This scene takes place between books 5 and 6. Lucius is in Azkaban and Draco is at Hogwarts.

They sat around the large table at the Malfoy's house. Only few of them were there, most of them hadn't shown up yet. Bellatrix sat to the right of the Dark Lord. Severus sat across from her next to Dolohov.

Narcissa sat next to Bellatrix, squeezing her hand and trying not to cry. Slightly annoyed, Bellatrix glanced at her and saw a fresh tear in her eye.

Narcissa glanced to the left of her at the empty chair. Usually Draco or Lucius sat with her, holding her hand instead of Bellatrix.

The door at the other side of the room opened and Rodolphus, Yaxley, Rowle, and the Carrows came in.

"Sorry we're late, my Lord." Yaxley said with a grin. "We were r-"

"It doesn't matter. Sit." The Dark Lord ordered. They all sat immediately, ready to listen.

They went through their meeting as usual. Severus gave them inside information on the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore. Bellatrix watched the Dark Lord with admiration and longing, while offering up all her free time to the Dark Lord's missions. Narcissa clung to her sister like the daughter Bellatrix never wanted.

After the meeting, Bellatrix pulled Narcissa to a spare bedroom and locked the door.

"What's your problem, Cissy?" Bellatrix asked angrily.

"Wha-what?" Narcissa asked.

"Why do you keep holding onto me like you used to do to mum?"

"My son…" She trailed off. "Lucius…" Her eyes drifted to the corner of the room. Bellatrix groaned.

"Cissy! Get over it!" Bellatrix yelled. "He'll be fine! The Dark Lord will get Lucius out of Azkaban! And Draco isn't stupid! He knows what he has to do!"

"Really, Bella?" Narcissa asked warily.

"Yes, Cissy. Of course. Besides, Draco knows what'll happen if he fail."

"Bella! Don't say that!" Narcissa put her hands over her face and began to sob.

"Cissy! Cut it out!" You're acting like the blood traitor!" Bellatrix grabbed Narcissa's arms and yanked her from her face. Narcissa stopped crying and looked at her.

"Our sister has a name." Narcissa said angrily. Bellatrix let out a small, sarcastic laughed and crossed her arms.

"The blood traitor means nothing to me." Bellatrix stated simply.

"You may act like that in front of the Dark Lord, and your husband, but you can't lie to me, Bella." Narcissa said sternly, pointing a finger at her. "I know you miss 'Dromeda."

Bellatrix looked at Narcissa, then at the ground. Narcissa just watched as she walked across the room and peered outside.

"Lucius will be fine." Bellatrix mumbled. "Just don't get yourself thrown in that awful place. You wouldn't last an hour." She walked past Narcissa and out the door.

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