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I still remember that day.

The day I lost my mother and sisters, my home, and my people.

I can still see the horror of my sisters head bashed in by their boot heels.

I can still see my mother butchered, cut from her neck to her privates.

I can still see others slain laying on the cold ground.

I remember going mad and wanting to kill all the men that did this to me, my family, my people.

Then I meant him, John Tunstall.

He took me in and showed me how to control my anger and revenge.

I became part of his family along side Doc, Steve, Dick, Charley, and new comer Billy.

But soon our lives changed when John was murdered.

It seemed like my old life was coming back.

I was loosing my family again.

But this time I got revenge.

I lost some brothers along the way.

By I know they are now in a better place.

The spirit horse came to them.

But it won't come to me, at least not yet.

Not until I finish my game.