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Ruby came downstairs.

"Mom, dad," she said, "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure honey," Cheryl said, "What's on your mind?"

"I did something, and I have to tell you the truth"

Cheryl and Jim sat down and listened.

"I was really the one that wrote boogers on the mirror," Ruby admitted.

"Why would you do that," Jim asked

"Cause I was jealous of Gracie," Ruby said,

"Why," Cheryl quested.

"You love her more," Ruby explained.

Jim put an arm around his daughter.

"We don't love Gracie more then you," he said, "We love you and Gracie equally as well as we love Kyle"

"She always gets in less trouble," Ruby said

"That's because she's younger then you are,"


"The rule is that the older you are the more time you get in trouble," Cheryl said.

"Well maybe that's not the best idea," Ruby said, "Maybe getting in trouble isn't the way to go?"

"Maybe you need to tell your sister you're sorry," Jim said, "and maybe you need to write an apology letter to your sister"

"She can't even read," Ruby argued.

"Well then I guess you'll have to read it to her," he said, "and you'll have to clean up the mirror and no TV for a month"

Cheryl cleared her throat.

"Jim can I talk to you for a minute?"

Jim followed Cheryl into the other room.

"She made a mistake yes and she does need to apologize to Gracie but she did tell the truth and she does have a point. She should just clean up the mirror and apologize."

Jim sighed deeply.

"But she was dishonest. She purposely lied to get her sister in trouble. She shouldn't get away with it."

"I didn't say she should but punishing her isn't going to change her attitude.

"Let her apologize to Gracie and let her do Gracie's chores for a week"

"Fine," Jim said, "I guess that will suffice"

"It's the best thing to do," Cheryl said.

"Ruby," Jim told her what they decided.

"Okay," she said, "But do I have to do my own chores too?"

"Yes," Jim and Cheryl said in unison.

Ruby apologized to Gracie. What nobody knew was that Ruby really didn't write on the mirror. She said it so that Gracie wouldn't get in trouble.