That Old Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter it belongs to JK Rowling.

Hermione had always loved Christmas, it had always been her favourite celebration of the year. As she stared around the great hall, she smiled. The Great Hall looked magnificent and it had been decorated brightly with all the colours of the four Hogwarts school houses. She wasn't staying at Hogwarts for the holidays but still looking around at it all, it took her breath away.

Whenever she saw decorations or Christmas trees, her excitement grew as it reminded her that Christmas was drawing closer. She loved everything about Christmas and as Hermione stared around the Great Hall one last time, she couldn't help but feel that old, warm and fuzzy feeling in the pit of her stomach, that she always got when she thought about her favourite time of the year.

Author note: This drabble was written for the forum wide drabble competition on the HPFC forum. Each week we get a set of prompts, the prompts for the first week were celebration and colours. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. A review would be greatly appreciated.