The moon was full and lit up everything it's light touched. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. The once dark city of Konoha was illuminated in shadows. I wondered if just across the hall, Itachi was looking at the same moon too. If he was marveled at it's size and glow like I was. His distant attitude lately left me feeling cold and very much alone. I felt tightness in my throat that I tried to swallow away. Letting only a few tears escape my eyes before I furiously wiped them away.

"I would not sing of love if it does not exist. But darling you, are, the only exception," I hummed to myself a song I had heard earlier on the radio.

I jumped off the bed and swiped up my key. Locking the door behind me I hurried over to his door. I knocked and prayed he was still up.

When he opened the door he was a simple black shirt and grey lounge bottoms. His hair was slightly messy and was pushed over one shoulder. When he looked down and saw it was me he seemed a little shocked.

"Ms. Haruno? What's wrong? What're you doing here?"

I ran a hand through my own equally messy hair. What was I doing? I looked down. I was in such a rush that I didn't put on shoes, or even socks for that matter. Soft pink nail polish gleamed at me. I tugged at the bottom of my loose top with my other hand. I shook my head and looked back up at him. I inhaled and mustered up every bit of courage I had. My words rushed.

"Well, I don't really know but you haven't been talking to me lately, or even looking at me and you seem so distant now like I don't even exist and without even you to talk to any more I get really lonely and I feel like you find me boring and all you do is give me harsh looks and I've gone through so many scenarios as to why you won't speak to me and I've gone through so many thoughts as to what I've done to make you mad and how I could make it better, what I could do, and damn it why did I have to go and like you so much, why do you have this effect on me and why are you smiling at me like that?" I huffed and removed my hand from my hair.

He laughed for a second before grabbing my wrist and pulling me inside his apartment. He pulled me close and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I tried to push him off me.

"Excuse…w-what're doing?!"

He stepped back a few inches and looked at me. I wiped the rest of my tears away. The key in my hand now making small indentions from the grip I had on it. When he saw the key he pulled it away from me and dropped it on the counter.

"Wha-" I began.

"You're not going home for awhile."

"Yes I am! Coming here was stupid. I look like an idiot."

He smiled and pulled me into his arms again. "You are an idiot."


"Coming here a frazzled mess and practically in tears just because I won't talk to you. You have no idea how happy I am right now."


"What am I supposed to do when you act this cute Sakura?"

I blushed. It had been so long since he said my name. "C-Cute?"

"Of course," he chuckled. With a tightening of his grip he said a warning. "You're my student."

"I know," I said gripping his sleeves.

"Your reputation is at risk."

"I don't care."

"I won't let you go."

"I'll kill you if you do."

He laughed. "You're mine now."

I pushed away from him, resting my hands against his chest. Looking up at him I smiled.

"About time."

He smirked. Leaning down he tilted his head to the side. I lifted myself to the tip of my toes. He pressed his lips into mine. I felt an odd sensation flow throughout my body. He slipped his arms down around my waist and picked me up so my feet dangled. When we both broke apart for air he caressed my cheek in his palm. We were both panting slightly. I pressed into his hand, placing my own over it. My hands were significantly smaller than his. And slightly paler.

"How I've missed your touch," I mumbled.

I redirected my gaze to lock with his own. I couldn't help but smile.

"And how I've missed your eyes only looking at me." He paused for a moment and looked down slightly troubled.

"What's wrong?"

"You know we'll have to stay as separate as we can at school."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean we can't see each other every day after school right? I mean, we are neighbors."

"Of course." He smiled bringing his hands down to rest behind my hips.

It surprised me when he picked me up under my thighs and sat me on the counter top. We could almost see eye to eye now. I ran my hand up his jaw bone, slowly bringing it into his hair. Moving his head slightly I pressed my lips onto his again. My kiss was shy and hesitant but I still pressed into him nonetheless. The vibration of his chuckle tickled my lips.

"Getting braver are we?"

I blushed. "S-Shut up."

He went to kiss me again but I placed my fingers over his lips, stopping him. He gazed at me confused.

