A/N: This was more or less a random scene without a specific timeline.

''Stop!" Was all he could say. The filthy muggle writhed in pain under Bellatrix's cruciatus curse.

A slight smile slid over Bellatrix's face. She quickly made it vanish, but not unnoticed by him.

"Bella," The Dark Lord said. She broke concentration and looked at him. The muggle cowered on the ground, sobbing madly.

"My Lord?" Bellatrix asked.

"Do you enjoy watching others suffer?" He asked. She didn't respond. He walked towards her, his cloak dragging lightly across the ground.

He raised his own wand, pointing it at Bellatrix. She braced herself as the cruciatus curst hit her.

She could hear herself screeching and she could feel the cold hard ground beneath her. But she only felt a slight sharp pain. Her body twisted and turned awkwardly. But she herself felt no pain. Instead she felt a smile on her face and a laugh escaped her lips. The feeling stopped and she almost wished for it to last.

"Does pain amuse you, Bella?" The Dark Lord asked.

"N-no, My Lord." Bellatrix mumbled still on the ground and feeling slightly light-headed. The muggle sat feet from them, his eyes wide and scared.

"You are strong, Bella." The Dark Lord said as Bellatrix stood. "Do not become arrogant." He looked at the muggle. We're done here. Avada Kedavra!"

The muggle fell to the ground, face froze in a frightened stare.