To be updated every Seven Days In-Universe.

Day One

Got a Journal from my mom today!

Got a Piplup named Mister Sed

Then a Starly named Eleanore

Then a Bidoof named Libby

Then a Shinx named Dee-Dee

And finally an Abra named Harold

Made it all the way to Valley Windworks!

But then Commander Mars killed Harold

Swore revenge on Team Galactic

Mister Sed dangerously close to death, but managed to survive

Libby still acting like an idiot

Must remember to come back on friday to catch a Drifloon

Dream 1

I had an amazing dream!

Which is weird, because I almost never dream!

I don't remember much of it, just that there was a lot of really weird looking stuff

Pink bubbles

Blue stars

Black sunflowers

A yellow hat

A blue star

A pink octopus

And then I saw a woman in white

She told me that I'd catch a Dialga

Then I woke up

I wonder what a Dialga is?

Day 2

set off for whatever is supposed to be north of here (turns out it was Eterna Forest)

Caught a Buizel, named him Danborough

Danborough died to the hands of an evil Budew

Must remember to return again on Friday

Dee-Dee, Eleanore and Mister Sed all evolved

Saw a Budew, but couldn't catch it because of Cheryl

Thanks to her I can only go through double battles

At least I get free healing from her Chansey?

Made it to Eterna City

Bought a truckload of stuff with money from my TMs

Did I tell you? I suddenly had like a thousand TMs in my bag outta nowhere!

I didn't understand why, though. I couldn't use them all, so I gave some of them away

Caught another Buizel. Named him Danborough

Fought a fisherman. Raised Libby to a higher level

Now she is not as useless

Fought a million Magikarp to get her up to level 7

Met a lady named Cynthia

When I catch my Dialga I will name it Grasshopper

Day 3

Finally defeated the Eterna City Gym Leader. It took me ages

Caught a Budew and a Meditite. Budew is named Nelson, Meditite is named Terra

Danborough is now in the Box. I don't want him to die anymore

Fought Team Galactic again. Lost Dee-Dee to a Kadabra

Tried to find a Drifloon, got a Shellos instead

I will miss Dee-Dee dearly...

Day 4

I can't seem to go one day without someone dying

Terra is dead. She tried to help me get a Gastly

Stupid Gastly almost killed itself too, but its parents ended up showing up and stopping it

I was in the Old Chateau, it's a building behind a bunch of small trees

I found a thing called a Dread Plate. Wonder what it's for...

I also saw a creepy little girl in the next room

Her legs weren't moving, and I couldn't see her on the other side

Ended up catching a Gastly after all. Her name is Maud

She is a ghost. Ghosts don't die, right?

Ghosts don't die...

Okay, so I fought Jupiter. I won pretty quickly.

The Cycle man said that Team Galactic are from space.

I don't know whether I believe that or not

Jupiter also said something about ancient pokemon...

Is Dialga an ancient pokemon?

Found another Meditite...

That statue at Eterna City keeps talking about the blessing of 'Dia'

Dia means 'Day' in Spanish

I guess a day would be a blessing

I wonder what a Dialga looks like...?

Maud is kind of scaring me, though

I think I can hear her thoughts or something

She 'told' me she wanted to learn new moves, and that's why she showed herself to me in the first place

So I used some of my millions of TMs on her

She felt much stronger, she told me

Day 5

I'm lost

I went through the Cycling Road today

I didn't like it all that much

Walked through some grass patches underneath it

I caught a Ponyta named Ginger

Ginger got jealous of Maud's abilities

She kept pestering me for some new moves

It took a while, but I finally gave her a TM

She was really happy afterwards

I also went into a cave, but Ginger said it was too

What am I saying? Pokemon can't talk...

Anyways, Ginger didn't like it in there, so I had to keep her in the pokeball and navigate the cave blind

I managed to find some trainers though, so I got some experience for her

I also caught a Bronzor!

Its name is Alex because it doesn't have a gender

I also met a boy named Lucas

He started talking to me about a Pokedex

What's a Pokedex?

He said I should go see a guy named Professor Rowan, so I did

He asked to see my Pokedex. I told him I didn't have one. Then he laughed at me

So I dug through my bag and whaddaya know, I did have a Pokedex

I wonder why I didn't remember it...

