Summary: DigiAcademy: A place where children of all ages come to learn about Digimon. Here, you get your own partner Digimon and get the finest and most prestige training in the world on how to train, care, and befriend Digimon. You get your own Digivice, one that's different from all the rest, no one has the same. Work hard here, and you may be the best Digimon tamer ever!

Akira and his friend Jirou just entered DigiAcademy, excited to get their own Digimon. Jirou quickly settles in, while Akira slowly becomes an outcast. He's different from all the others. His Digi-Egg hatched and out came an Armor Digimon, his Digivice is totally different and new, and his Digimon has a slight personality difference than the other Digimon. One day, he sees a group of three people with Armor Digimon and the same Digivice as him, and quickly becomes a friend to the mysterious group. When they finally tell him a secret about the school that will change his whole perspective on everything, he quickly finds out that not everything is as it seems...

A/N: With new plot ideas, come new stories~ Here's a new one, the idea came into my head one night and, well, it wouldn't leave. So here we go! Enjoy~

"Hey, Akira! Wait up!" a voice shouted at me. Turning around, I saw it was my friend, Jirou.

I blinked and smiled in greeting. "Hi, Jirou. What's up?"

Jirou gave a sheepish smile and ran his hand through his deep black hair. He started taunting me. "It's break time... Let's battle! And if I win, I'll get to shave off your pretty strawberry blonde hair!"

I took a step back and contemplated just running away. No, he would catch up to me... Ugh! Wait...

"Let's wait until we get our partners, okay? We have, what, only ten minutes left?" I asked, smiling.

His brown eyes sparked with disappointment and he pouted. "Why...?"

"Because I said so," I replied. "Anyway, what Digimon do you think you'll get?"

My friend literally seemed to light up, his smile was that bright.

"Hmm... I'm thinking of Dracomon or Gaomon!" Jirou excitedly answered.

He always did like those two...

"Okay, Tyros! Follow me!" Ms. Whells exclaimed over the din of the auditorium. She had long blonde hair that was slightly curly, looked to be in her thirties, and had blue eyes.

"What's a Tryo?" a redheaded boy asked, he was standing near a group of other boys.

Ms. Whells seemed happy to answer the question. "A Tyro is what you are now. A first year student, and currently inexperienced."

The redhead looked angry at the word inexperienced, and looked ready to retort something when the bell rang.

It was a high pitched noise, like a fire alarm. It echoed and vibrated off the walls, making it even louder.

Jirou huffed, clearly irritated at the bell. I shrugged my shoulders in response.

"Okay, Tyros. Time to take the test that will decide your Digivice, Digimon partner, and classes." Ms. Whells announced, beaming at us.

Jirou and I sat down at a circular table that was slate colored, the middle of the table was dark blue and circular, and Ms. Whells started passing out the 'test'. In all, there were about twenty of us.

When the kids got their test, they started filling in questions excitedly, and scrambling for pencils.

When we got ours, Ms. Whells smiled at us and started humming an unknown tune. It sounded eerie, yet oddly familiar...

I looked over to Jirou, who was staring intently at the paper, pencil gripped in his hand.

I sighed, looking at my paper. I suddenly felt nervous and unprepared. This test would decide my future and my partner, who I will have forever. And if I got a bad one, like Raremon, everything would spiral downhill.

Nice, Akira. That will reassure you!

I bit my lip nervously, grabbed a pencil beside me, and looked at question one on the white paper.

#1. Are you active?

Umm... Okay, odd question. Looking down at the other questions, they were similar to this one. Hmm, I thought this would be harder...

Below the question was a yes, no, and not sure.

Well, I guess I'm fairly active. I exercise a few times a week.

Shrugging, I circled yes.

#2. Do you like to be alone most of the time?

I circled not sure.

#3. Do you worry about the safety of others?


#4. Do you like children?

Not sure.

The questions mostly carried on like that, but the last two seemed odd to me.

#22. Everyone deserves to live, even evil people- do you agree?

#23. Are you living?

I honestly didn't know what to answer. I drummed my fingers on the cool surface of the table, a nervous habit I picked up from my mom.

For question 22, I hesitated before writing something that wasn't an option. Everyone does deserve a chance to experience life, even those that don't appreciate it.

The last question didn't make sense. Are you living...? My mind was now feeling hazy and tired, nervousness was getting to me.

I narrowed my eyes in thought, and I had an answer. I scribbled it down, not picking the other choices.

