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JUNE pt two

It was my Edward, my real Edward. It absolutely had to be him, no one else could ever simultaneously ignite such passion and panic inside of me. I felt his presence as soon as he entered the room, and he entered with such a bang , tossing Jane across the room with enough force to knock her clearly through the stone wall. She had been so engulfed in the success of gaining access to my head that she must have been taken completely of guard. Her startled scream was shriller then my own, but it was not one of pain, only pure frustration and anger.

But I couldn't concentrate on her, or on much of anything that was going on around me quite yet, all my senses were jumbled and blurry. I had no idea who all had barged into the room, I couldn't even tell who was softly stroking my face, all I knew was that he was here.

"I can hear her! She is conscious but in shock, she is overloading. Get her to focus on you-NOW!" my angel grunted. He sounded as if he was struggling with someone. The realization that he was probably in danger almost sent me over the edge.

"Bella dear, I need you to breath." The women frantically urged to me. She had positioned herself nose to nose with me now, her golden eyes blazing with fear. Her touch comforted me ever so slightly, just enough to allow my brain to begin to function once. It did so with a painful snap that reverberated throughout my whole body, as all my sense seem to be rebooted back to normal.

"Esme?" I asked even though I could clearly see her now.

"Yes darling girl, I'm here.. I'm here for you, we all are" she shushed me as she applied slightly more pressure to my head, forcing it stay still. She had climbed on top of my board, her legs straddled on either side of me and her face still completely blocking my view of the rest of the room. My view of him.

"Ed... Edward!" I screamed struggling against Esme's cold hard hands. "Let me go, please let me see!"

"No Bella, no just be still for me please. I don't want you to hurt yourself even more." Her voice was stern yet still loving, but I didn't have time to be compassionate with her.

"No, get the hell off of me!" I screamed with all my might. I could hear grunts and crashes coming from all around me. There was talking too, but most of it was at an inaudible level.

"Shhh, shhh shhh" Esme continued on with her incessant soothing.

I was growing desperate, thrashing about against her hands until her fingernails began to accidentally slice into my soft checks causing Esme's nostrils to flare at the smell of the freshly drawn blood.

"Edward..." she called softly, "this is not going to work, I have to let her up."

He didn't answer her, but Felix suddenly appeared at her side. "Yes, yes, we are not going to have much time anyway, no matter how charming you think your Alice is, she won't be able to distract the castle from all the commotion he's making, start unhooking her at once."

Instantly, Esme jumped off of me and began to gently disconnect all my machinery. I could now see all the was going on around me and it almost stopped my heart. Emmett was holding Jane down while Edward seemed to be slowly and painfully twisting her arm off. The sight of him was both stunning and terrifying. His eyes were nothing like the warm loving orbs I had dreamed off all these past months. They were pitch black and full of hate. It was clear he had every intention of drawing out Jane's demise as much as possible.

"Edward, there is no time for this." Felix commanded as he helped Esme with me. "End her fast and make an escape, we can't fight them all here."

But before Edward could respond a flash of light passed before my bed, knocking into Emmett forcefully. Alec had arrived to save his sister and I was sure everyone else would not be far behind him. I watched in horror as , Caius, Marcus and Dmitri all came barging in, with Alice, Rose, and Jasper following. I tried to scream, but nothing would come out this time, I was far too frightened for my family.

The fighting was fast, violent, and surprisingly quiet. There was no way my tired human eyes could make sense of it no matter how hard I tried to follow the flashing lights. Almost all of my Ivs had been taken out before they had entered, but my heart monitor was still attached and the rapid beeping of my speeding heart was all I could hear.

"Please, please please stop fighting over me." I sobbed to no one and everyone at the same time. But no one even acknowledged my cries. The minuets passed slowly by before finally the flashes of lights started to slowly morph back into shapes of people. My people. And they were all in the gripes of the volutri.

Edward was being held down by both Alec and Demitr, Alice by Caius, and Jasper by Marcus. Emmett, Rose, and Felix were no where to be found, and Esme seemed to be nursing an injury at the side of my bed.

