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"SAMANTHA PUCKETT!" yelled an irate Freddie Benson.

Sam looked up from the television at the dork that just barged his way into Carly's house. That was her thing.

"What's up...Count Dorkula." Sam laughed as she noticed the get-up that Freddie was in.

"It's for the sketch, as you well know. No petty jabs." Freddie said.

"Wait. Weren't you mad at me?" Sam asked.

Freddie shook his head.

"Y-yeah! I was! Do you mind explaining to me how all of my underclothes-ALL OF THEM-were replaced with skimpy frilly girly panties and training bras?" he yelled.

"I switched them. There. It's explained."


"Oh come on, Benson. You know as well as I do that if I didn't make your life miserable, you'd find something else to sulk over. Maybe the fact that Carly will never love you?" Sam provoked.

"Sam, come on. Stop this. Not today." Freddie glared at the blonde.

"Oh, I'm so so sorry. Did I bruise wittle Fweddie's ego? To freaking bad!"

"You know what, Puckett?"

"What Benson?"

"I-uh-y-you're a jerk!" Freddie yelled.

"Ha. What a comeback. A monkey could do better than that."







"Of what?"

"Being a demon!"

"Oh you think you're so funny!"

"I do!"

"Well I don't!"

"Well too freaking bad! No one asked for your opinion!"



"Princess Puckett!"

"That's not an insult!"

"It's the best I got!"

"More proof you're a NUB!"

"You know what?"


"ENOUGH!" came the voice of their best friend, Carly Shay.

"I can't believe you two. You can't even get along for 2 seconds without ripping out each other's throats." she then looked at Freddie's vampire costume.

"Maybe that was a bad choice of words..."

"Carly, we're never going to get along." Sam said.

"Yeah. We can't agree on ANYTHING." Freddie said.

"You just agreed with Sam." Carly pointed out.


"Carly, I'm sorry. But Sam and I will always be fighting. It's just who we are."

"Maybe it doesn't have to be." Carly thought and then headed up the steps.

"What are you-" Freddie started.

"Back in a sec." Carly then sprinted up the steps and was back down again in a flash.

"What in the world..." Sam was confused.

"Close your eyes." Carly instructed.

They both looked a little wary, but agreed.

"Suddenly they felt something very cold around their wrists.


They opened their eyes.

Oh. My. God.

Carly had handcuffed them together.

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