Next to me, Jirou seemed to be done. He was just daydreaming, picking at the hems of his red and black hoodie. His eyes were glazed over, staring at nothing.

Suddenly, another bell rang. Not like the other one, this one sounded more like stopwatch kind of thing. Ms. Whells was holding a stopwatch, smiling at us.

Seems I was right.

Nonetheless, Jirou jumped up and looked around, surprised. I snickered, laughing at him.

Jirou looked over at me, noticed what the noise was, and glared playfully at me before sitting back down.

Looking around, I noticed the other kids were done. Half of them were smiling, some were emotionless, others looked like they were about to pass out...

"Okay, Tyros. Time's up, put your test on the machine to the right." Ms. Whells exclaimed.

To the right of her was a blue machine. It looked like it was from the future or something. Cords, cables, buttons, and levers were all over it, and it was glowing a faint blue. There was a hole and some sort of metal, slide-like thing that went out of it. It was several feet long and at the end of it was a red plush pillow.

Jirou excitedly stood up and started dashing to the table with his test, right before tripping over his own legs. My friend hit the ground face first. He groaned, blushing in embarrassment.

I more slowly stood up and started walking past him, laughing all the way.

The other kids were already crowding around the table, placing their test on it before backing away.

Making my way through the crowd, I gently placed my test on the others and saw Jirou do the same.

He looked fine, just a red mark on his forehead. He smirked playfully at me and

took a couple steps back.

I took a glance at the table before doing the same.

"Hey, Jirou. Wasn't the last question weird?" I hesitantly asked him. He looked relaxed and slightly bored.

"Hmm? What's your favorite color? Err, I guess so..." Jirou looked confused, looking at me curiously.

"No, not that one. It said-"

"Okay, time for the exciting part!" Ms. Whells interrupted me, walking up to the odd machine.

I scowled in annoyance.

She pulled a green lever, and pushed a blue button. The machine started glowing a bright, neon green. It purred to life, thrumming softly.

All of the kids, including Jirou and me, backed up quickly.

The table made a high pitched noise. Numbers, letters, codes, started surrounding the table and a bright white light flashed before the odd concoction shattered.

Ms. Whells looked excited and started humming that weird tune again.

Out of the hole came a red egg, and another one after it. Eggs kept coming out, and hitting the pillow before some teachers picked them up and placed them on a long table. All the eggs were different colors and had different markings. Odd, didn't see those teachers before...

"Okay, Tyros! Come and get your egg, you'll know which one's yours." Ms. Whells announced over the murmuring, talking, and shouting. She winked at us.

Jirou looked confused before a glazed looked covered his eyes. He slowly started walking to the table, and picked up a dark blue egg with white stripes.

I was about to ask him what was happening when I head a voice.


The voice sounded boyish, and had a child like ring to it.

Right when I was about to start panicking, everything seemed to slow down.

Everything around me seemed hazy, and I heard faint whispers, but I couldn't hear what they were saying.

'Akira, over here...' the voice repeated.

Trying to find the source of the voice, an egg at the table was impossibly clear, while everything around me was hazy. The egg was a snow white, with red and gold stripes covering it. On each side of the egg was a symbol. It was pink, and looked sort of like a sun or flower. I suddenly remembered what that symbol was. The Legendary Kari had that symbol on her crest, The Crest of Light...

The egg started glowing an intense mixture of gold and pink, like it was urging me to hurry and pick it up.

I shakily started walking towards it, stumbling a few times before finally making my way over to it.

I stretched my arm out and gently touched my hand against it. It felt warm.

'Finally, you found me... I waited for so long.' the voice murmured.

Voices started ringing in my ears, slightly incoherent and going so fast I could barely make them out.

'Digidestined...Chosen... Find Others... Save... Help... Help!' they started screaming at me, voices laced with desperateness, pleading with me.

I gasped, clutching me head in my hands. Barely knowing what I was doing, I picked the egg up.

Ever so slowly, the voices stopped.

Panting and sweating, everything cleared up and I saw the other kids. They seemed fine, though confused.

Shaking my head, I blinked a couple of times in disbelief. I slowly breathed in and out, trying to control my breathing. My head was spinning, and I looked down at the egg in my arms. It was large, like an ostrich egg.

"What...just happened?" I murmured under my breath, my eyes wide.

"Okay! Seems everyone found their eggs, I told you you'd know which one was yours," Ms. Whells said, grinning. "Go back to your tables, you'll get your Digivices now. Remember, all of yours will be different in some way. Color, markings, different features, or a whole different kind of Digivice! Either way, no one will have the same as yours."

