Jenny watched closely as her daughter stared up at the mobile hanging above her crib. The little girl was mesmerized by the butterflies as they flew in circles above her head. Emma was fighting sleep, and Jenny was hoping that the sandman would come and help their little angel to fall asleep soon. Jenny sighed, "Emma, sweat pea, are you sure don't want to go to sleep?"

Emma stared up at her mother in response. The moonlight shining in her deep blue eyes; she turned her gaze back to the butterflies dancing in the moonlight, as a soft melody played in the background.

Jenny laughed inwardly, "You are your father's daughter."

"I think she gets that from you too." Jethro grinned as he walked through the door of the nursery. He had just got home from work after wrapping up a case. He was not fond of getting home late now the he had a wife a daughter waiting on him.

Emma turned as she heard her father's voice. She grinned her toothless grin before whimpering for her father to hold her.

Jethro leaned over the crib at his daughter, "Hey princess, are you having trouble sleeping?" He lifted her out of her crib and snuggled her close as he walked over to the rocking chair that looked out at the Georgetown Streets.

A/N I have had this one written for awhile, but I kept thinking that I would add something to it; however, as I re-read it, I couldn't think of anything else to add. So, here it is. Happy Holidays to all!