Steve watched Rachel and Danny reenter the house, laughing, Danny's hands waving around in the air as he insisted "I knew all along you did it on purpose!". All Steve's brain was registering was Danny could have died and Danny didn't die and Why is she touching his arm mine mine mine.

So he strode forward, long legs making up the distance quickly, and bent his head, kissing Danny long and hard, one hand cupping the back of Danny's head, the other planted possessively on Danny's lower back. He felt Danny respond instantaneously, and it was all Steve could do not to stick his tongue out at Rachel, so instead he stuck it in Danny's mouth.

He felt Danny fight to swallow his moans, felt him murmur against Steve's mouth, "Awesome, now I've got a boner in front of my ex-wife, Captain Subtlety."

Steve laughed, peeked over Danny's shoulder to see Rachel standing still in the doorway, eyes wide, and Steve couldn't help but laugh again, hiding his face in Danny's shoulder. He grabbed Danny's hand and pulled him up the stairs, kicked the door open and then closed to the stakeout room, stumbled over the telescope as Danny kissed a trail down his neck, nipping at his shoulder.

"Seriously," Danny said between kisses, pressing Steve back against the wall, "you couldn't wait until you had me up here, no you have to go all Neanderthal and take me in front of my ex-wife."

"You had me scared," Steve gasped out, head thrust back, back arching. "In the house. And then..." With effort, he brought his head back up, already-dilated pupils meeting Danny's gaze. "Ok, yeah, I didn't like that she was touching you."

"Huh." Danny tiled his head for a minute, as if considering Steve's words.

"Huh, that's it, really?" Steve asked, beginning to get his breath back. "Normally you have an epic speech about everything, but this, I get a huh?"

"I was processing, ok!" Danny bantered back, laying a hand flat on Steve's chest, keeping him pinned to the wall.

"And what did you come up with there, Danno?" Steve said with a grin, grabbing Danny's ass and pulling their bodies flush together.

"Mine," Danny said, smirking wickedly as he kissed and sucked the side of Steve's neck again, hard enough that Steve knew there would be a very purposeful hickey there in the morning. "Mine, mine, mine."