With the egg in my arms, I scrambled back to the table. Jirou was just sitting down, the egg in his arms, too.

I hesitantly placed my egg on the table and sat down next to my friend.

"So did you hear a voice? Telling you to pick up your egg?" Jirou asked bluntly, eyebrow raised and grinning playfully.

"Yes..." I sighed, deciding that I won't tell him that I actually heard more than one voice. If I did, he'd think I was crazy.

"Wicked experience, right?"

Jirou kept pestering me, telling me how awesome, sick, and unreal it was. I just nodded and hummed a reply.

"Okay, place your palm on the dark blue, circular spot on you table." Ms. Whells instructed, observing us closely.

I slowly reached my hand out and put my palm on the cold, metal circle. Jirou quickly placed his, his eyes brimming with excitement.

The circle though, was as cold as ice, sending shivers down my spine and racking through my body. The feeling wasn't' natural and I didn't like it.

Suddenly, the circle started glowing a fluorescent green, humming to life; Jirou's and my palm still on it. It was vibrating slightly. All of us kids jumped in shock and tried pulling our palms away, but we were stuck somehow.

Then, it was over just as it started. I pulled away, holding my palm against my chest with my other hand.

The circle was still glowing though, slowly intensifying in both color and light, until a bright white light flashed.

I gasped in shock and blocked my eyes with my hand, covering them until it was over.

The light dimming, I moved my hand away to see two objects on the circle. One was a blue and red Digivice iC, the other I recognized as a D-3; the ones Kari, Davis, T.K, and the others used in their adventures. But it was different. Where the right grip should be was some kind of slot, like something could be slashed there. There was also a key-chain like string on the top, probably there so you could wear it. The color was also different, the remaining grip, the buttons, and border around the screen was a dark forest green, while the rest was a dark golden color.

Curiously, I reached out and gently picked it up. It was slightly warm, like it was just made.

I could see Jirou happily pushing the buttons on his Digivice, humming.

Shrugging, I pushed the top dark gold button, below it was another one. They were to the right of the screen and slightly triangular.

The screen came to life and seemed to shift through animated papers until it came to one where it just had a picture of an egg, slightly bouncing up and down. Wait a second, that's my egg.

A second later when I thought that, a thought bubble came out of the animated egg on the screen, saying, 'About to hatch, about to hatch! Three minutes remaining!'

I shouted in surprise, then stole a quick glance at my egg on the table right in front of me. It was jiggling slightly.

"J-Jirou! My egg!" I exclaimed, looking over at him.

Still tinkering with his Digivice, he scowled in annoyance and then looked over at me, seeing my expression, then looking at my egg.

"Holy cow!" Jirou shouted loudly, alerting the other kids and , who walked over to us quickly.

She beamed at us and smiled, then announced, "Seems we have an early bloomer, Tyros! It usually takes thirty minutes to an hour for a Digi-Egg to hatch, but this one's early!"

The kids immediately shifted and looked over at my egg and me. My hands twitched nervously. I don't like that much attention...

My egg started jiggling more urgently, practically moving around. A moment later, a loud crack was heard, and a big crack appeared in the side of it, facing me.

I was still staring at it it wide eyes and mouth wide open, shell-shocked. My Digivice started loudly beeping.

Looking at it, a new thought bubble appeared and a crack was on the egg. The thought bubble said, 'Ten seconds remaining! Good luck, Akira!'

What? How does it know my name?

Looking back at my Digi-Egg, it started glowing white and more cracks were heard, small egg chips falling to the table's surface.

I gasped, and the egg cracked once more before something plopped out of it.

The creature looked like a snake, a long white body with red and golden stripes on it. It's tail had some sort of metal flame attached to it, a shiny gold. Right where it's diamond head ended and the body began, were two large wings on either sides; dark silver feathers with red and white tinging them where there were no feathers. The feathers looked oddly like some type of metal, maybe steel; and very sharp looking. Where it's forehead was, was a dark, spiky green mane that continued to one-third of its body. Below the mane, was a symbol, the one that was on the Crest of Light. It was a dark gold.

The creature looked exhausted and fluttered its eyes open, a pale blue. It slowly struggled to a sitting position, panting.

A moment later after it caught it's breath, it looked directly at me in the eye. Recognition filled it's eyes, and it smiled slightly.

"Hello, Akira, I'm Quetzalmon. Your partner digimon." the creature said, it's voice boyish and young, the same voice that spoke to me when I found the egg.