Dear Lord, I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to update. I honestly feel just plain awful. I am so sorry, dear readers, I'm sure you thought I had abandoned this story. I have just hit such a slump within school, writing, and basically life. Hopefully though, the next chapter will be up within the month. I'm starting on it right now and I hope that this chapter won't be complete crap. Thank you to all my patience followers.

It was three in the afternoon when Fred finally woke up. It felt as if sand had lodged in his eyes that refused to allow him to awake. Finally though, Fred awoke with a stretch and a yawn expecting to hit Lizzy. Instead he found a cold, empty space where her body had once occupied. A sudden wave of worry set over Fred as he quickly opened his eyes, surely he hadn't imagined coming back and meeting Lizzy… He sighed in relief when he found himself to be in her room, pictures of her and her friend, Janie. A tingle on his lips caused him to smile as he remembered the feel of Lizzy's lips on his.

"What are you doing here, Mickey?"

"This better not be the Mickey I'm thinking off…" Muttered Fred as he exited the bedroom. Much to his dismay, the lanky form of Mickey Bunce filled his vision. He narrowed his eyes at Mickey, "Well if it isn't Mickey Fartpants himself, fancy seeing you here." Mickey whipped around, confusion evident in his eyes. Sparks exploded in his eyes as Fred kissed Lizzy's cheek. "Morning love."

"Who is this?" Mickey's eyebrows knitted together in annoyance as he took in the taller man in front of him wearing his pajama pants. He then moved his gaze to Lizzy, "We've been separated," he looked at his watch, "less than twelve hours and already you've found someone else? We were together for six months, didn't that mean anything to you?"

Lizzy sighed, feeling more annoyed than guilty, "What do you want, Mickey?"

"To fix our relationship!" Mickey grasped Lizzy's hands, a look of desperation in his eyes, "I'm sorry Lizzy, please forgive me!"

Fred narrowed his eyes, wrapping an arm around Lizzy's shoulders. "Isn't it about time you left?"

Mickey glared at Fred, his eyes as cold as steel. "I don't know who you think you…"

"I'm Drop Dead Fred!" he said, with a cocky smile.

Lizzy's eyes widened, absolutely mortified. She shot Fred a look, urging him not to say anymore. If word got to her mother that "Drop Dead Fred" was back, she would be back in that Hell again. "Mickey, he's just…"

Mickey laughed humorlessly, "You know, I thought all this…craziness was over six months ago but," he looked at Fred, "apparently its spread." Before anything else could be said, Mickey left, slamming the door behind him.

Fred smirked in triumph at the closed door, "Well I guess we showed him, eh Snotface?" A small sob answered him. He looked down at Lizzy, concerned, "What's wrong?" A dark thought nibbled at the edge of Fred's mind, what if she wanted Mickey back instead of him? A shiver ran down his spine, he couldn't lose her again.

"It's just…what if he tells my mother?" Fred frowned at her quiet, terrified voice. "I can't have her thinking I'm crazy…again. It was hard enough the first time."

"Yeah, but you didn't have me. Well a visible me." He smiled at her, "Well face the Mega-Bitch together." Fred hugged her shoulders, "You just wait, she'll be trembling in fear in front of us!" Little did they know, they would have to face her sooner than they thought.