"Answer this first: why did you stop talking to me after that night at the festival?"

He seemed to get a little embarrassed. "Because…"


"Ms. Hyuuga made you too sexy."

"S-Sexy?!" I blushed again.

"Mm…" he nodded. "I felt like I forced you into something and then I left a mark so forcefully. I wasn't really sure whether or not…you know…I wasn't just your 'professor' so I distanced myself." He placed his hands on the counter, blocking me in, and rested his head on my shoulder, seemingly exhausted. "And then I saw you in the slip, with my hickey on you, and I swore I wouldn't let you be forced again."

"T-Then why all the harsh glares?"

He looked back up at me incredulously. "Because you were out having coffee with Sasuke! That damn little brat. He knew I was having all these wars with myself control and he went and tried to snatch you away."

"But that doesn't explain why?"

"I got pissed because you actually went along with him!" He dropped his head against my shoulder again. "You have no idea how restless I was, searching the whole damn city for my pesky brother and cute pink haired student. You'd think you'd be easy to find, but no." He raised his head again and stared me straight in the eyes. I blinked dreamily as I gazed back at the dark ruby shaded iris'. He leaned forward and quickly captured my lips in his again.

I moved my own lips against his. No other kisses I'd had felt like this. He pulled away but reattached himself at my neck. I giggled when his hair fell over my skin. When he licked a part of my neck I couldn't help but jump.

"I-Itachi!" I pushed against his shoulders slightly. A little bit under my right ear I felt him suck and bite down, licking the wound when he was done. I rubbed the sore spot when he pulled away. He had a victorious look on his face. "Ouch. Necessary?"

He grinned. "Absolutely. Now everyone will know you're dating someone."

"What about when it fades?" I teased, laughing at his defeated face.

"Well then I'll just find a new spot and mark you again!" He pouted.

"Boyfriend huh?" I wondered to myself.

He backed away and crossed his arms. "That's right! So no more secret rendezvous with boys."

Giggling I grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him back to me, kissing him daintily. "Yes sir."

We kissed softly for a few more minutes before finally breaking apart when I noticed the time.


He jumped. "What?"

"It's one in the morning! There's school tomorrow!"

"Oh shit." I pushed him away and hopped off the counter, grabbing my key. "Where are you going?"


"Oh alright." He seemed kind of sad.

I grabbed his hand and walked to the door. Giving him one last quick kiss in the doorway I bounced over to my own apartment. "Goodnight," I smiled before closing the door. I went to bed in pure bliss that night.

I arrived a little early to school the next morning. I had made sure to push all my hair to one side of my neck, hiding the bruised skin. I slyly waved to Itachi before going and taking a seat. The smile he snuck me confirmed that it wasn't all just a dream. I saved Hinata a seat, to which she was thankful for. She had showed up a bit late.

"Thanks Sakura!" She sighed sitting down.

"No problem. Stay at Naruto's last night?"

She blushed slightly. "Yeah. Sometimes I wished he didn't live so far from the university."

I giggled. "I bet."

"You sure seem to be in a good mood."

"Do I?"

"Yeah," she said suspiciously.

When class had started Itachi announced for the homework to be passed down the row. Since I was the one sitting on the end I had to organize them. He walked up the rows collecting them, when he got to mine he smiled.

"Good morning Ms. Haruno, Ms. Hyuuga."

"Good morning Mr. Uchiha. How was your day yesterday?" I secretly teased, knowing very well how his night was.

He smirked. "It was wonderful. Yours must have been too, you seem like you're glowing." He mock scratched his neck.

My eyes widened and I blushed, quickly acting like I was messing with my hair, but really covering up the hickey more.

Damn you. My thoughts and I scowled in unison.

As I handed him the papers I felt him sneakily slip something into my hand at the same time. I hid it in my palm.

"Oh, so that's why you're in a good mood. You two made up."

I peeked at what was in my hand.

"Yeah, something like that."

The apartment key glimmered dully under the classroom lights.