All I Want For Christmas Is You

Set after Hiatus

Its been exactly 2 years since Abby has seen or talked to Gibbs because he got a call from his old boss named Mike Franks saying that they needed his help in Indonesia and because he was a retired sniper. On the day that he was at the airport about to head for gate 23, Abby was running towards him and she finally told him that they can't be friends anymore because well she was in love with him. So, she told him that would wait for him to come back and well he was shocked at first but didn't really surprise him because of the way he treated her and that's not how you treat someone like your daughter.

Two weeks before Gibbs had to leave, Abby couldn't keep her secret anymore because it was like burning inside of her and it felt kinda good to get it out into the open. By that, she arranged a meeting in her lab for the team expect for Gibbs obviously because she couldn't tell him and she would miss him more than anyone. So, when it was time for the meeting, she was kinda nervous because she probably would have been embarrass but its like they say 'You can't control who you fell in love with' or something like that. At first, Ducky was like 'Oh Abigail, I already knew that', Next Tony was like alittle dumbfounded, Then Ziva really didn't know what to say but she did say 'good luck' and stuff like that, Now for McGee, well he was jealous because he used to date her but he's going to have to be happy for her and just remember the good times they had together.

After they finished talking, Abby explained to them that she's seen Jethro at his best and worse and he doesn't scare her like he does with the others. Also she explains that he's always there for her whenever its about getting a new tattoo or something else and that they are closer to each other from what a father/daughter relationship should be. When Gibbs told the team that he was leaving, Abby almost wanted to cry, run down to her lab and hug for farting Hippo named Bert but since he was in the same room as her; she wanted to stay strong until she went home that evening.

No one knows when he'll come back and since he left, he made Dinozzo in charge and everything has been hectic since then. While Jethro was in Indonesia, he was thinking about what Abby had said to him and if he's ready to move on and start a relationship with Abby; While he was in Indonesia, Mike Franks noticed that Gibbs was alittle off subject and Mike asked him what was bugging him. When Gibbs told him what has happened at the airport before he left and Mike said that he shouldn't hold back on life since what happened to Shannon and Kelly and he should live his life; that life is too short and he should give Abby a chance at a relationship with him.

Now for Tony and Ziva, well their relationship has gotten alittle better but they are still friends because of Rule 12 which was Never date a co worker and sometimes they wished that rule was never created. But that rule wasn't going to stop them from getting together not even Gibbs because that's how much they love each other and since Christmas is almost here; this will be the perfect opportunity for Tony to set up a plan. They started having feelings for each other when Ziva was in Africa and Tony came to save her from getting killed or when they had to go undercover.

With Gibbs in Indonesia, he was on base talking to Mike about if he could go to DC before Christmas comes so he can surprise Abby and Mike gave him the 'okay' to go home until 2 weeks after New Years Eve. After that, Jethro went to his building where he was staying and he dialed a number.

"Hello?" Ducky said as he was filling a paper out that was on his clipboard because he just got done doing an autopsy.

"Hey, Duck. Its me, Jethro" Said Gibbs as he was drinking coffee while looking for his suitcase.

"Ah, Jethro. My boy. How are ya?" Said Ducky as he put the paper that he was filling out into a vanilla folder with the rest of the papers.

"Good. And yourself?" Said Jethro as he found his suitcase and he put it on the bed so he could get his clothes out of the drawer.

" I'm fine. But I don't know about Abigail, she's worried about you Jethro." Said Ducky

"Well she won't have to worry about me." Said Jethro as he just got done putting his clothes into the suitcase and then pulled the zipper to the other side of it.

"Oh, whys that?" Said Ducky as he pushed his glasses up further because they were sliding off

"Let's just say that I'm coming home for a few weeks. Could you not say anything to the team? I want to surprise Abby" Said Jethro as he sipped some more of his coffee.

"My pleasure, Jethro. What did you say to Mike?" Said Ducky

"Um, well we talked about the past and when I told Mike that Abby told me that she loves me; he said that I shouldn't hold back on life because of what happened to Shannon and Kelly and I should live my life and give Abby at chance at a relationship with me." Said Jethro

"I have a question for you: Do you love Abigail?" Said Ducky as he just signed the last paper from the autopsy.

"I don't know. Maybe alittle..." Said Jethro before he could finish the sentence Ducky interrupted

"Jethro?" Said Ducky being impatient

"Yes Duck. I mean she is the one who makes me smile when I'm in a foul mood. She is the one who cheers me up when we have a bad day. I guess our relationship has grown over the years; I mean we flirt sometimes and you know me, I don't act upon those feelings." Said Jethro

"Well maybe its about time too. You've been alone since your last wife. I don't want you to be alone anymore. I want you to be happy again Jethro" Said Ducky

"Thanks, Duck. I gotta go now. I'll see you in 4 days and remember not a word to the team or Abby" Said Jethro as he drank the last bit of his coffee

"Yeah, okay. Bye" Said Ducky as he hung up the phone

With the Team...

The three agents were sitting at their desks trying to find something about the victim who was down in autopsy lying lifeless on a table.

Timothy 'Tim' McGee was looking at some sort of a data base that had all of the Marines and Petty Officers listed to see if anyone was missing and after a few minutes of skimming through the list. he found that one person was missing and that was Petty Officer James McNeil.

"Guys I found something" Said McGee as he clicked on the person name to see their profile. McGee stood up from his desk and walked over to the big screen to pull up the persons profile so Anthony 'Tony' Dinozzo and Ziva David could see it as well.

"His name is Petty Officer James McNeil, not married, and no kids." Said McGee.

"It says here that he's been in the Navy for 3 years, he attended University of Montana for 2 years, and he lives in a small town called 'Spencerville' outside of DC" Said Tony as he grabbed his bookbag and slung it over his shoulder.

McGee and Ziva did the same, then they followed Tony to the elevator and by the time they caught up with him the elevator doors had already opened for them to step inside. After 25 minutes, they reached Petty Officer James McNeil's house in Spencerville. With Ziva's lock pick skills she successfully opens the door; after she opens the door, Tony, Ziva, and McGee have their guns drawn incase somebody in the house.

With Abby back at the Navy Yard...

Abby is in her lab sitting at her desk looking at a website that she found the other night because she couldn't go to sleep and well we all know why she couldn't. She misses Jethro like crazy. She misses him bring her Cow Pow, giving him hugs, him giving her kisses on her check, and him telling her 'good job Abbs.' While she was looking at the website she found the search box, typed in 'ncis gabby' and she clicked on the 'search' button hoping there was stories about her and her silver haired fox on there. When a list of stories popped up, she then went to the right hand side where all of the genre was, she selected 'romance' and then she selected 'Rated R'. After the page popped back up with a different list of stories, she went down the list to see if she sees a story that interests her, and a few minutes later she finds a story called 'The Morning After The Night Before.'