"Edward, Edward please" I whispered so desperately that he finally turned his head to lock eyes with my own. I had expected to see fear and distress etched across his face, but there was nothing of the sort. Guilt was all that was written on his face, guilt and pure murderous rage. He said no words to me, only stared deeply into my broken eyes. We were trying to soak up as much of each other as we could before the end arrived.

"Well, well well, I think our mystery has been solved, with little help from you though dear Jane." Caius happily cheered rubbing his hand down the length of Alice's struggling arm. "Our little Cathy is clearly not who she says she is, but we all knew that anyway didn't we?"

"Where is Aro? I would like to get this over with, it has been going on for far too long." Alec said.

"Oh, well our friends the Cullens have thought long and hard about this mission of theirs. Aro is out visiting with his old friend Carlise. Alice here thought arranged it all, she is quite the party planner isn't she?" Caius chuckled. "But don't worry he will be back soon, and I'm sure we can find some fun things to do with our guests before he returns."

Caius's words and menacing touch sent Jasper into a fit, but didn't seem to bother Alice. She was too busy lost inside her own visions, no doubt trying to calculate out next best move. I already knew what that next move should be though, I had to convincing them to just take my life and let them go. This had been a vital mistake Felix and I made, a weak selfish mistake.

"Please don't hurt them. I am sorry I should of just told you. It is not their fault, they never told me about themselves, I just.. I Just snooped and snooped until I figured it out. They didn't want me, I wanted them. Please, please just kill me and let them go."

"BELLA love no!" Edward screamed at me. It was the first time he had directly spoken to me since he told me it would be like he had never existed.

"I'm sorry, so so sorry Edward. I shouldn't of called for you. I shouldn't of tried to follow you, tried to become like you. This is all my fault. I should of let you go like you wanted." I turned to plead with Marcus saying, "They only thing they did wrong was to have compassion for me when they found out I knew who they were. They couldn't bring themselves to kill me because they are not monsters like you, so please, please just do it for them and let them go. They have never, and will never tell humans about your kind. It is all my fault." My words brought forth a new set of sobs from Esme and a roaring round of chuckles from all the volturi.

"Bella, bella bella, I don't much like that name, Cathy suites you much better if you ask me." Jane snickered as she slowly walked circles around my Edward. "That was such a heartfelt, touching moment" she laughed. "Of course, it is all bullshit but at least it was entertaining. In fact, that right there was the most words we have been able to get out of this little one over the past few months. Granted that poor little jaw of hers was quite broken for most of that time..."

"I am going to kill you Jane even if it is the very last thing I ever do." Edward informed her between clenched teeth.

"Not just you" Jasper hissed, "We all want a piece of her. Darlin' I promise you we may not succeeded in getting away or in taking anyone else out. But this day, this very moment is surely your last ones."

Jane smiled sweetly before giving her reply, "Pain," which sent Jasper to floor screaming in agony. I knew what that felt like now and I could not have my family in that kind of pain. Jasper's screams pulled Alice out of her visions, and into a new-found struggle with her capture. And I began to try to figure out how to save him like I had done for Felix. Snapping and pulling at the force inside my head with everything I had. But the strain was unmanageable, I was just too tired, too broken, too useless.

"Jane" Marcus calmly stated, causing her to stop her torture instantly.

"Yes, master." She answered with a sickening innocents.

"A better warning next time before you do that to someone I am holding. Besides is he really the one you should be playing with right now?"

"I am sorry master, and you are right- there is another who would be much more effective and entertaining... the one who has started all this trouble in the first place..." Her voice trailed off as she turned her head towards my Edward. And my body erupted into hysterics.


I watched in horror as Alec released Edward, allowing him to collapse roughly onto the floor. His entire body tensed and twitched as his black eyes slowly began to bulge outside of his perfect face. I could even hear his teeth as they ground into one another, chipping and cracking like fragile china.

"Nooooooo, no no no no no" my screams echoed around the room. Edward stared at me as withered around in pain. Silent pain. He was somehow taking that her worst with out allowing so much as one tiny murmurer to pass his lips. I knew it was for me, he didn't want me to hear him scream, he would suffer more just to make me feel better.

