Surprise Party

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters, they belong to JK Rowling.

She walked down the manor corridor quickly. She had nearly finished all the preparations for the party. It was to be a massive celebration in Draco's honour. It was his birthday and she wanted it to be special. Astoria knew that he hated formal balls and parties as he found them boring but she wanted to celebrate his birthday the right way. She had begun to plan his surprise party and she had been very discreet in her planning.

Astoria had even warned everyone if they breathed one word of this to Draco, there would be terrible consequences. She smiled not only had she been keeping the fact that she had planned a party for him from him but she had another secret she had been keeping from him. Smiling again, she rubbed her stomach. She planned to tell him later tonight at the party and she couldn't wait to see his face.

Author note: This is my third drabble for the HPFC forumwide drabble competition. The prompts we had to use in this fic were celebration and surprise. I really enjoyed writing this fic and I hope that you enjoyed reading it. Reviews would be greatly appreciated.