Title: Prison of Ice

Characters/Pairing: Helen/John

Summary: Diehard Challenge – Frozen. She is held in a single moment of time.

Warnings: Slightly overdramatic?

Each passing day, year, decade encased her in ice. The most obvious sign of her removal from time was her appearance, the lack of physical ageing that had once been such a gift. Now it was a wearying burden, one she bore out of obligation and duty. She saw the world through a window, looking out through her own suspended animation, alone as she saw the progression of time on others' faces.

As a result of the constant death she had witnessed, natural causes or otherwise, she became just as stagnant emotionally. The relationships she formed were, at the most, strong friendship or gentle affection. Nothing more. As a measure to protect her sanity, she became restrained in how she expressed her emotions. People had began to call her cold and distant, her usually inward facing cold forced outwards. As the leader of the Sanctuary Network she was forever toeing the line between rationality and total impartiality.

True, some had found deep fissures in her icy cage. Tried to reach her through them, but really, the only ones who were close to her were the ones trapped with her. John had been one such. Able to warm her with funny stories and sweet whispers, to set her on fire with a look or a touch. Isolated from the world by his abilities, carrying his own demons and utterly unreachable by anyone but her.

Which was exactly as she liked it to be.