"Arraaaggh" I tried to push my brain out to him, to cover him from her evil. Soon I could feel warm streams of blood trickling down all over my face.

"Oh my God!" screeched Alice we have to stop her.

"Wha whats happening" Esme cried out while Edward grunted what sounded like an attempt at my name.

"Shes, shes, shes trying to shield him with her mind. She won't be able to take it for long... its its going to kill her. BELLA do you hear me," Alice screamed, it will kill you!

I heard her alright, and I could feel Jaspers useless waves of calm bouncing off of me like flimsy rubber bands. But I did not care one bit, for now I could feel the strange force actually shifting outside of my head. It lurched and sloshed around sending my insides with it as it crept futher and futher away from me and towards Edward. As it moved it seemed as if my skin itself was being pulled taught from the tension, but it was no matter because I knew if I just pictured it clear enough, then I would be able to surround him, to save him. It was surprisingly easy to block out all the screaming of my family, especially when I was forced to close my eyes due to all the blood that seemed to continually be pour out of them. Inch by inch I willed myself to engulf my sweet man, until...

"Isabella Marie Swan let me out right now."

His voice sang to me. I had done it. I had made his pain stop. Waves of pride and joy fluttered across my battered body, fueled on even more by the tell tale sounds of a one very pissed of Jane in the middle of what I imagined was an epic temper tantrum. But I couldn't pay any attention to her perils or Edwards pleas, I needed to focus. Focus, focus focus focus...

"No love, focus on me. Listen to me. I am ok, I can handle Jane, please love trust me. It is not as painful to me as it is to you, her power... it is not going to really hurt me physically. I need you to let me go, do not shield me, do not shield anyone but yourself."

I did not have the power to speak to him, but it didn't matter because if he was in my bubble then he could probably hear my thoughts just as Felix could. Edward, Edward I love you. I am so so sorry. I will protect you as long as I can...

"No, no no love please."

Carlise will bring Aro back soon, and then I will convince him to spare you. I am the only one who needs to pay here, I just have to hold on until they get here.

"God damn-it" Edwards voice shook the entire room. "Esme knock her out." I heard Esme mumble that she was not yet healed enough to move before Marcus's ugly voice bellowed out again.

"Jane enough with your antics. I am highly, highly impressed by this little human. I mean just look at this- lets keep testing her shall we?"


This time it was Alice, my best friend, my sister walling like a hog tied pig.

"You bitch, let her alone. Come back to me." Jasper drawled. His southern accent was amplaphied by his anxiety or Alice.

Save her too, save them all. You love your family- they have always been there for you. Be there for them Bella. Bella move your mind...

"Love, you cannot do this. You are not protecting anyone from anything, you are only hurting us- hurting us by hurting yourself. Please love I cannot take it."

I ignored him, zoning in to Alice's cries. Alice, Alice, Alice... feel her, feel them all. The more I thought of her and pictured how her tiny pixie face must look right now, contorted and tense, the faster I gained control over my shield. And with that control, I stretched it and stretched it, covering not only her but Jasper and Esme as well.

The added strain on me was considerable though, my body temperature dropped as my heart rate slowed down drastically. It was like the four of them were simply sucking the life out of me. I could still everyone yelling at me, but they all sounded so much further away, and their was now an impossibly annoying humming noise radiating throughout my head. I wasn't going to be able to hold on for Carlise. So I did the only thing I could think of, and I stretched my mind one more time to include both Caius and Marcus as well. Then I set about saying my goodbyes, with the hopes that they would see my point of this, and take pity of my family.

I love you all, I am so sorry. I want you to fight to get out of this, just live and forget about me. Pretend I never exisisted just like I should of let you do... thank you all, the time I had with you gave me meaning. And, and Edward... I, I, I will always..I just wish I could feel you one last... I lov...

"Jake! Knock her out NOW!" I heard Edward scream as a piercing howl ripped through the room. And then suddenly my head snapped to black and the world went quiet.

End of Book One