Chapter 15 : A Spirit's Girl

A/N: Final Chapter, please enjoy, thanks. I've been re-writing and revising some chapters with spelling errors. "She-lions" is also a mythological creature, popular in Ancient Asia. The Ying Yang image designed the reunion of the male/female in Ancient Asian as well.

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Loke found Hibiki to be thoughtful and generous to him. Far too nice to him even. He once thought of him as a "love rival" and he was willingly aiding him in this courting business?! Why? Hibiki winked at Loke, whom he really hoped to befriend and saw he was pretty much useless here now. So he left the Inn quickly and quietly, leaving these two lovebirds alone.

"Lucy, would you come down with me, there's something I've wanted you to have… that would mark you as mine." Lucy nodded, not fully understanding his words, but followed him anyways. "Yes sure, Loki, what is it please?" She was getting rather impatient.

"Here it is, it's to bring us luck and happiness in our marriage… I know, I have the reputation of being a flirt, but now that I have you, I don't want to lose you... ppppllease would you accept?" Loki was so very shy, he didn't know how to act, which was a very unusual behavior, coming from him.

"Loki, was… that a proposal? I sure would… looks very lovely and so precious, Arigato." She was so touched. She hugged him and he kissed a very willing fiancée. He didn't have to woo her anymore. No more advice nor tips were needed from Aries, his Sister. He was a mature, "big boy now". He loved every bit of their first kiss, finding it so naïve and sweet, knowning she belonged to him forever. Each time he's kissed her, he felt so full of joy and complete. It's like before he met her, he didn't know what "true love" was and he's never accomplished any romantic dreams with any of his harem girls either. So in fact Nothing would hurt him more to lose the Sun of his life or the Savior of his Soul. He was experiencing it right now and then and felt utterly bliss when being besides her. For indeed, what was love? Was it a feeling, a mood or what…?! Loki would have defined it thus now : love was to live the moment with your Ying and your true beloved, to have no more doubts anymore about your mate.

In the Spirits's World, Aquarius, Aries and some others were spying on the whole scene. Aries had tears in her eyes, she was so happy for him! Finally, he had his Soulmate and would be faithful to one girl. Aquarius cried so hard that her whole palace flooded with tears of joy. Who knew that Leo could be such a considerate and romantic guy? And Lucy finally found herself a "boyfriend". All were relieved that Lucy chose him and no more fear of "a near Worlds' collapse" anymore amongst them. Gossips and rumours about it have quieted or settled down for good.

Of course, many lion females were very envious and jealous of her. But Lady Nuawa and Aries told them : "Girls, he found happiness and love, would you not rejoice for him? let him be please and now you are free". And they've chastised them often about them being petty, selfish. These poor girls didn't know how to reply, so they've said nothing.

Aries passed a message for Nuawa one day, because the "she-lions" did not seem to comprehend their Goddess's will at all. "Everyone of you are much like Lucy, meaning you are all free, M'Dears, to love your own special one and to choose him and to live your life ." These girls were lost, bimused. They didn't know what to do with life at all and used to live for Loki only. Organizing beauty contests was their only passtime, a futile one indeed. They know now, that they were allowed to have their own life and to have a chance at falling in love like Lucy did. Everyone of them felt relieved and took this chance, because it did hurt them everytime Loki was flirting with some girl on Earth. Some grew even attached to her and concerned about Lucy's fate, even callin her their "little Sister". Was he going to cheat on her like he did with them? Nuawa trusted him and reassured them that he had broken out of it. She would personally see to it and she was very proud of her Child, the Lion Spirit.

In Lucy's World (Fiore), Loki was in 7th heaven, always besides his blond, kind-hearted Master, not a moment without his only one, from watching sunsets to romantic picnics and etc and most of all : kissing. He's noticed some very valuable and precious qualities in her, Lucy was above all those pretty lies and was a very simple and naïve, pretty girl. He also dearly loved when she was cooking for him and always told her he was, although he didn't need any Human foods per say. He ate what she's prepared, no matter what. Happy and Natsu were of course, teasing them two something terrible and making "kissing noises" everytime he caught them. Mirajane was very mad at them and so warned them not to. The pair decided to mate and unite themselves in front of Nuawa in the Water Season (in between Spring and Fall), for Loke also told his darling about his own spiritual Mother, with Aries as their only eye-witness. They've decided against a public marriage, so twas going to be a little private one. And indeed, they've mated in the Garden of Golden lotuses, considered to be the Queen of flowers and the loveliest Garden of all. The Goddess of all living things graced her some flowered-lucky charms and made her drink "The Nectar of Life", symbolising that no one could interfere in their relation/marriage. Lucy clearly and positively glowed in radiance. Loki's name would never no more be forgotten and Lucy remembered as his beloved and fair Queen.

The End! You could imagine their "happily ever after and leading a fairytale life."