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Chapter 2

It's bright.

And hot.

Unbearably hot.


He hears crying.

Sirens outside.

Doors breaking down.

Men stomping in.

He's lifted up.

Carried away.

He still hears the screams.

And the crying.

"…ddy! Daddy!"

Arthur's eyes shot open and found himself face to face with familiar violet eyes. He smiled as he yawned. "Good morning, Matthew."

"Bonjour, Daddy!" he giggled back.

Alfred was standing behind him, looking all around. "Where's Papa?"

Arthur blinked and also looked around. Francis was nowhere to be seen. "He must be at work," he shrugged, unconcerned. "Are you boys hungry?"

They shook their heads. "We're just hot," Matthew said softly.

"Well I'm going to fix myself something to eat. Why don't you two get dressed and then come into the living room?" They nodded and scurried back to their room. Arthur stretched as he stood up and made his way to the kitchen. He saw a note pasted to the fridge and picked it up.

Seeing a friend. Be back soon.
- Francis

Arthur raised his eyebrows in confusion but shrugged it off. Francis had been acting strange lately. He set about fixing himself a bagel and was just about to pour himself a glass of milk when the boys came rushing in, still in their nightclothes.

"Boys, I told you to get changed," he said sternly.

"We can't find our clothes," Alfred replied.

"What? They're in your drawers where they've always been." Arthur walked down the hall to their room and opened one of the drawers, expecting to see a pile of clothes. He saw nothing. Just emptiness. "What…?" He opened all the drawers, eyes going wide with horror. "W-Where are they? They should be here! Are you boys playing a trick on me?"

"No, Daddy!" Matthew started to cry, hiding behind his brother. "Papa sold our clothes!"

"Francis…?" Arthur's eyes widened even more. "No…he wouldn't do that…"

"It's true, Dad," Alfred said. "Papa doesn't love us!"

"No…no…" Arthur grabbed at his head. "They must be around here somewhere…"

"Arthur?" Francis' voice drifted down the hall. "I'm back." Arthur stumbled out of the boys' room, eyes wide and fearful. Francis looked up in shock and immediately ran to him. "What's wrong?" he cried, taking him into his arms. "Arthur?"

"The clothes…" he mumbled. "Where are…"


"Their clothes! Why aren't they in their drawers?" he shouted suddenly.

Francis backed away slightly. "Arthur…we sold them to charity….remember?"

Arthur let out an ungodly scream, clutching his head more. "No…nonononono! Why?"

"Papa sold them because he hates us!" Alfred cried over his screams.

"ARTHUR!" Francis grabbed his shoulders and shook him. "Get a hold of yourself!"

Arthur had tears falling down his cheeks once he stopped screaming. He blinked his eyes, seeing Francis' worried face. He saw Alfred and Matthew huddling away from him with their accusing eyes.


"I'm calling a doctor," Francis said almost instantly.

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