I showed it to the Professor, and then another Professor showed up, and then he took my Pokedex and gave me another super facy one

I took a quick look through it, and it was all completely filled up

It had information on every Pokemon in existence!

I was surprised, but at least now I can always look up stuff on Pokemon I see

I also got this weird thing that tells me where a Pokemon is hiding

Then I found a lot of Shinx...

I miss Dee-Dee

Day 6

Libby evolved!

Now she has water powers

She's still a bit of a derp, though

I decided to go back to Eterna City and ask Gardenia where I should go, but she wasn't at her gym

Jim Gai in the first room said that she went to the Old Chateaux

By the time I got there she was really scared and ran off

I went inside with Maud and searched the place, but the only thing we found were more Gastly

We went back to her and told her she was being kind of stupid, there were only Gastly in there

Maud, er, 'told' me that she didn't suffer fools

I checked her pokedex entry and it said that certain Gastly from Kanto love to play pranks and watch TV to laugh

Maud urged me not to question it, that she was just a Black Mareep in a culture of idiots

Later on I went off to the mountainside at the other end of Cycling Road

I searched the mountainside a bit more and found some more trainers, nothing special happened there

Then I went inside the Cave and found a Team Galactic Member with blue hair

He kept talking about the beginning of the universe and more or less forgot I was there

Who was that weirdo?

Dream 2

Wouldn't you know it? I had another dream!

I wonder where all these dreams are coming from?

Anyway, I had a dream where I was underwater

There were Octillery everywhere!

And they were all pink for some reason

Later on there was a girl with white hair, but she wasn't the woman from before

She was younger and wearing overalls and a striped shirt

She told me something in a language I didn't understand

I remembered one of the words, though

Day 7

Decided to run back to Oreburgh to ask some questions

I found a trainer later on and asked them if they knew the word from my dream

He said that he didn't, but that a man in the building with the Dusk Ball knew

So I went and asked him about it

He told me that it was an English word, and that the word meant 'Trainer'

I thanked him for his time and went back to the cave

Libby was being a derp and fumbling with rocks she thought might be diamonds

I... don't really know how I knew she thought they might be diamonds

I think I might have some sort of psychic residue or something from Harold, because I understand Pokemon Speak

I guess it's more of a plus than a minus

Mister Sed helped calm me down though, and then he told me (shyly) if he and Eleanore could fight a bit more

I said yes

I made it past the mountain once more, fought some Fighting Type pokemon with Alex

Alex had fun

I also discovered a thing called Contests

You're supposed to take a pokemon, dress it up, make it dance, and then perform some moves for the judges

You're also supposed to make Poffins to feed your Pokemon so that they look prettier and stuff

Ginger was interested, so I wrote her into the contest and gave her some Poffins

Alex said it wanted some Poffins too, so I gave it the last Dry one

Alex said that it really liked it

I had some time to practice, so I did the dancing thing once or twice in the Practice Room

Then the contest started!

Everyone kept focusing on Dexter, the old man in the middle, or Jordan, that cute guy to the left

No one wanted to perform for Keira though

Ginger told me that she wanted to perform for Keira because no one else was and she must feel left out

Ginger ended up winning!

As soon as that happened, everyone popped out of their pokeballs and started congratulating her!

Contests are kind of girly, but I guess they are a little fun

I found some books in a history shelf on the side of the building, though

There was one that looked really really old

I opened it, and instead of photographs or anything, there were faded pencil sketches

One of them looked kinda weird. It was some kind of four legged thing, sort of like Ginger

But it wasn't on fire, and it had a wheel thing on its back where a saddle might be

I put the book back later on

Then I looked at some of the international records

There was this one girl from Hoenn in it with weird pigtails and a bandana on her head

She won a lot of Smart Contests with this weird looking red Human-shaped Pokemon with tentacles

I wonder if I'll meet her someday?

Current Team:

Prinplup "Mister Sed", Male, level 22

Staravia "Eleanore", Female, level 20

Gastly "Maud", Female, level 18

Ponyta "Ginger", Female, level 18

Bibarel "Libby", Female, level 19