"I want you to have him."

Callie couldn't believe her ears. She looked at Sloan in disbelief, not quite sure if she heard her correctly.

"What?" Callie asked, stuttering slightly.

"I want you to have him. I know how much you've been wanting a baby and I know that you'll be able to provide for him better than I'll be able to. And besides, Mark thought it would be a great idea also. So, he's yours if you want him."

Callie looked between Mark and Sloan before she spoke.

"Don't, don't do this to me. I, I can't take him if you're just going to want him back. Don't do this if you're not sure," Callie stuttered, praying to God that she wasn't being Punk'd and that Ashton Kutcher was going to come into Sloan's hospital room and smash her dream into a billion pieces.

"All you have to do is say yes," Mark spoke from where he stood in the corner of the room.

"You're serious?" Callie asked, still not fully believing them. Sloan looked over to Mark and nodded. Mark pushed himself away from the wall and disappeared from the room before returning a mere minute later with a small blue bundle nestled in his arms.

"Mark, don't. Don't let me get attached to him if he is just going to be taken away from me," Callie said, tears filling her chocolate eyes. Mark ignored her as he kept moving closer to her. She tried backing away, but he placed the baby in her arms anyways.

"The papers are drawn up. Sloan already signed them and all that's left is for you to sign. He can be your's and no one will take him from you," Mark promised her. Callie looked up from the baby over Mark's shoulder to Sloan.

"I want you to have him," Sloan repeated her earlier words. Callie looked back down at the baby as a smile spread across her face.

"He's really mine?"

"He's yours if you want him," Mark told her. Callie placed the baby back in Mark's arms, shocking him. She then walked over to Sloan and enveloped her in a hug.

"Thank you so much. I'll take good care of him," Callie promised Sloan.

"I know you will. That's why I chose you," Sloan said, hugging Callie back.

"I won't let him forget about you," Callie told Sloan. Sloan nodded her head, a few tears escaping her eyes.

"Just love him for me," Sloan asked.

"I will," Callie promised. She walked back over to Mark and smiled when he placed the baby in her arms.

"You'll be a great mother, Torres," Mark told her.

"I'm not going to keep him from you either. You're his grandpa and I want you to be apart of his life," Callie said.

"Okay, just don't say the g word to loud." Mark smiled.

"He's all yours," Mark said as Callie signed her name on the official adoption papers.

"This is so surreal. When I got paged to Sloan's room, I didn't know that I was going to be a mother within a mere few hours," Callie said.

"Sloan wanted someone she could trust raising him and she chose you. I think that was the most responsible thing she could do for him," Mark said.

"He's beautiful," Callie smiled as she gazed over at the little boy sleeping contently.

"He still needs a name," Mark told her.

"A name might help, right?" Callie smiled, looking up at Mark. "What do you think of Connor Riley Sloan Torres?"

"It sounds perfect," Mark smiled back.

"God, I have to keep telling myself that this isn't a dream," Callie said as she looked back over at her son.

"What about Arizona?"

"Arizona and I broke up. Whatever I do doesn't involve her anymore."

"What if she wants you back?" Mark asked.

"Then if she wants me, she'll have to accept Connor. Not that I'm ready to take her back anyways," Callie answered.

"You're too good for her anyways.""Thanks Mark. Oh crap, I almost forgot," Callie exclaimed, nearly waking a sleeping Connor.

"What?" Mark asked.

"I don't have anything for a baby. No crib, no food, no car seat, no nothing," Callie said.

"The crib is still over at my place so there's that fixed. I bought you a car seat today when Sloan told me that she wanted you to have Connor. On our way home, we can stop and get whatever else he'll need," Mark told her.

"You'll help me, won't you?" Callie asked, looking up at Mark.

"Of course I will, but I know you can handle this. You'll be amazing to him," Mark promised her.