"DigiAcademy, in the beginning, was called Digicrome Academy, named after the founder and first principle. The principle's name was Selvester Digicrome." Ryu started.

"He was also completely crazy..." Dracomon muttered darkly, his red eyes shifting to a deep burgundy color.

"Dracomon, we'll get to that part later!" Ryu scolded, frowning.

The teal colored dragon rolled his eyes.

I was actually more curious about what Dracomon said than what Ryu was talking about, but I didn't let it show.

"Anyway, the academy was built and opened in the year 3000, which was fifty years ago. About one-hundred or so kids ranging from ages eleven to eighteen were chosen to become students. They were the "Guinea pigs" of Digicrome Academy." Ryu said, curling two of his fingers on each of his hands to form air-quotes.

"Guinea pigs?" I questioned.

Nya jumped in. "Digicrome Academy was mostly a big experiment during that time. Everything was new, mistakes were bound to happen. So, they tested it out on those students."

"Not only on the students, but the Digimon, too..." Salamon murmured, snuggling up to Nya.

"But, that isssn't sssafe at all!" Quetzalmon hissed, still wrapped around my neck. I wasn't scared, unlike most people, but that's because I trust him.

"We know." Dracomon merely replied.

"Anyway, the academy had rules. But, there was one that was the most heavily enforced. Everyone knew it. The rule was: 'Once your partner Digimon is defeated in battle, their Digisoul must be completely destroyed.' It was a cruel and inhumane rule, Akira. Many Digimon died each day." Ryu said sadly, sighing.

I was confused, though. "What's a Digisoul?"

Everyone looked surprised, even Quetzalmon.

"A Digisoul is a Digimon's soul, if it is destroyed, the Digimon die and are reborn as an egg, sent back to the Digital World and would eventually hatch. Certain humans, like myself, have parts of a Digisoul within us. It's an aura of energy in us, and if manifested correctly, can evoke Digimon Evolution. It even affects Digimon subconsciously. " Ryu explained patiently.

I blinked in amazement. I truly didn't know any of that, I only watched battles on TV.

"But, why don't I-"

Suddenly, a shrill and ear-piercing wail interrupted us, almost like a siren. The lights above us started flashing a blood red, giving everything a red tint to it.

"Students, get of of the dorms immediately! Two stray Mega level Digimon has crossed over! I repeat, two stray Mega level Digimon has crossed over! All Tyros and Apprentices to the safe house! Experts and Veterans, please come in front of the school! We need you and your Digimon's help!" A female's voice shouted over the intercom above us.

We all scrambled to our feet, hearing screams outside our door.

"Nya, get Akira and Quetzalmon to the safe house! Dracomon and I have to go and help! " Ryu ordered urgently, grabbing his Power Link out of his pocket. He nodded at her before running out the door, Dracomon following.

Nya's face was serious for once, her eyes solemn. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the door, Quetzalmon still around my neck. Salamon was running along side us, being surprisingly fast.

"Wait, Nya! What's happening? We have to go help Ryu!" I shouted as she pulled me along, her amazing strength once again shocking me.

"There's nothing we can do, Akira! You only have an Armor Digimon, and Salamon is no match for one Mega Digimon, let alone four!" she snapped, dodging running students as we ran through the halls.

"But...but..." I sputtered, my breathing erratic.

"Akira, Ryu is an Expert. He will be fine. Don't worry." Nya said soothingly.

Okay, from what I gathered so far, there are ranks in the academy. Tyro is the lowest, which is what I am. Apprentice is next, which is what Nya is. Ryu is an Expert, one rank higher than Apprentice. Last was Veteran, the highest rank.

Soon enough, we reached the lobby of the dorm, where the exit/entrance was. Tons of students, all boys, were running out of the glass door, some kids getting trampled. Oddly enough, there was no Digimon. Only a few kids looked calm, probably Experts or Veterans.

"Move it, coming through!" Nya shouted, squeezing my wrist harder as she barreled into the students, knocking most of them to the ground.

Poor kids...

Quetzalmon was being oddly quiet, his blue eyes dead-serious and calm.

We rushed out the doors and into the court-yard of the academy.

The image before us was complete and utter chaos. Students were screaming and running, Digimon were beside their partners, standing by them protectively. The ground underneath us was starting to shake and I saw the two Digimon they were talking about.

"Why do they have to be Machinedramon and BlackWarGreymon...?" Nya sighed, tugging me along as we neared a huge golden warehouse.

The two Digimon were trying to destroy everything in sight, Machinedramon shooting red beams out of the two cannons on his back. BlackWarGreymon was throwing spherical, jet black energy at the ground. They were both huge, Machinedramon was about fifteen times taller than me. BlackWargreymon was smaller, but not very much. While Machinedramon was on the ground and about six-hundred feet from us, BlackWargreymon was in the air, the same distance away.

Suddenly, a huge red dragon-like Digimon was flying toward the two Digimon, roaring and baring its teeth. A kid that looked to be about twelve was on his back.

We finally reached the warehouse, it was gleaming in the sunlight. Nya opened the white door and we walked around, her letting go of my now sore wrist. Salamon hurried in.

Students of all ages and genders were there, about one-hundred kids in all. Some were sitting and others were standing, a few of them were pacing back and forth. They all had the same frightened and panicked look on their face.

Nya started walking toward a group of students, me following along because I had no idea what to do.

"Midori, Dani, Oliver, Sutera, what's up?" Nya exclaimed, trying to sound cheerful despite the situation. Her smile was strained and nervous.

"Not very pleasant, as you know." a boy replied rather rudely, snorting.

He was slim with pale skin and looked to be thirteen. He had dark brown eyes and short blonde hair, wearing a black shirt, blue denim jeans, brown hiking boots,and sky blue fingerless gloves. He had a Digimon on his shoulder, it looked like a caterpillar and had yellow with black jagged stripes.

"Be nice, Oliver." a girl scolded, slapping him lightly on the arm.

I guess the rude boy was Oliver...

The girl that hit Oliver had tan skin and was skinny, almost looking fragile. She looked about my age. She had brown hair to her shoulders with green highlights, her eyes were very dark brown, almost black. She was wearing a pale green t-shirt with various sayings, jean shorts, a belt with a card holder, and black and white tennis shoes. On her head was a Australian cowboy hat, I saw one of those on the computer. She wore a green headband.

Next to her was a Terriermon, one of the few Digimon I recognize.

One of the other girls sighed, shaking her head in exasperation.

She had red hair that was tied in a ponytail and had stormy gray eyes. She was wearing a purple and pink striped shirt, worn and faded looking blue jeans, and black sneakers. I think she was my age too... On the ground beside her was a BlackAgumon.

One of the girls remained silent.

She looked to be the oldest of all of us, maybe eighteen? She had brown, long curly hair that went over her shoulders and sky blue eyes. She was wearing a red tunica with flounces, dark blue jeans with a belt, and black tennis shoes. She had a BlackGuilmon next her.

"Um, Nya, who are these people?" I asked shyly, standing behind her.

Nya blinked and then smiled slightly.

"These are my friends, Akira. Oliver is the rude one, Dani is the one with the green highlights, Midori is the one with red hair, and Sutera is the only quiet one out of our group." she explained, pointing to each in turn.

As we were speaking, the group was starting to argue loudly, Sutera being the only quiet one, but she had an annoyed look on her face.

Nya giggled and shouted at them, "Hey, guys! I have a person you'll want to meet. He's Ryu's new roommate."

They all stopped at once and turned to stare at me.

"Er, hi?" I said feebly, blushing. Quetzalmon was snickering.

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