Callie sighed as she looked at her bare Christmas tree. Christmas was just depressing this year and the one person she wanted to celebrate with was out of the picture. Well, out of her picture anyways.

Callie finally gave up on trying to get into the holiday spirit and pushed the box of tree trimmings she had be digging through to the side. She slid down to the floor with her back against the couch and grabbed her phone. Her fingers hovered over the buttons as she contemplated on whether or not she should call him. She decided against it in case his preschooler was there.

She tossed her phone to the side and decided that she would be more productive at the hospital were at least she could break some bones. She grabbed her coat of the hook and was at the hospital in just a mere few minutes, grateful that living just across the street was such a luxury.

She quickly signed in, ignoring the looks from the receptionist as if to ask why she was here so late. Callie quickly made her way up the stairs and into the attendings' locker room, changing out of her street clothes and into her extra scrubs she kept there. She pulled her hair away from her neck and face, tying it up with a band as she walked out of the room, nearly knocking over Mark.

"Whoa, Torres. What are you doing here?" he asked, grabbing onto her shoulders to steady her from their collision.

"Home is depressing," she huffed as she fell into step beside Mark.

"So you came to a hospital to be less depressed?" Mark questioned.

"I don't have Erica, I don't have Arizona, I have absolutely no one. Not even Cristina since she's over at Owen's but don't tell her I said that."

"You still have me," Mark said, throwing her a sideways smirk.

"Yea, when you're not tied up with the preschooler, which is like pretty much every day now," Callie said, avoiding Mark's eyes.

"Come with me," he said, grabbing her arm and pulling her down the hall.

"No," she protested when they stopped in front of an on-call room. "I refuse to be part of any form of cheating."

"I had a feeling that you would end up here tonight, so I set up a surprise for you," Mark said as he pushed the door open. Callie gasped when she saw a small table filled with food and two chairs surrounding it.

"I need someone to eat Christmas dinner with," he said ushering her into the room.

"But what about Little Grey? She should be here with you," Callie gasped out.

"Lexie and I broke up. She's still not over Alex. Anyways, she's not the one I want," Mark said, stopping Callie and turning her around and looking into her eyes.

"Mark, I can't. We've tried this before. We're only good at the sex part, not the relationship part. Our separate relationships should tell you that," she tried, grasping at straws.

"Cal, screw the past. All that there is is here and now," he said before pulling her into his arms and pressing their lips together. Callie sighed into the kiss as her nails clawed at his back, marking him. They both pulled away breathless and looked into each other's eyes.

"Make love to me, Mark," Callie pleaded, her eyes searching Mark's. Mark smirked at her before picking her up and carrying her over to the bed.