrees, shock cannons and missiles fire!"

Homer nodded, "Message sent and received Skipper, the fleets are moving to intercept." Homer placed his hand on the radio, "Skipper the 6th fleet is reporting they are encountering heavy resistance on their approach. They also report heavy damage to their escort cruisers."

Wildstar clenched his fists, "Tell the 6th fleet to pull back to Galman, Yamato and the 12th fleet will take over their offensive. Do we have a status report on Dessloks push through the enemy lines?"

Homer shook his head, "Sorry Skipper, Desslok has been out of contact for a good 15 minutes now."

"There's a huge wall of missiles coming at us! Port side, at 58 degrees up!" Eager said reading his panel.

"Mizuki come about to heading 230 mark 245, pulse lasers, FIRE!" Wildstar exclaimed, Yamato moved instantly catching all of the missiles with the barrage of pulse laser fire. "Status on the 7th fleet?"

From behind him the new Radar officer, Guldaze responded, "The 7th fleet has engaged the enemy forces, we have lost sight of the Wolf Pack, they probably submerged in order to cover them. The enemy fleet has begun to take heavy hits."

"Understood Guldaze, are we within firing range of the fleet in front of us?"

Guldaze looked down at his screens, "We will be in firing range in 15 seconds."

Wildstar nodded, "Give the order to target the enemy fleet in front of us to the 12th, tell them to aim for the enemy's flagship. They'll hit more targets that way."

"Already on it Skipper." Homer said relaying the message, "Skipper the 12th reports they are locked on and ready to fire."

Wildstar stood and pointed out the window, "All ships FIRE!" As the order went out Yamato fired, the 9 bright blue energy blasts from the shock cannons mixed with the 30 or so green energy blasts from the Galman ships. The blasts streaked across the stars and impacted on the Bolar Fleet. Several of the Bolar ships were destroyed, including the flagship, but they quickly responded with returning the Yamato's fire.

Their bright purple beams pierced through several Galman ships. Three of Wildstar's ships were destroyed, but 12 of them were either crippled or severely damaged.

Wildstar slammed his hand on the console, "All ships continue to fire until the enemy fleet is destroyed! Homer, tell the 6th fleet to move to our six o'clock and back us up!"

From behind Yamato the remaining ships of the 6th fleet moved into position and immediately began firing. For a good three minutes the two opposing forces fired upon each other. But finally the Bolars were defeated, and the Yamato's two fleets were heavily damaged.

Wildstar sighed, "Tell all fleets to return to Galman, we're going to need repairs and we're going to need them now." He sat back down in his chair. He sighed, "How long is this battle going to last? The enemy has to be running low on ships by now-"

"Commander! Radar has picked up 3 planet destroyer missiles headed straight for us!" Guldaze exclaimed, reading off the radar. Wildstar turned around wide-eyed.

"What?" He stood up and walked over to the Radar Station and looked down, he quickly read the information being displayed across the console. "Mizuki, target those missiles and fire!"

"Aye Commander." The three cannons swivled to track their targets, each locked onto a single missile, then the bright energy blasts shot from their tips and struck the missiles. The missiles however did not explode, instead they increased their speed and plunged directly toward the Yamato. "Shock cannons had no affect on the missiles Commander. They have increased their speed."

Eager read his monitor, "Impact thirty seconds!"

"Mizuki fire again!" The Cannons unleashed their blue lights again. And again, the missiles didn't stutter on their course and once again they picked up their speed.

"Impact in 10 Seconds!"

Wildstar groaned, "Mizuki warp us to coordinates 145 mark 362! NOW!" Yamato warped instantly behind the missiles and watched in horror as they plunged into Dessloks homeworld. The world looked normal for a few seconds, then it began to spin faster and faster. Bright orange cracks begain to form across the surface. The cracks grew larger and larger as the planet picked up speed.

"Oh no..." Guldaze said standing up from his console watching the destruction of the place he called home. Galman spun extremely fast, each coninent appearing in front of them 3 times per second. This continued for two minutes and then Galman exploded into a giant bright light, debris flying everywhere, the remaining Galman ships near the planet were vaporized instantly. Unknown to the StarForce, Desslok was leading the evacuation and was caught up in the explosion.

Wildstar cleared his throat, "H-Homer, get a signal to the rest of the fleet. Tell them we're moving out...we can't stay here, the Bolars are going to kill us all." Homer nodded, "The rendevous is at section 15 of the Milky Way...Tell them to warp there as soon as possible."

Slowly but surely the remaining Galman ships warped away from the remains of Galman. The final ship to warp out was Yamato. However before warping Wildstar bid Desslok, his once friend and enemy a tearful good-bye.

The destruction of Galman rests heavily on the shoulders of the defeated Galman Race. However this is not the end of their chapter as they will play a bigger role in the coming days. What will that role be, and who's side will it be on?

Yamato Strikes in 200 Days.

This Chapter is Dedicated to Jackson Elton, one of my dearest friends in Second Life, for today is her Birthday and I wish her the best and many more!